Rabbit Monthly Horoscope

Rabbit Horoscope Rabbit Horoscope

You’re a springtime animal and, feeling the hints of spring in the air, you’re getting excited right now. Early March is the best time of the year for you. After a long winter, you crave the increase in yang energy and start to hope that you will thrive this summer.

Make those springtime playlists now, clean your house, and jot down summer to-do lists that are always too long. What those lists are about is hope. Feed yourself with hopeful things to do and let March make you feel alive inside again. Play loud music as you get to those homey chores, paying particular attention to the closets and corners where you tossed little knick-knacks all winter long. Throw out everything that you don’t use anymore and clean up your gutters. You need a little breathing space in your home, Rabbit.

If winter made you fall into rigid routines, get into old patterns with your partner that you wish you could just leap out of. Spring gives you that one impossible thought: Maybe it is possible to change a pattern. Being bold enough to try the unexpected could surprise a partner so much that it kickstarts new routines in your relationship.

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