What’s Nicolette Durazzo’s Dominant Astrological Sign?

Nicolette Durazzo, the first dominant in your astral chart, is a very important figure. She represents your determination and your ability to achieve your goals. You are a natural leader, and you possess all the qualities that are necessary to succeed. You are ambitious and you have the courage to take risks. You are also very intelligent and you have a sharp mind. You are able to think quickly and you are always one step ahead of your opponents. You are a born winner, and you always come out on top.

Nicolette Durazzo is a celebrity who is known for her work in the entertainment industry. She has also been involved in philanthropy and has worked with various charities.

Saturn is the second dominant in Nicolette Durazzo’s astral chart. This fact indicates that Nicolette Durazzo is a hard worker who is very disciplined. She is also a very loyal friend.

As one of the planets historically thought to be on the outer limits of the solar system (until the “modern” planets were discovered), Saturn has always been associated with the moon, itself a peripheral heavenly body because it belongs to Earth and not to the solar system. Therefore, both Saturn and the moon are aspects of a protection principle (the moon encompasses the earth in the same way as Saturn and its rings encompasses the solar system). Like the moon, Saturn rules a security/insecurity dialectic, but where the moon’s concerns the private, intimate aspects of the individual, Saturn influences social and collective security.

Saturn can be thought of as the polar opposite of the moon (the archetype of the mother, but also of the child, and therefore related to orality). The god Saturn ate his children in order to reign and thus, represents the archetype of the mother (motherhood), the grandmother, and the sage (wisdom). The domination of Saturn thus indicates a maternal complex or, at least, an issue related either to the biological mother or to the symbolism of motherhood. This influence may result in a problem of identity and difficulties in aging which will make themselves evident in personal crises at every passage of this planet, every seven years—thus at the age of 7, at 14 or 15, and 21, 28, etc.

Depending on the psychological context in which Nicolette Durazzo is developing, she may overcome or overcompensate her identity complex and gradually acquire a strongly structured personality, or, conversely, remain in a state of immaturity which would probably be detrimental to her destiny.

Nicolette Durazzo, the third dominant in your astral chart, is a significant figure. This is because Neptune is the planet that rules the oceans, and as such, it is associated with emotions, intuition, and spirituality. Durazzo, as the third dominant, represents your ability to access these areas of your life.

This planet is the quintessential symbol of individual receptivity and the fundamental reactions of the unconscious, including the collective unconscious. Opposed to Saturn, which is the principle of form, structure, and limitation, Neptune is a principle of dissolution. It concerns any effort to encompass the greatest variety of factors, any tendency to surround and blend all the narrow, individual points of view into a single, universal sea.

Psychologically, the Neptunian effect is expressed as an exceptional psychic flexibility and extreme pliancy. Nicolette Durazzo thus displays considerable receptivity and availability. They feel a need for unity, a need to be related. They are also deeply aware of the importance of dreaming, and, negatively, may be prone to delusions.

At certain times, Nicolette Durazzo are overwhelmed by a feeling of subtle confusion related to a need for “something else.” When their well-being is disturbed this way, they either yield to a sort of passive, apathetic dissatisfaction, or lose themselves in the search for an imaginary world, perhaps to escape or plunge into bliss.

Nicolette Durazzo are sometimes captivated by a need for illusion; they would like to experience change through the intermediary of events which are vaster than consciousness and would take them far from routine and daily banality. Nevertheless, usually these fantastic dreams only make them all the more painfully aware of the realities of everyday life. Their spirit and emotions emerge confused, and their will is sometimes weakened.

The fourth house is an area of the sky which is especially important in Nicolette Durazzo’s theme. In the following paragraph, we shall explain the general meaning of this fact.

Traditionally, this house is associated with the home, family, inheritance, cultural heritage, traditions, the dwelling, the native land, etc. The South Node, one boundary of the fourth house, corresponds to the vertical line connecting the Zenith to the Nadir. The polar opposite of the North Node, the highest point on the map of the sky, the South Node is the lowest and, as a result, symbolizes the individual’s past; Nicolette’s foundation, sources, and inner self. Within the inner self, in the intimacy of the memory and the unconscious, Nicolette’s family and ancestral past dwell concealed, mingled with the roots of her future development. Psychoanalytic theory demonstrates that an individual’s future is determined by early childhood experiences. Astrology does not contradict this assumption when it points to the fourth house as the basis of any social or spiritual growth.

The fact that this area is significant in Nicolette’s chart means that she is seeking her personal center. She sometimes experience a feeling of insecurity which inspires her to establish a stable foundation for her life. As a result, she may be reluctant to leave behind the psychic and material pattern she inherited from her biological family and lineage.

Certain important crises in Nicolette’s life may be related to this emergence, this construction of a new home in the here-and-now. If she is able to perceive the hidden bond between her reluctance to assert herself as an individual and her roots in her family’s past, she will be able to attain true stability.

Nicolette Durazzo, the second house is an area of the sky which is especially important in your theme, because it contains several planets, including the one which rules your rising sign. In the following paragraph, we shall explain the general meaning of this fact.

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