What does Ann Carlson Khan’s astrological guidance say about their future?

If you’re really committed to improving yourself, the first step is to become aware of your weaknesses- your dependency on other people, your uncertainty, your sentimentalism, and your weakness for comfort.

Although Ann Carlson Khan is friendly and outgoing, she often finds it difficult to balance her own needs, desires, and goals with the objective reality of others and their individual desires and needs. To understand and overcome this problem, she should accept the idea that every relationship follows more or less the same general scheme: a base of intimacy and an accomplishment or purpose apart from the relationship itself. If she succeeds in defining, through discussion and communication, what sort of intimate relationship she and her partners want to maintain and what accomplishment or purpose they hope to achieve, many conflicts will be avoided.

Ann Carlson Khan experiences conflict in relationships because of her tendency to be self-focused and impulsively take charge. Her certainty that she is bound to succeed, combined with aggressiveness, makes her want to take charge of everything. This lack of cooperation and resentment could arouse in others. She would do well to meditate on the concepts of authority and individualism.

Ann Carlson Khan struggles with setting unrealistic goals and with organization in her emotional relationships. She idealizes the potential partner at the beginning, but then tries to dodge her commitment and desperately plot to extricate herself. In other life pursuits, she tends to rush into activities, of which she has a crude, confused concept. Life often steps in to urge her to slow down and induce her to organize herself with more patience and forethought.

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