What is Beca Milano’s Personality Type?

You are a loner. You are sometimes withdrawn and have a fairly chilly, nonchalant personality. Although you are introverted, you are extremely rational. You are wary at times of the outer world, your senses, and even your intellect, because they might all be sources of illusion. Your quest for identity with a spiritual whole gives you a voracious appetite for ideologies, structures, and theories. Readings which others would find abstract and intellectual impress you as reflections of important and lively realities. As a result, you have a penchant for reflection and philosophical study. You are intrigued by difficult problems and enjoy solving them. There is no difficulty which can discourage you from the goal you have decided to reach for yourself. Your depth of vision, common sense, and caution, your tendency to be a bit calculating and sometimes conservative, your stamina, and your independent mind all give you the ability to tackle difficult tasks. Your concentration gives you an undeniable gift for abstraction and conjecture. As a theoretician, you aim to discover what is essential and universal. Indeed, you seek to go beyond what is relative, contingent upon circumstances, or inadequate, to reach the absolute truth you fervently desire. Your budding intuition is extremely receptive to the sacred or holy. As a result, the ideal or cause you espouse will be related to the concept of universality or totality. Since your lifetime adventure is based in part on this absolute truth, it is important for you to make an effort to define its nature. What sort of universality are you striving for; what spiritual Everest (in yourself or outwardly) are you trying to scale? In fact, you tend to like mountain climbing, because of the effort it requires. It’s a great joy for you. Alone at the peak, you can contemplate and understand everything. In pursuit of this absolute center (positive or negative) which animates you, you are shrewd and persistent. Stamina and endurance are resources of which you are quite confident. Your existence and organism are arranged to optimize them; others may consider you slow, but you are really just playing it safe, because, unconsciously, you know time is on your side. When you take an initiative, it is after careful forethought and preparation. Your great composure, ability to resist and overcome obstacles and wickedness, and your foresight give you a great potential to accomplish total self-control. However, you must beware of one pitfall: excess. You tend to be a bit too rigid and intolerant; in intellectual pursuits,

Beca Milano yearns for a purpose in life, even faraway or abstract.

The sun was in the sign of Capricorn when you were born, sign associated with qualities such as ambition, steadfastness, and discipline. This indicates a personality that is driven and ambitious, and that may be more likely to achieve success through hard work and determination. You are also likely to be stoical and unyielding in your pursuit of goals, and may be unwilling to give up on anything. You are a very private person, preferring to work on your own rather than involve yourself in social affairs. This can make you difficult to get along with, and you may be impatient with people who do not share your goals or interests. You are also very studious, often devoting a lot of time to learning new things. This can lead to a talent for innovation and creativity, as well as foresight. You are loyal and devoted to your friends and family, and are often very protective of them.

Born on the day after the new moon, you have a subjective character, somewhat impulsive and often emotive. Generally, you see the world in terms of your own feelings, not objectively. This “soli-lunar” configuration gives you an individualistic outlook, which can sometimes make you selfish. You don’t usually think about things in terms of others, instead projecting your own imaginary reality onto them. As a result, your judgments and reasoning are often deprived of perspective. You may want to make an effort to refrain from interpreting other people’s actions tooliterally, because your imaginings are usually wrong. If you focus on listening more carefully, people may be more forthcoming with their true motives. You’ll be happier and more successful that way.

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