What’s Brynn Cameron’s Dominant Astrological Sign?

Neptune is a planet of dissolution, of the unconscious. You are very flexible and receptive, and are often overwhelmed by a feeling of subtle confusion. At times, you need “something else,” and this can lead to dissatisfaction or an inclination to escape into fantasy. You are also sometimes captivated by a need for illusion, but this often leads to a sense of confusion and weakness in your spirit and your will.

Brynn Cameron looked up at the moon and felt a sense of longing. She had always loved looking at the moon, wondering what it was like up there. She thought about the mother figure that it represented for her. The mother figure could be her biological mother, a grandmother, or a woman who had cared for her during her infancy and childhood. Brynn had transferred all of her emotions and attachments to this figure when she became an adult. When she was in her everyday life, she felt a lot of psychic activity. Her imagination, memory, sensitivity, sensation, and sentiment were all high.

Brynn Cameron is under the influence of the planet Venus, which means she is struggling with her love instincts. She is very attractive to others and is a creator and artistic genius who seems to imbue all she touches with beauty and harmony. Her artistic skills are obvious to the people around her and may be applied to career endeavors. Pleasure, outings, seduction, love, and a thriving but sometimes superficial social life are the hallmarks of her life.

The eleventh house is an area of the sky which is especially important in your theme, because it contains several planets, including the one which rules your rising sign. In the following paragraph, we shall explain the general meaning of this fact.

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