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Goat Horoscope Goat Horoscope

With the sun in the sign of the Ox and opposite your Jupiter, you might be surprised this month. Things are not as hard as you make them out to be—and nor should they be. The ox grazes soft and sweet springtime grass while you’re most used to having to scout for your nutrients. You’re not used to abundance. It can feel scary to you and thus, can make you hoard every opportunity you receive this month. But the sweetness of what you receive will stale if you hold onto it for too long. Once you get the news, respond right away and accept things joyfully, while they are fresh.

Venus in the sign of the Rabbit also supports you this month. This is another grass-grazer in the zodiac; rabbits, too, only eat what is around. You might be reluctant to open yourself up right away to anyone who flirts with you, as your instincts warn that you should wait it out. But this will probably not going to be a long-term relationship; it’s up to you whether you want to play or not. Think about whether you’re open to having fun that very night and don’t try to plan too many things out ahead of time.

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