What kind of person is Tal Fishman?

Tal Fishman experiences his inner life as a process of growth and maturation, nurtured by his involvement with others and the positive and negative encounters this generates.

Tal Fishman’s tendency to introversion inclines him to live inside himself, amid his inner world. He is apt to listen to his subjectivity, his intuition, and his secret opinions rather than reason and logic.

While Tal Fishman is attracted to interpersonal activities, his significant need for inner security may stand in the way of his overtures to others. Since Tal Fishman is highly receptive to other people’s inner natures, he seeks tight bonds with others. Tal Fishman unconsciously needs their psychological support in his quest for himself. Were Tal Fishman to evaluate his psychological development, he would place more value upon human warmth, intimacy, and the need to share than on intellectual understanding or personal freedom of expression.

Tal Fishman has a tendency to identify with others. He forms friendships easily and naturally and enjoys participating in other people’s lives. Sociable, he enjoys being seen and appreciates popularity and recognition. Solitude bores him. His life and personal relations are in sync with his friendships and outer events. Most often, he shares the opinion of others.

Two fundamentally opposed psychological tendencies rule the functioning of Tal Fishman’s psyche. In his case, dynamic functions and a capacity to adapt to reality predominate over mental and emotional principles. Endowed with the idealism and energy of one element, and the practical resources and sensuality of the other, his personality is deeply rooted in reality while retaining a remarkable ability to set high goals and accomplish them. A deficit in the other psychological functions (thought and emotion) tends to blunt his approach to life, however; he may appear to lack subtlety and tact. If Tal Fishman struggles to get in touch with his deepest emotions, he might have a somewhat cold, crude vision of the world.

Although Tal Fishman may not necessarily notice the fact about himself because he is so strongly engaged in actions, feelings, or material concerns, he sometimes lacks sound judgment. This impairment arises from a difficulty in obtaining perspective on himself and his life. He may be puzzled by his troubled relations with others.

He must make an effort to detach himself from his personal reaction and observe it from an objective, more distant standpoint. If not, he is likely to find himself under stress or pressure because he did not give enough prior thought to tactics and strategy.

He may also experience dissatisfaction in his intimate relationships because he might struggle to get in sync with others.

He gives little time or respect to anyone he sees as too “intellectual,” because he resists adapting to new ideas and viewpoints. In fact, an idea that rubs him the wrong way mentally and/or emotionally may elicit an explosive reaction. Self-analysis can be challenging for him and he tends to refuse to develop a solid, permanent idea of himself – and this plays a lot of tricks on him.

Tal Fishman works harder than others to understand other people’s feelings. But this seeming lack of empathy and compassion for others simply mirrors Tal’s own difficulty in understanding his own feelings and emotional needs. Tal is not insensitive, but Tal is baffled by his own emotions. Tal sees the emotional world as a foreign terrain, perhaps fraught with hidden dangers. Becoming familiar with it would present more drawbacks than advantages. As a result, Tal may appear to be hard or aloof.

Tal might struggle to establish a rewarding relationship, as Tal seeks special individuals to bond with. If Tal were able to accept and understand his own emotions, Tal would have an easier time grappling with other people’s feelings.

Tal has a strong desire for emotional independence, and might have trouble seeing other people’s emotional needs. Tal might even be the first to deny that such needs are real.

As a result, Tal’s dependency on others is unconscious. Because it is seen as such a threat, it is repressed. Actually, although Tal offers conscious resistance to anyone who tries to lure Tal out of his emotional bubble, Tal is always making timid, half-conscious forays into the world of feelings, because Tal’s loneliness and fear are so unbearable.

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