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Tiger Horoscope Tiger Horoscope

The month begins with the hexagram of wind under lake (28), representing the tipping point when critical mass is reached—and there's no going back. This month, actions bring you to the halfway point, and now it's only logical to keep going. This could be representing a course of study or business you've started. Use this momentum to give yourself the confidence to move forward.

The new moon is on January 12, focusing your energy on money and resources. Tiger native, maybe you've decided to become debt-free or maybe you’re finding resources to help you go back to school. Everything about how you handle money could be altered over the next two weeks.

On January 28, there's a full moon. And on January 30, Mercury goes retrograde. Communication and contracts are highlighted. It's possible you're receiving a contract for employment. With the good luck you’ll have over the next two weeks, you can do some negotiations to raise your salary or receive a better commission plan. This is a good time to take tests for licensing or a professional certification. If you're working on a construction project, you can get permits and cut through red tape now.

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