What is Brawadis’s Personality Type?

Brawadis is a person who is nostalgic for their roots and their homeland. They possess a power that is linked to memory and the consciousness of an inaccessible past. They are slow-moving and may feel protected from the outer world by an armor of education, family surroundings (their most cherished environment), and social status. They are sensitive and virtuous, but also have a tendency to be short-tempered and easily offended. They are attached to their family in general and their mother or a mother figure, in particular, and the way they resolve the transition to adulthood and independence will be crucial to their well-being.

Due to the influence of Virgo rising, you have a personality that is somewhat tense and withdrawn, ruled by reason. Your intellectual functions predominate over your emotional or sentimental impulses. Your mind, which is analytical and critical, is naturally questioning and skeptical; you have great faith in rational positivism and strive to be pragmatic. You have a considerable potential for accomplishment. Although others generally appreciate your conscientious, scrupulous conduct, your devotion to others and realism, they might be critical of your meek behavior and tendency to overthink. Indeed, you are so meticulous that you often “cannot see the forest for the trees” and may fret and worry unnecessarily over tiny details. You can even be cerebral about your emotions, and you might hesitate to give them free expression. You have a strong desire for self-improvement and transformation. Characteristically, you proceed to do so by taking some sort of conscious action which you think will promote change and self-transformation. Both your work and emotional commitments may be elements in this transformation. It will be a challenge to you, but if you are willing to overcome your tendency to deny your emotions, you will find life much more rewarding and less restrictive.

Brawadis needs movement. She is a talented communicator.

Brawadis tends to live in an imaginary world; the distant and abstract sometimes interests her more than what is right at hand and realistic.

At the time of your birth, your rising sign was located in Virgo (the Virgin), while the sun was passing through the sign of Cancer (the Crab). A summary of the various clues mentioned above provides your personality profile. The following key words capture the essence of your character and indicate certain contradictions which may be sources of tension: Modesty – Sensitivity – Analytical thought – Imagination – Strict logic – Eccentricity – Attention to detail – Savings and thrift – Perfectionism – Suspicion – Anxiety and worry – Obstinacy – Nervousness – Premonition.

Although you have many skills and a great deal of potential, you need encouragement and support in order to take full advantage of your qualities, which can be defined as a gift for analysis and criticism, and a striving for perfectionism.

Born in the seven to ten days after the full moon rose, you are of the “last quarter” lunar type. As such, you are independent and self-sufficient in your thoughts. Your sense of humor is your best communications tool, but you can be severe in your tones which breaks your charm over your audience. Your lack of flexibility hampers your strategies and projects, and you would gain by developing your sense of diplomacy and tact. Although you are not unduly attached to success, because you are so used to being ahead of your time, your failures take a psychological toll on you. Because each setback wears you down a little more, you should try to avoid further disappointments by conforming to contemporary reality a little more closely.

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