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If you’re looking to tinker around with the talents that you know you already have, the first two weeks of March hold space for you to do just that. If you’re looking to challenge yourself to develop skills that you don’t have already, the last two weeks of March has the sun crossing your Jupiter and forcing you to do just that. March can be a busy month. If you feel lucky in the last part of it, when it’s the busiest for you, then it’s because you put in the effort you need to put in at the beginning of the month.

Basically, your pursuits are going to flourish toward the end of March. If you make music, then March is about recording better at music. If you write, then March is about becoming a better writer. If you dance, then March is about learning new dance skills. Some months are about putting skill development on the back burner and chasing after opportunities. March, the month of private development of personality and skill, is not one of those months. When in doubt, pick your favorite role model and ask them when they disappear from the showy parts of life, just to stay at home and develop their craft. Then, put your time in.

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