What is Ben Bruce’s Personality Type?

Ben Bruce, you have a complex personality. You are stirred with contradictory impulses and desires, some of them imperious. Although your rational mind is highly developed and seems to be the source of motivation for your behavior, the most significant realm of your psychology is your subconscious. Therein, a conflict between understanding and feeling is raging, between the psychological functions of thought and sensation. Until this conflict subsides, you might feel a sensation of emptiness. You are troubled by and unable to explain this feeling, which leads you to adopt an attitude of doubt and skepticism. This conflict, and its various ramifications, are the main obstacle to your individuation. Your task consists of becoming the master of the energies of your subconscious, and developing your consciousness in terms of the hidden and invisible. Your evolution will occur through a series of metamorphoses and rebirths. However, at certain points in your life, despite your caution and clear thinking, you find yourself in situations you neither desired nor planned, as a result of explosions and eruptions of the elements fermenting in your psyche. You always survive the worst physical, emotional, or intellectual tests, however, fairly unscathed, because of your ability to be reborn and start afresh. As a partner, you might struggle to make compromises. You may appear frosty and distant at times, and you have a taste for challenging, provocative remarks. With yourself, as well as with others, you are sometimes excessive and complicated. In a discussion, you will express strong, honest opinions. In crisis situations, you wish for your efforts to be noticed. You are obsessed with the problem of death. You tend to believe it holds the secret of life – that death can be overcome. Sometimes your anxiety about death is expressed as a search for answers – how can one learn to live with death, how can one detach oneself from the past and its flesh-curdlingly morbid realities… Decay, immobility, ultimate delivery – these images, which are all symbolically associated with death, sometimes haunt you.Intellectually, you have powerfully developed intellectual faculties which yield the maximum effectiveness for your behavior. Deductive, analytical, prospective, you are at once a researcher, a detective, and a scientist. You are fairly introverted, and your discrimination tends to direct you toward the spheres of inner life. You are astute at drawing rational parallels between phenomena of different origins. Your love life will be subject to desire and passion. But since you are more aroused by ideas and fantasies, you may experience lull

Due to the influence of Capricorn rising, Ben Bruce has a personality which may seem somewhat aloof and introspective. In fact, he is not inclined to submit to anyone’s influence, and leads the independent, solitary life of the individualist. Sometimes skeptical (if not pessimistic) and resigned, he is still shrewd and objective in his insights and judgments. He has a fairly severe, “no-frills” vision of life, and only the pure, bare essence really matters to him. Insecurities could inhibit his emotional and instinctive urges. He is proud of his near-stoic self-control. His personal stability tends to be founded on enduring values – philosophical or hard scientific facts in relation to spiritual values. Sometimes he seems detached and weary or disillusioned, and he does not appreciate the social whirl. He does not readily express his feelings and emotions, but deep inside, he has great sensitivity. His sense of time, a true instinct, is very important. It rules and coordinates all of his activities.

Ben Bruce yearns for a purpose in life, even faraway or abstract.

Ben Bruce has a somewhat secretive personality; he is tempted if not compelled to live a somewhat withdrawn life.

Ben Bruce was born under the sign of Capricorn (the Goat) on December 17th. The sun was in the sign of Scorpio (the Scorpion) at the time, which provided clues to his personality profile. He is ambitious and passionate, but secretive and reserved, and has a stormy and sometimes difficult character. He is dominant and can show a certain edginess, repressing the expression of his sensitivity and mocking that side of others. But he is short-tempered and vulnerable, and reacts with causticity when he feels his ego is threatened. His keen intelligence and lucidity make him curious about the hidden aspects of things—the action behind the scenes. As a result, he may take pleasure in divulging people’s emotional secrets. But on another level, he can expose the dysfunctional elements of something, resulting in a positive change. He has endurance and stubbornness, which give him the energy necessary for long-term projects. He alone can decide whether his goals will satisfy his own personal ambition, or a more vast and humanistic ideal.

Ben Bruce was born on the night of a full moon between three and one-half and seven days after the rising of the moon. He has a shining personality, which makes him good at communicating and transmitting ideas. Throughout his life, Ben will be attracted to the idea of being a spokesperson for a cause, idea, or person. He’ll have to develop his powers of discernment to figure out which subjects or people are really worth his personal commitment.

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