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If the beginning of March feels like a mess to you, don’t sweat it. The sun crosses your Jupiter then and it’s okay to feel your own messiness come undone, simply because you’ve got so much going on. You’ll start to feel calmer in the last two weeks of March, when all of the things you’ve got scattered over your entire schedule begin to come together into some feasible goals. For the first few weeks of March, just relax and try to get through things without becoming a nervous wreck. Know that you’re allowed to mess up. So don’t let this fear stop you from trying to do the things you have to do anyways. Showing up is 99% of the work.

By late March, assess. What worked for you and what didn’t? There are some commitments that are asking you to revisit them. You don’t need to feel like you’re constantly on live wire. Choose your priorities and let the rest go.

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