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The month of January begins with the hexagram of lake over thunder (17), reminding you that the greatest skill for success is adaptation. All of nature adapts to the external circumstances, and you should look at where you need to change to continue on your journey. Sometimes, it's necessary to move forward quickly… and sometimes, it’s best to stop and rest. This month, adapt to the situation in front of you and you'll find harmony.

The new moon is on January 12 and there's a lot of energy around siblings, cousins, and younger relatives. Someone in the family may have a big announcement that turns family tradition on its head. But Goat native, you tend to be more observant rather than reactive. Many family members may ask your opinion. In fact, you could be a communication hub for the next two weeks.

On January 28, there's a full moon, and on January 30, Mercury goes retrograde. You're very noticeable in your career. There could be a company shakeup with new positions opening up. If you own a business, you’re expanding again. This is a good time to reach out to people you've worked with before, as well as prospects who've been waiting to hear from you.

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