What’s Tanner Fox’s Dominant Astrological Sign?

Saturn is the first dominant in Tanner Fox’s astral chart. In the following paragraph, we shall indicate the significance of this fact:

Saturn is often considered to be a planet of limitation, and its position as the first dominant in Tanner’s chart suggests that he may feel restricted in some way. However, Saturn is also a planet of discipline and structure, and its influence can help Tanner to focus his energies and achieve his goals.

As one of the planets historically thought to be on the outer limits of the solar system (until the “modern” planets were discovered), Saturn has always been associated with the moon, itself a peripheral heavenly body because it belongs to Earth and not to the solar system. Therefore, both Saturn and the moon are aspects of a protection principle (the moon encompasses the earth in the same way as Saturn and its rings encompasses the solar system). Like the moon, Saturn rules a security/insecurity dialectic, but where the moon’s concerns the private, intimate aspects of the individual, Saturn influences social and collective security.

Saturn can be thought of as the polar opposite of the moon (the archetype of the mother, but also of the child, and therefore related to orality). The god Saturn ate his children in order to reign and thus, represents the archetype of the mother (motherhood), the grandmother, and the sage (wisdom). The domination of Saturn thus indicates a maternal complex or, at least, an issue related either to the biological mother or to the symbolism of motherhood. This influence may result in a problem of identity and difficulties in aging which will make themselves evident in personal crises at every passage of this planet, every seven years—thus at the age of 7, at 14 or 15, and 21, 28, etc.

Depending on the psychological context in which Tanner is developing, he may overcome or overcompensate his identity complex and gradually acquire a strongly structured personality, or, conversely, remain in a state of immaturity which would probably be detrimental to his destiny.

Uranus is the second dominant in Tanner Fox’s astral chart. In the following paragraph, we shall indicate the significance of this fact:

Uranus is known as the “Great Awakener” and its energies are often felt as disruptive or unpredictable. This planet governs change, innovation, and freedom, and its placement in your chart can show where you need to break free from the past or where you’re being called to innovate.

This planet symbolizes the principle of independence and self-sufficiency, as well as a principle of transformation. Its most striking characteristic is distance from others: the Uranian strives to stand out from the herd, distanced from structuring influences like convention, tradition, etc. Although this need to free yourself from the confines of convention, tradition, and family symbolizes an appeal for freedom and a desire to evolve beyond the bounds of physical limits toward a spiritual dimension, it may also correspond to a form of escape.

This is why Tanner sometimes needs to cut himself off from situations or relationships which feel stifling to him. His intense fear of being swallowed up psychologically causes him to react to certain emotional demands by making himself remote or running away. He needs a lot of space and frequent change. In a relationship, he is seeking a certain degree of intellectual excitement. Without it, he feels as though an unbearable, suffocating boredom sets in.

By refusing certain concessions to convention which are practically inevitable, Tanner may find himself in unpleasant situations. Finding an intelligent alternative to the routine set by the rigid forms of the past is extremely different from rebelling against any form of authority, in the settings of family, school, business, or society. One of the major problems Tanner has to solve is how to wield his freedom, in his emotional relationships, as well as his relationships with society.

The sun is the third dominant in Tanner’s astral chart. In the following paragraph, we shall indicate the significance of this fact:

Tanner’s sun being the third dominant in their astral chart means that they are highly influenced by the sun. This can be seen in their need for personal expression, their high level of self-confidence, and their vitality. The sun also represents Tanner’s ego, so they may be prone to narcissism or egotism. However, this doesn’t mean that Tanner is a bad person, it just means that they need to be aware of these tendencies.

As the heart of the solar system and the gravitational center of the travels of the earth and the other planets, the sun is the primordial light, the source of all warmth and life. From the dawn of humanity, it has been worshipped. It has symbolized the absolute power kings and despots yearn for and emulate. The sun king, the nucleus of society, embodied a principle of cohesion and harmony.

Various subordinates—aka planets—revolved around it. In terms of psychological symbolism, the sun corresponds to the center of an individual, the factor that rules your psyche. Its luminous aspects are usually associated with knowledge and consciousness. As a creator of life, it is related to the image of the mother and the influence of motherhood on an individual’s consciousness and ideals. As a result, the sun’s position in a birth chart always indicates the way in which an individual will relate to your goals and ideals, what your ambitions and aspirations might involve.

A person whose chart is strongly “solar” usually identifies very positively with motherhood. Tanner’s personality is friendly, energetic, and creative, with high ideals and a firm determination to accomplish them. Tanner takes his own superiority and authority over others for granted, and has a natural ability to command the attention and admiration of an audience. Tanner is a born leader who enjoys being in the limelight and may behave somewhat theatrically or with dramatic exaggeration.

Tanner has definite artistic leanings. The sense of Tanner’s ideals is evident to him and may lead him to be somewhat self-focused. If ill-directed, Tanner’s deep aspirations may lead to such faults as egotism, selfishness, or greediness for power.

The fifth house is an area of the sky which is especially important in Tanner Fox’s theme, because it contains several planets, including the one which rules Tanner Fox’s rising sign. In the following paragraph, we shall explain the general meaning of this fact.

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