Rabbit Monthly Horoscope

Rabbit Horoscope Rabbit Horoscope

Your I Ching hexagram for this month is mountain over water (4), indicating that you're stepping into a new realm. You are doing something that is outside of your regular sphere. And while you are resourceful, clever, and able to figure out most things, what stands in front of you is something brand-new to you. Therefore, it's a good idea to seek some instruction, a mentor, or a teacher.

The new moon is on January 12, putting an emphasis on relationships. If you've been looking for love for some time, you may be blocking yourself from a relationship in order to protect yourself. It's time to believe in yourself—to trust that you are going to recognize when a relationship is working and when it's not. Rabbit native, you're sensitive but powerful. You should not underestimate yourself.

On January 28, there's a full moon, and on January 30, Mercury goes retrograde. Your finances are highlighted. With that, you may receive a windfall, low-interest loan, or an extraordinary money opportunity. It's not necessary, though, to rush in and secure this. Take a breath and survey the situation. Ask questions when you need more information. You will be able to scoop up what is rightfully yours.

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