What is Guille Areco’s Personality Type?

You are a person of action, always rushing to fulfill your desires. Your impulsiveness and passion lead you into blind alleys, but your determination never falters. You are a hero, full of energy and courage, and your top priority is to take action. You are also impulsive, and sometimes your emotions get the best of you. You need to learn to control your passion and impulsiveness, and to channel your energy in positive directions.

He tends to place his emotions in the forefront. He is sensitive and sometimes vulnerable to influences from the outer world.

Guille Areco tends to live in an imaginary world; the distant and abstract sometimes interests him more than what is right at hand and realistic.

As a result of your rising sign, Gemini (the Twins), and the sun’s transit through the sign of Aries (the Ram), your personality is characterized by impulsiveness, sociability, and a strong need for contact with others. You are also highly individualistic, mentally active, and prone to agitation. Vitality and passion are also common features of your personality, as is a sense of fun. Although you are often restless and impatient, you are also capable of great creativity and innovation.

Born on the seventh or tenth day after the new moon, you are a “first quarter” lunar type. This configuration means that your character is strong-willed and sometimes proud, always determined to buck convention and innovate. Monotony is unbearable to you, and you chafe under the yoke of routine. As a result, you often run into trouble with authority figures. When overwhelmed by your conscience, you rave about how destructive it is to long for the past, how ridiculous it is to be old-fashioned, and how obsolete the old values are. Generally speaking, your monthly energy flow peaks about seven to ten-and-a-half days after the full moon. You would be wise to schedule intensive work phases at that time, as well as ambitious and demanding projects. At that time, your initiatives will be most successful, especially if you are trying to create something new, original, and cutting-edge!

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