What is Barry Hearn’s Personality Type?

Barry Hearn’s personality is adaptable and agile. He quickly makes friends and enjoys communicating with others. His ability to think on his feet gives him an advantage in his life, and he is sensitive but also able to control and suppress his emotions. He is wary of his instincts and urges, but he needs to learn to trust his intellect more. He has a complex inner world and is sometimes vulnerable due to his emotionalism and sensitivity to the aggressions of the outer world. He relies on his adaptability and agility to wriggle out of trouble, but he can also be unstable, wishy-washy, and un determined. He has a talent for improvisation and adaptation, but he can also be susceptible to making questionable compromises with himself. He must overcome his instability, wishy-washiness, and lack of determination and coherence in his thought.

Due to the influence of Virgo rising, your personality is more disciplined and logical than usual. Your intellectual functions predominate over your emotional or sentimental impulses. Your mind is analytical and critical; you have a great faith in rational positivism and strive to be pragmatic. You have a considerable potential for accomplishment. Although others generally appreciate your conscientious, scrupulous conduct, they might be critical of your meek behavior and tendency to overthink. Indeed, you are so meticulous that you often “cannot see the forest for the trees” and may fret and worry unnecessarily over tiny details. You can even be cerebral about your emotions, and you might hesitate to give them free expression. You have a strong desire for self-improvement and transformation. Characteristically, you proceed to do so by taking some sort of conscious action which you think will promote change and self-transformation. Both your work and emotional commitments may be elements in this transformation. It will be a challenge to you, but if you are willing to overcome your tendency to deny your emotions, you will find life much more rewarding and less restrictive.

Barry Hearn thrives in the peace and security of the nest. His spouse and family will be an important part of his life.

Barry Hearn needs others to fulfill himself and accomplish his ambitions.

At the time of your birth, your rising sign was located in Virgo (the Virgin), while the sun was passing through the sign of Gemini (The Twins). A summary of the various clues mentioned above provide your personality profile. The following key words capture the essence of your character and indicate certain contradictions which may be sources of tension:

Modesty – Need for contact – Analytical thought – Mental agitation – Strict logic – Frivolity – Attention to detail – Dilettantism – Perfectionism – Immaturity – Anxiety and worry – Communication – Nervousness – Inner duality.

The need for movement in change is the chief characteristic of your quick and mercurial personality. You are endowed with intelligence and rapid understanding, capable of assimilating new information speedily and efficiently. But you tend to be somewhat unfocused and easily distracted. As you seek meaning and continuity for your life, you will be solving these problems. To progress toward self-improvement, you will have to develop your ability to concentrate, and learn to prevent outside influences from distracting you. Increased attention to method and organization will yield many benefits.

You were born on the day before the full moon, a Gibbous moon. This lunar configuration gives you a personality that is rich and complex, with a feeling that you are struggling to do something great. You may be preoccupied with the feeling that you are lacking something, until you find a spiritual or humanitarian cause worthy of your devotion. Devotion will be important to you as a foundation for your inner and outer development. If you fail to encounter a great and noble cause to which you are willing to pledge yourself, you could always make do with a person whose aura and magnetism attract you. Whatever you decide, it is by working to serve a cause or another person that you will approach your own self-transformation.

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