What kind of person is Bret Easton Ellis?

Bret Easton Ellis experiences his inner life as a process of growth and maturation, nurtured by his involvement with others and the positive and negative encounters this generates.

Bret Easton Ellis is relatively extroverted, leading a life which is open to the outside world. His personal consciousness is forged by the heat of outer events. He is inclined to adopt the most objective viewpoint possible to be pragmatic and perhaps even materialistic.

Bret Easton Ellis is ambitious and has a natural tendency to better himself socially and intellectually. His ideas and aspirations are grandiose, and he will be eager to share them with others. Although he is kind-hearted, he enjoys being in control of situations. He derives great fulfillment from the role of the protector and will surround himself with people who need him. He is eager to obtain recognition and honor, but extremely fearful of disgrace. His visions derive from his ambitions, often aglow with idealism. However, they may be somewhat unrealistic and impractical. Social recognition and esteem are essential to him, and he will demonstrate an amazing ability to achieve the high goals he sets for himself.

Bret Easton Ellis lives in a world where dreams and subconscious are constantly in contact with the world around them. He cannot live without love, and is always ready to submerge himself in another person. Stirred by forces he does not control, Bret may be aroused by passions which are impervious to the restraints of reason and logic. Bret is an emotive creature in harmony with the flow of his feelings, impulses, and urges.

Bret Easton Ellis observes that you have a difficult time believing in yourself and your ability to succeed. This lack of confidence may be the result of a difficult childhood where you didn’t have the support you needed to develop an ideal image. As a result, you may be unable to move yourself toward an improved disposition, and may reject any challenge that would help you succeed. You are aware of your problem and are tormented by it. Physical exercise and visualization of an admirable figure may be helpful to you, as well as a diet that includes vitamins and protein that will give you energy.

Although you may not necessarily notice the fact about yourself because you are so strongly engaged in actions, feelings, or material concerns, you sometimes lack sound judgment. This impairment arises from a difficulty in obtaining perspective on yourself and your life. You may be puzzled by your troubled relations with others. You must make an effort to detach yourself from your personal reaction and observe it from an objective, more distant standpoint. If not, you are likely to find yourself under stress or pressure because you did not give enough prior thought to tactics and strategy. You may also experience dissatisfaction in your intimate relationships because you might struggle to get in sync with others. You give little time or respect to anyone you see as too “intellectual,” because you resist adapting to new ideas and viewpoints. In fact, an idea that rubs you the wrong way mentally and/or emotionally may elicit an explosive reaction. Self-analysis can be challenging for you and you tend to refuse to develop a solid, permanent idea of yourself – and this plays a lot of tricks on you.

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