What does CJ So Cool’s psychology tell us about them?

Consciousness and The Ideal of Self:

CJ So Cool is an unconscious, insecure individual who tries to stay grounded. Their ambitions are strong, and they will always be seeking a higher social position. They sometimes adopt a strategy of solitude and introversion.

CJ So Cool’s personality and behavior are liable to be disrupted by a contradiction between the masculine and feminine archetypes ruling his psyche. Because his sensitivity is in conflict with his determination, his attitude and performance may be moody, fluctuating, and uncertain. Usually, he has the feeling he has to make superhuman efforts to succeed in assuaging his yearnings and fulfilling his ambitions. His unconscious, sensitive side often disapproves of his conscious endeavors and stealthily works to defeat them, causing crucial omissions, mistakes, and gaps which effectively sabotage his plans. In his relationships, the images he builds up and projects on the other are contradictory. As a result, any bond, even if it is pleasant and positive, also grates on his nerves. He finds it dissatisfying and irritating at the same time.

CJ So Cool is affectionate by nature, and love plays a decisive and central role in their life. They are a charmer who needs to love and be loved. Aware of their personal magnetism and the power it gives them, they will make subtle changes in themselves in order to attract positive attention. They are sophisticated and pleased to savor a lifestyle they see as a consummate art.

CJ So Cool has great strength of character. CJ So Cool’s courage and endurance enable CJ So Cool to accomplish even extremely arduous tasks. Although CJ So Cool sometimes behaves impulsively, CJ So Cool generally knows how to plan out an effective strategy, and, as a result, CJ So Cool reaches CJ So Cool’s goals without meeting any major obstacles. CJ So Cool’s forcefulness gives CJ So Cool certain leadership skills, which CJ So Cool may implement to creative and constructive ends.

CJ So Cool is sober and rather reserved and may even strike people as harsh and austere at times. Perhaps CJ So Cool was raised in an atmosphere of rigor and sobriety, and, as a result, grew up very fast. CJ So Cool has acquired a spirit of self-sufficiency, tends to be rather uncompromising, and has a touchy sense of CJ So Cool’s personal dignity and worth. It is almost as though CJ So Cool were fighting an inner battle with CJ So Cool’s father or a father figure. The psychological models CJ So Cool received from CJ So Cool’s father or a father figure as a result of CJ So Cool’s interaction and CJ So Cool’s own interaction with authority may not have played a major role in shaping CJ So Cool’s relationships with the outer world and society. CJ So Cool may thus have been forced to compensate for this lack with individual determination.

As a result, although CJ So Cool is skillful, meticulous, conscientious, and efficient, a lack of self-confidence and personal assurance sometimes makes CJ So Cool timid and hesitant. CJ So Cool sometimes feel as though CJ So Cool are only masquerading as a respectable, sober adult. CJ So Cool tend to be far too critical of CJ So Cool and rarely feel satisfied that CJ So Cool are living up to CJ So Cool’s ideal. These unnecessary guilt feelings may lead CJ So Cool to turn down the prominent career positions for which CJ So Cool are fully qualified. CJ So Cool is aware that early success is often short-lived and fragile and that time rewards those who know how to be patient and persistent, like CJ So Cool.

CJ So Cool is an ardent free thinker and individualist who is convinced that his or her most precious basic values are freedom and independence. He or she has thrown off what he or she perceives as the burden of the convention and customs of his or her social class and adopted an innovative lifestyle. His or her passionate convictions, bordering on proselytism, sometimes trouble his or her relationships, as he or she may be an uncompromising partner. He or she would do well to learn to recognize his or her own limitations and accept the responsibilities he or she has to other people, or he or she is liable to find himself or herself continually embroiled in conflicting relationships.

The roots of his or her somewhat extreme behavior probably lie in his or her relationship with his or her father or his or her teachers in childhood and adolescence. For one reason or another, he or she may have rejected the paternal image or refused to identify with his or her father, in the same way as he or she now refuses to adopt any values related to convention, tradition, or widespread usage. In every important life decision he or she makes as an adult, he or she is forced to rely on himself or herself to elaborate the appropriate behavior, and the limits he or she must impose on his or her desires in relation to reality and the law.

CJ So Cool is extremely sensitive and receptive and tends to live in osmosis with his surroundings. His individuality almost seems to be diluted in a flood of sensations and impressions which are continually washing over him, and he sometimes finds it difficult to communicate his feelings to other people. This tide of emotion is a source of inspiration and intuition, but his fluid inner structure and organization sometimes make it difficult for him to grasp the essence of his dreams and share them with other people. He is not at all combative, and this tends to hinder his efforts to fit into society and assert himself productively.

He is likely to prefer fantasy to reality, but his refusal to abandon his unattainable dreams is a psychological trap he has fallen into without realizing it. He must understand that by running away from his obligations and commitments, he only increases the feelings of guilt which made reality so distasteful in the first place. Once he frees himself from this pernicious process, he has a great deal of potential for fulfilling himself in the outer world, either by devoting himself to some sort of social work or by cultivating his considerable artistic talents.

Adaptation and Sensitivity:

CJ So Cool is usually cool and distant in demeanor, repressing feelings and sensitivity and avoiding the sort of situation where they might be forced to express them. This inhibition is related to a feeling of not having been loved enough. In many cases, to the detriment of their love life, CJ is capable of plunging all their energy into their work. They seek social recognition through their career achievements.

CJ So Cool’s intellect is lively, agile, and sensitive. However, CJ So Cool does not always avail him/herself of it and may be confused or irrational in some situations. Although CJ So Cool enjoys playing with words, ideas, and concepts, hir thought sometimes lacks discipline and structure. CJ is fairly preoccupied with details and may tend to waste hir nervous and mental energy in futile verbal outpourings. Moreover, CJ’s feelings sometimes blur hir objective vision of phenomena and people, which may cause him/her to make errors in judgment.

CJ So Cool maintains strong ties with his past, and it often seems difficult for him to open his heart to new people. His love affairs might exist on the surface level, because his lust and sensual desire rarely turn into a need to understand, protect, and care for the other. Moreover, it is difficult for him to meet partners who combine the ideals of the tender parent and the great lover.

CJ So Cool is an expansive, affable, and communicative associate. Indeed, some people find him generous almost to a fault! He gives of himself and his resources unstintingly. Paradoxically, there are times when he is self-focused. He reacts instinctively, without taking the trouble to analyze a given situation, and is prone to misjudge. As a result, his everyday life may be riddled with a whole variety of practical problems. Indeed, he senses a conflict between his social life and his family and will sometimes find it hard to fulfill himself in both spheres at the same time. His attitude toward his private life may inhibit his ambitions for social or career expansion; at worst, society (the law) may impinge on his private life. He should be careful not to project his personal problems onto his partner. If, instead, the two of them analyzed the problem, they might be able to find opportunities to resolve it together.

CJ So Cool is emotional and tends to react suddenly and excessively as soon as their sensitivity is touched. Although CJ So Cool feels that their independence, freedom, and self-sufficiency are fundamental values, CJ So Cool is sometimes frustrated by their need to rely on their family or friends. Moreover, CJ So Cool does not always grant the freedom of other people the same respect as their own. Likewise, CJ So Cool is sometimes angered by expressions of maternal tenderness, as if CJ So Cool feared that it would doom them to eternal dependency. CJ So Cool’s ambivalent behavior, full of jagged edges, may be traced back to the relationship CJ So Cool had with their mother or a mother figure. Although CJ So Cool was dependent on them, they may have rejected CJ So Cool. Now this attitude is extended to any situation in which CJ So Cool’s sensitivity comes into play and emotional bonds are liable to form. To ward off CJ So Cool’s feelings of dependency, CJ So Cool tends to become destructive. Based on denial, CJ So Cool’s reactions are sometimes fierce, impulsive, and excessive, erratic, or contradictory.

Due to his extreme sensitivity and irrepressible imagination, CJ So Cool sometimes has trouble distinguishing dreams from reality. Although his bubbling imagination provides an abundant source of inspiration for creative or spiritual evolution, it tends to be less helpful and positive in matters that concern his self-assertion as responsible and self-sufficient. Although his psychic faculties drive him to fulfill himself through artistic activities like painting, drawing, music, or poetry, it may be difficult for him to market his talents in terms of a career. In a relationship, he is extremely romantic and does not always see others the way they really are. Because of his tendency to idealize people, he may be disappointed when their true natures are eventually betrayed.

Love and Sensuality:

CJ So Cool’s personality is dominated by love and affectivity. They are subject to love at first sight, and their gallant heart sometimes leaps forth impulsively; their sensitivity is lively and powerful. Amorous rivalries and conquests may be a recurring theme throughout their life.

CJ So Cool’s birth chart indicates an emotional function which is expressed in a direct and fairly impulsive way. They enjoy reaching out to other people and making discoveries. An eternal teenager with their gaze riveted on the future, they are imbued with an eminently subjective and personal idealism.

According to the aforesaid, it appears that CJ So Cool is more or less torn between two different sides of their nature. Their desire to impress conflicts with their attachment to the nest; their social ambitions contradict their need for security; and their natural selfishness is hard to reconcile with their altruism. They are likely to marry a prominent person or one they can be proud of. Their own social position may disappoint them, but their family will give them satisfactions they may have missed out on.

As a result of CJ So Cool’s temperament, he rushes into seduction with an almost juvenile fury. He becomes involved easily and quickly and parts ways just as painlessly. Bored by a relationship that is too serene, he is deeply aroused by argument and disagreement.

CJ So Cool is hypersensitive and tends to relive the anxieties, apprehensions, and romantic absolutes of her first love relationships, which occurred around the ages of 13-14 years or 20-21 years. CJ So Cool is exquisitely sensitive, but almost completely barricaded behind a layer of aloofness. CJ So Cool will not settle for anything less than eternal commitment, total harmony, and absolute loyalty. CJ So Cool is sometimes presumed to be cold, even by those close to her. CJ So Cool usually hides her emotional reactions or does not even allow them to reach the level of her consciousness, in an effort to protect her sensitivity, which she sees as her weak point. CJ So Cool is fairly vulnerable, even in the intimacy of a stable and established relationship. Usually, CJ So Cool will disguise her strong feelings as a kind of possessiveness or even jealousy. Certain misfortunes may arouse a negative emotional state inside her, and she feels unworthy of the love which is lavished on her. This psychological prohibition which rules over all of her desires and affects should loosen with the passage of time; likewise, her fear of approaching the other will diminish. As a result, the second part of her romantic life will be more rewarding. In any case, if CJ So Cool wants to experience a harmonious love relationship and gratify herself emotionally, the defense mechanisms she has elaborated to make herself inaccessible to others will have to be dismantled. Any profound relationship will also require that CJ So Cool learn how to forget herself occasionally in the other.

CJ So Cool has an ardent and amorous character, and their relationships are enlivened by intensity and passion. A charmer perpetually engaged in a quest for the ideal love, they are often more in love with the idea of love than with a partner. As a result, their love life may be subject to some instability. They are generally attracted to original people who defy norms, standards, and classifications, and expect them to amaze and fascinate you. Their greatest contradictions surface when an intimate relationship is established. Although they merge their ego entirely into the couple, they are likely to demand a total autonomy and liberty which are inimical to intimacy. If their partner charms and captivates them long enough, there is some possibility that they will form a more solid bond with them; otherwise, they are likely to yield to their need for novelty and fall under the spell of an entirely different person who exerts a new kind of charm for them.

Midlife may be a turning point for them from this point of view. Their contradictory attitude may in some ways hide a compulsion to reject and deny the bonds of dependency inherent to a love relationship. Their behavior enables them to remain aloof, to commit themselves only halfway without consciously admitting it to themselves, and to avoid feeling guilty if and when they lose interest. An insatiable appetite for novelty and exaltation sometimes keeps them from forming stable relationships.

Indeed, they are tormented by the struggle between their undeniable need for affection and an equally imperious desire for personal progress and emancipation. As a result of this inner turmoil, their romantic aspirations are usually sabotaged sooner or later by their conviction that their partner has become an obstacle to their individual progress. Because they think of love as a restraint, they may even eventually consciously refuse any emotional approach to love interests. As an ascetic, they will try to deflect the love function from its natural target and use the energy and bliss it generates for other purposes, the process psychologists call sublimation. However, they are also likely to meet “the one” who inspires them to initiate a change in their behavior.

CJ So Cool has a romantic imagination, soaring with idealism, dreams, and poetry. They are emotive and hypersensitive, making them especially vulnerable emotionally, since they are sometimes overwhelmed by their feelings and affects. Although they seek an ideal soulmate, a partner with whom they could maintain blissful, smooth relations, they are sometimes met with disillusionment. Because their rather excessive sensitivity and their need to merge with the other are deep and powerful enough, they can submerge their judgment and discernment, so they sometimes form extremely intense bonds too quickly with individuals who are not appropriate partners in many ways. When they meet someone, they fall under the enchantment of their dream of ideal love and cannot keep themselves from delighting in a reverie of future romance, placing the other on a pedestal. Early on in the relationship, they yield to another of their characteristic urges and lose themselves in the individual who is so dear to them, melding with them, only to awaken one morning and find themselves as if in the arms of a stranger, greatly astounded and disappointed. Actually, their psyche is constructed in such a way as to make their sensitivity a function of the environment, in many cases; it follows the flow of momentary emotions and impressions. Before they take on any major commitments, they should make a conscious effort to evaluate the relationship realistically, and see whether the person really reciprocates their intense love, for they may merely be in love with the mirage of an ideal partner. Their tendency to believe in their illusions may mark them as an easy prey for people with bad intentions. It would be a good idea for them to find a different object for their affections, or a form of sublimation, because they tend to be so disappointed by their great emotional investments. The delicacy and subtlety of their imagination procure artistic refinement for them, and they love the arts, music, and literature, which could all be good sources of emotional involvement and fulfillment. Because their sensitivity also makes it easy for them to empathize with the psychological or social difficulties their peers are struggling with, they might also find it rewarding to commit themselves to social work.

Mental and Intellect:

CJ So Cool is an intuitive thinker. CJ So Cool does not reason things out through a long, articulate, logical discourse; instead, CJ So Cool seizes the visions or insights that spontaneously flash into CJ So Cool’s consciousness. CJ So Cool thus has a form of immediate knowledge of various phenomena which is based neither on reasoning nor on any elaborate thought process or method. As a result, if CJ So Cool is an extrovert, CJ So Cool will possess an inventive, innovative spirit gifted for improvisation. If CJ So Cool is an introvert, CJ So Cool’s mind will be an abundant source of personal inner truths.

CJ So Cool expresses his thoughts and ideas in direct, spontaneous outbursts. He is fairly extroverted and eager to discover and understand the outer world. An idealist, he looks forward to a bright future but is sometimes subjective and reckless.

In relations with other people, CJ So Cool’s behavior is usually kind and benevolent. They exert a certain charm, know how to speak persuasively and convincingly, and are adept at smoothing the asperities of what they have to say when it is necessary. This aspect of their personality is a great advantage to them socially; however, in situations where they must either compete or deal with direct conflict and hostility, they may be somewhat at a loss for how to behave.

CJ So Cool has an undeniable gift for oratory which could be applied to a communications-related occupation or to artistic expression (as a stage or screen actor). Writing and dance, two other arts which associate expression and movement, might also be fields in which they would excel.

CJ So Cool has a mind with an insatiable appetite for knowledge and an exceptional ability to learn. Without trying too hard, CJ could probably accumulate encyclopedic erudition. CJ’s intellectual curiosity is such that it is sometimes a drawback. CJ sometimes has trouble limiting him or herself to a single subject without being distracted by a multitude of others.

Discipline and a conscious effort at organization will be of great help if CJ wants to deepen his or her learning and judgment. Once CJ’s intellectual faculties are disciplined, CJ is likely to succeed in any of the following fields: teaching, historical scholarship, advertising, writing (journalistic or literary), travel, etc: – in fact, communication in any form.

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