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Monkey Horoscope Monkey Horoscope

March is a little hard for you! There’s just so much for you to do, so many things for your monkey brain to figure out! With the sun crossing you, you’re pushed right into your life work. It can be exciting, but it can also be easy for you to hunker down and get into workaholic mode. Remember: You don’t have to do things the same exact way each time. You are in control of your changes and there’s no reason not to change something in the wider system.

So, make your to-do lists, fill them in, check off tasks, and breeze through things. You’ve got a mountain of things to do and right now, you’re capable of accomplishing a lot in just a little bit of time. Make sure that you’re not always trying to get things done the hard way. Don’t wear yourself out without necessity.

Design your tasks. Make them easier. Find your own voice and feel strong in your conviction. Control your work, don’t let it control you.

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