What kind of person is Bryce Vine?

Bryce Vine experiences his inner life as a process of growth and maturation, nurtured by his involvement with others and the positive and negative encounters this generates.

Bryce Vine, relatively extroverted and living life open to the outside world, leads a life forged by the heat of outer events. He adopts the most objective viewpoint possible to be pragmatic and perhaps even materialistic.

While Bryce Vine participates in important social causes or collective ideals, he typically maintains his individual identity. This is why, although he may become personally involved in social affairs, he is likely to resist any project he will be unable to lead himself, according to his own individual direction. He identifies himself with an activity with social implications and attempts to know himself through this activity.

Bryce Vine thoughtfully regarded his family tree. He was fascinated by the stories and mysteries that it held. He was especially interested in learning more about his ancestors, their heritage, and the events that had shaped their lives. He was eager to pass on the stories of his family to future generations.

Bryce Vine thinks, intuition, and inner perceptions predominate in his psyche. He is open and curious, optimistic and enthusiastic, and eager to participate in everything happening around him. His affections are lively and spontaneous, but may be more intellectual than sensual. In a partner, Bryce would seek a source of mutual spiritual or artistic inspiration. Light-hearted and perhaps even fickle, Bryce never allows himself to be overcome by outer realities or emotions. In its most exaggerated form, Bryce's buoyancy borders on indifference.

Bryce Vine is characterized by numerous contradictions and tensions which balance each other out and endow him with a stable, well-tempered character. Indeed, they are especially likely to protect him from frustration and, in terms of reality, will enable him to acquire a certain social and professional success without too much effort on his part. At that point, he must be careful not to take on too many responsibilities. His confidence in his ability to accomplish things may make him spread himself too thin.

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