What does Annabelle Holloway’s astrological guidance say about their future?

If you really want to improve and transform yourself, the first step is to become aware of the weaknesses which may be holding you back and preventing your evolution. These weaknesses could be your preference for illusion, your hypersensitivity, your emotionalism, your lack of self-confidence, or your guilt.

Annabelle Holloway understands that in any relationship there will be moments of discord. However, by accepting that every relationship follows a general scheme, she can better navigate her way through any conflicts that may arise. By defining what kind of relationship she and her partner want to maintain and what accomplishment or purpose they hope to achieve, they will be able to build a stronger bond.

Annabelle Holloway’s mental processes are lightning quick. As a result, she tends to jump to conclusions and make immediate decisions before she knows all the facts. This rash and impetuous behavior could cause communications problems and arouse needless opposition in others. Her mind is generally too busy with the immediate future to take time for careful analysis and reflection. She would do well to slow down and organize herself before she speaks, but the same behavior has a positive side. It can be of great use to her in rushed or quickly changing work situations, which require last-minute, immediate decisions.

Annabelle Holloway can be hypersensitive and easily offended, although she frequently changes her opinion and doesn’t hold a grudge. She abhor conflict and is a good listener. Her key to self-improvement will be learning to control her impressionability.

Annabelle Holloway is sometimes too impulsive and unrealistic in her efforts to accumulate wealth and social power. Although she engages in life with enthusiasm and confidence and would be capable of developing some truly innovative social concepts, she is held back by her somewhat scattered behavior. She tends to spread herself too thin, juggling so many different activities that she struggles to cross the finish line at times.

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