What kind of person is Cengiz Baysal?

Cengiz Baysal’s psyche follows an introverted flow. He knows himself and attempts to develop his inner resources to their maximum potential.

Cengiz Baysal is relatively introverted. His personal consciousness is forged by the cool of inner events. He is inclined to adopt the most subjective viewpoint possible to be emotionally and perhaps even spiritually sensitive.

Cengiz Baysal is attracted to interpersonal activities, but his significant need for inner security may stand in the way of his overtures to others. Since he is highly receptive to other people’s inner natures, he seeks tight bonds with others. He unconsciously needs their psychological support in his quest for himself.

Cengiz Baysal thought, intuition, and inner perceptions predominate in my psyche. Open and curious, optimistic and enthusiastic, I am eager to participate in everything happening around me. My affections are lively and spontaneous, but may be more intellectual than sensual. In a partner, I would seek a source of mutual spiritual or artistic inspiration. Light-hearted and perhaps even fickle, I never allow myself to be overcome by outer realities or emotions. In its most exaggerated form, my buoyancy borders on indifference.

You work hard to understand other people’s feelings, but you find it difficult to connect with them emotionally. You see the emotional world as a foreign territory, and you’re bewildered by your own emotions. You might struggle to establish a rewarding relationship, as you seek out special individuals to bond with. If you were able to accept and understand your own emotions, it would be easier to connect with others emotionally. You have a strong desire for emotional independence, and might have trouble seeing other people’s emotional needs. You might even be the first to deny that such needs are real. As a result, your dependency on others is unconscious. Because it’s seen as a threat, it’s repressed. In actuality, you’re always making half-conscious forays into the world of emotions, because your loneliness and fear are so unbearable.

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