Aries Horoscope For Last Week

Aries Horoscope Aries Horoscope

The stars align this week to help you in the area of finances and spending habits. A windfall can appear in your path, Aries.

The week begins on Monday, September 21, with Mercury, in your house of relationships, in a confrontation with Pluto in Capricorn. Today, it's possible to have a deep and even life-changing conversation with someone very special in your life. At the same time, tread carefully—you'll want to make sure you're listening as much as you are speaking. Aries native, you are a natural leader, but today is more about compromise and going together into the future hand-in-hand.

On September 22, the sun enters Libra, shining a great light in your house of relationships. At the same time, Jupiter, in your house of career, steps on the toes of Venus in your house of fun. Implementing a plan for work-life balance is more easily said than done, but that doesn't mean it's not valuable. Your schedule may be turned upside down today and fun times are pushed aside. But it's this that gives you the awareness of needed changes. Start to visualize what you want different in your life.

Toward the middle of the week on Wednesday, September 23, Saturn in Capricorn locks horns with Mercury in Libra. Today is a great day for working on difficult projects. Your ability to concentrate is enhanced with this energy. Line up practical tasks, especially those projects that will be noticed by supervisors. At the same time, this is not a good energy for bucking authority. Today, be strategic rather than defiant.

On September 24, Mars, in your own sign of Aries, goes head-to-head with that same Mercury in your house of partnerships. Today, you can fully express the feelings of love you have for your significant other and take this relationship to a more intimate place. However, avoid bowling this person over. A little fiery passion is fine, but you don't want to burn down the house.

The week comes to an end on September 26 with Venus, in your house of creativity, feeling annoyed with Pluto in Capricorn elevated in your chart. Consider what you want at a core level and then look at how many different ways you could fulfill this desire. Like the person who looks for fame, some will walk the red carpet while others will be the star of their church Christmas pageant. Consider what's right for you.

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