What is Brad Kroenig’s Personality Type?

You are a practical person who is not easily swayed by utopian ideals or mirages. When all systems are go, your inner strength and stamina will drive you straight to the heart of the material world with no detours or mistakes. You then become the quintessential creator and producer. You create out of love for the phenomenon of creation on every level. Although your innate sense of matter, your earthiness, may sometimes confine you to the material plane, it also endows you with the power to give substance to your intuitions. Your material possessions embody your spirit. You are a person of conviction. You believe in your action; you have faith in your approach. Striding purposefully ahead, you go even farther, more effectively. You are aware you have a job to carry out; you know your duty is to create and construct. As a result, it is important for you to be deeply implicated in your career and to feel as though you are really accomplishing a goal that is important to you. You are coherent and pragmatic, and your life and mind are carefully organized. Improvisation is not your forte; on the contrary, you tend to plan out your work in advance, stick to the plan obstinately, and pace yourself carefully. This tendency may strike others as being somewhat plodding and slow. But the opinion of others means little to you; you judge yourself on the basis of the fruit of your labor. Your accomplishments arouse your pride and possessiveness, since you view them as evidence of your worth. However, the work ethic so prevalent in our society is deeply ingrained in you. Merely by slogging on with your duty, you achieve such personal rewards and satisfactions as the knowledge that your potency never flickers; your inner virility and ability to follow through are steady, sure, and irresistible. The only drawback is that your earthiness and stubbornness may confine your interests to somewhat low horizons. Your capacity for work is related to a capacity for self-devotion. You are able to give your entire being to a great cause, to devote yourself body and soul, with all the might and conscientiousness you possess, if you believe the goal to be your ultimate purpose. Your initial problem is to find the cause you will make your purpose in life, because if you were to err, if you wandered into the trap of a bad cause fraught with risk, you would suffer a terrible setback. Therefore, the essential value which will define your life and destiny is the fruit of a

Brad Kroenig, due to the influence of Leo rising, seems to have a high ideal of himself. He has a taste for luxury and enjoys showing off in society; obviously, he sees a grandiose destiny for himself. He is an eloquent speaker and knows how to inspire the trust of his audience and bluff his way through difficult situations. Although the people he knows find him entertaining, energetic, good-humored, and good at organizing things, they might be critical of his pride and vanity. Endowed with ambition and generosity, authority and magnanimity, he enjoys the role of the benevolent leader for the opportunity it gives him to display his righteousness and the nobility of his ideals. The truth is, due to deep-rooted insecurities, he might be driven to seek the approval and confirmation of his personal worth in the eyes of those around him. Time, maturity, and experience (the school of hard knocks!) will structure his personality and restore his confidence in his true purpose in life. He will do well to learn that the only true source of self-esteem lies in his real creations and accomplishments.

Brad Kroenig is sensual. Pleasure is important to him.

Brad Kroenig needs others to fulfill himself and accomplish his ambitions.

Brad Kroenig has a Leo rising sign and the sun was in Taurus at the time of his birth. His personality is summarized by the following key words: determination, pride, self-assurance, compassion, superiority, perseverance, brilliance, pragmatism, generosity, productivity, positivism, and sensuality. He dislikes evasiveness and subterfuge in others and is not happy with anything less than excellence. He is a social success, power, and material comfort seeker. His great sensuality makes him appreciate pleasure as much as duty, with the same optimism and delight.

Brad Kroenig was born on the three days prior to the new moon’s appearance. He is considered to have the “balsamic moon” type, which gives him a spiritualistic character closely attached to generous humanitarian ideals. He is sometimes sorely tried to limit himself to the narrow scope of individual ambition, but aims for a humanitarian ideal which would include the outcasts and the unfortunate. He fervently hopes the meek will inherit the earth. To bring about this ideal, Brad Kroenig is likely to seize every resource placed at his disposal – physical effort, money (if he has it), speech, his writings, and his poetic or artistic talents. However, he should be wary of his unconscious guilt feelings. Actually, there is no reason for him to devote himself to his mission entirely; a simple daily effort should suffice. Usually, the three days preceding the new moon will be time in the monthly lunar cycle most favorable to his activities and his general energy level.

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