What does Anna Paul’s psychology tell us about them?

Anna Paul is patient. She is fond of routine, ritual, and any other events or ceremonies which mark the passage of time and the seasons. She tries to be as pragmatic as possible and unconsciously senses that her relationship with material things will be the best foundation for her self-development and individuation. As a result, she is attached to her possessions and will make every effort to cling to them.

You, Anna Paul, are an ardent free thinker and individualist who is convinced that your most precious basic values are freedom and independence. You have thrown off what you perceive as the burden of the convention and customs of your social class and adopted an innovative lifestyle. Your passionate convictions, bordering on proselytism, sometimes trouble your relationships, as you may be an uncompromising partner. You would do well to learn to recognize your own limitations and accept the responsibilities you have to other people, or you are liable to find yourself continually embroiled in conflicting relationships. The roots of your somewhat extreme behavior probably lie in your relationship with your father or your teachers in childhood and adolescence. For one reason or another, you may have rejected the paternal image or refused to identify with your father, in the same way as you now refuse to adopt any values related to convention, tradition, or widespread usage. In every important life decision you make as an adult, you are forced to rely on yourself to elaborate the appropriate behavior, and the limits you must impose on your desires in relation to reality and the law.

Anna Paul, hypersensitive, is extremely receptive to the mood in her surroundings. She is unconsciously able to perceive the parapsychic signals or aura people give off, in addition to their words. As a result, she is extremely compassionate and ready to devote herself to their well-being. Her imagination has formulated the dream of an ideal life, and she sometimes feels ill-equipped for the realities of this existence. She tends to dodge difficult situations. With her partner, she seeks fusion.

Anna Paul has a sensitive and affectionate nature. She seeks tenderness and gentleness more than passion. Her relationships with others are smooth and pleasant, and she has a natural sense of tact and social grace.

Anna Paul is a person who hides their sensitivity behind a cool exterior. They are conservative, respectful of tradition and convention, and like to follow the rules. Anna Paul has great faith in contracts which seal relationships. Anna Paul’s ties to their past are fairly strong. They are a source of reassurance and safety, because Anna Paul’s parents likely gave a lot to Anna Paul.

Anna Paul’s sensitivity and emotions are sometimes in conflict with her instincts. This inner discord makes her a fairly complicated relationship partner, and her behavior sometimes strikes others as mysterious or baffling. She is liable to switch from one attitude to the opposite. Sexuality is an important part of her life, and her relationships are most often motivated by her desires. Nevertheless, due to her unconscious inner battle, she does not often succeed in reconciling and fulfilling her emotional and sexual needs. Due to the strength of her instincts, passion may overwhelm her and drag her into situations she cannot always control, which intermingle erotic ecstasy and anguish, guilt, and aggressiveness.

Anna Paul has a romantic nature and is seeking a soulmate. The world of her emotions is warm and inviting, the expression of true kindness. Tenderness, grace, and mildness rule her sensitivity, which is aroused by contact with nature and thrills to the idea of a secure, stable home.

Anna Paul’s birth chart indicates an emotional function which is usually expressed carefully and reasonably. Distrustful of her emotional urges and somewhat wary of her feelings, she tries to rid herself of all partiality and try to get some perspective and distance before making an emotional commitment.

Anna Paul’s hypersensitivity and extreme emotionalism might present challenges. They cause her feelings and emotional bonds to rule her destiny. Unable to refuse when someone appeals to her sense of devotion, she may be gobbled up by an unscrupulous person. If this happens, she may even be happy about her self-denial. Otherwise, her happiness will derive from a snug home.

Anna Paul’s spontaneity may be charming, but she is often carried away by her desires, seeing life only through the eyes of her loved one. It all comes tumbling down, along with her dreams… But not for long, as her feelings are constantly resurging (like the tide). When she reaches maturity, she will channel her love and dreams into her family life.

Anna Paul has the fiery, importunate nature of a fervent lover. Indeed, affairs of the heart are one of her main purposes in life. Her personal charm and magnetism give her nearly irresistible powers of seduction, and nearly every one of her well-aimed attempts at conquest leads to the fulfillment and satisfaction of her desires. Due to her impulsiveness and impatience to initiate new encounters, her approach to potential partners may sometimes lack delicacy.

Anna Paul is somewhat plodding but realistic and pragmatic. Because she is chiefly preoccupied with the practical aspects of things, she is especially apt to develop more efficient production concepts. Although her good judgment and common sense provide her with an excellent ability to handle the tangible world (she is certainly clever, and can quickly assess the tangible value of things), her thought processes might be relatively impervious to abstract concepts and spiritual awakenings.

Anna Paul expresses her thoughts and ideas in direct, spontaneous outbursts. She is fairly extroverted and eager to discover and understand the outer world. An idealist, she looks forward to a bright future but is sometimes subjective and reckless.

Anna Paul has a very charming personality and is skilled at speaking persuasively and convincingly. However, when she has to compete or deal with direct conflict and hostility, she may be a little at a loss. She has an undeniable gift for oratory which could be applied to a communications-related occupation or to artistic expression (as a stage or screen actor). Writing and dance, two other arts which associate expression and movement, might also be fields in which she would excel.

You have a lively and agile spirit, which can be put to good use in many ways. However, you tend to apply your mental abilities in a somewhat haphazard and disorderly way, and are curious and open-minded when it comes to experiencing life. You are also quite creative and enjoy manipulating expressions and concepts, which amuses others and yourself. However, your conversations can sometimes collapse into argument and conflict because you are often too hasty to formulate arguments and back them up with information. You are often blind to the rashness of your judgments, and convince others that your opinions are well-founded and objective. This can sometimes irritate the people around you. Actually, your overriding need to assert yourself can sometimes defeat discussion, and prevent you from listening to the other person fairly. However, if you were to succeed in disciplining your mind somewhat, you would have many opportunities to apply your communication skills in a great career. Furthermore, you should be careful of your nerves, which can be fairly high-strung. Any physical fitness activity would be beneficial; an Eastern discipline such as yoga or Tai-chi-chuan could teach you how to relax and improve control of your nervous and mental energies.

Anna Paul has a structured mind and penetrating intelligence. Her thought processes tend to be somewhat plodding, due to some failure or humiliation during her formative years. She is fairly inhibited and pessimistic and tends to doubt in herself and her intellectual skills despite her undeniable gifts as a thinker. Anna Paul should become aware that her thought patterns and habits are the sign that she is on the brink of a really big breakthrough, which will give her an understanding of the complexity of things and phenomena; however, it will take time and effort. Her mind is deep and accurate and is attracted by the essence of things and their fundamental structure. As a result, she is particularly suited to the study of mathematics, architecture, engineering, or perhaps even politics. Her contribution to society will probably be most lasting and effective in the field of knowledge and expertise. Whatever career she chooses, Anna Paul should learn to work alone, because she tends to be uncomfortable in some surroundings. She will also have to learn to conquer her impatience, because she tends to waste time agonizing over deadlines and schedules. Moreover, a lack of self-confidence could cause her to be fairly conventional and respectful of time-honored ways. Instead, Anna Paul should find the courage to question her convictions.

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