What does Anderson Paak’s psychology tell us about them?

Anderson Paak is searching for stability. He wants to find a firm, unchanging structure for his life. But his efforts to achieve this ideal are often vain, because unconsciously, he is also inhabited by the opposite desire. Every time he reaches what he believes to be a good balance, he realizes he wants something entirely different. He should become aware that the concepts of stability and balance are difficult to apply to life. By definition, life is movement, change, and perpetual instability.

Anderson Paak was born under a new moon, when the moon and sun were in the same part of the sky. He enjoys a positive balance between the conscious and unconscious aspects of his psyche, which contribute to the relationships with other people which make up his outer life. His parents or teachers probably gave him the type of education which was adapted to his personality, which results in his personality being basically balanced. However, his life does not entirely lack asperities – generally, the goals he sets for himself correspond to his skills. Without giving the matter much thought, he tends to follow prevailing trends and behaves in a conventional enough way. He is subjective and sees the world according to his own perceptions instead of the way it really is.

Anderson Paak is affectionate by nature, and love plays a decisive and central role in his life. He is a charmer who needs to love and be loved. Aware of his personal magnetism and the power it gives him, he will make subtle changes in himself in order to attract positive attention. He is sophisticated and pleased to savor a lifestyle he sees as a consummate art.

Anderson Paak has a taste for luxury and magnificence, for a dazzling social life and a distinguished career. When things are going well for him, he tends to think of himself as the center of the universe, an attitude which those close to him do not always appreciate. Although he is quite likely to succeed in his ambition to become wealthy and popular and lead a remarkable life in the outer world, his lack of moderation and overweening self-confidence expose him to some danger. His exaggerated optimism could create difficulties by causing him to make errors in judgment.

Anderson Paak is a person who enjoys sharing and is always looking for contact with others. He tends to be free and uninhibited in his relations with others, rarely allowing himself to be influenced by convention or prevailing opinion; he associates with whomever he pleases. This attitude makes his life refreshing and exciting, and he is never bored. In career terms, Anderson Paak is quite gifted for any field related to communication, where his intellectual singularity and lively wit would make him an amazing hit. He would also be likely to succeed in any activity where the work required a multidisciplinary approach: teaching, advertising, politics, etc.

Anderson Paak believes in freedom and independence. He wants to be able to do what he wants and be who he wants without being constrained. This makes him very skittish when it comes to relationships. He prefers to live in a platonic way with friends. Anderson Paak is extremely socially-minded, but also idealistic. He sees the future and wants to make sure that everyone has the same opportunities.

Anderson Paak is extremely sensitive and perceptive. He luxuriates in tenderness and gentleness more than passion. Because he abhor any form of violence and is disturbed by the absence of harmony, he has developed a tact and diplomacy which make his relations with others smooth and easy.

Anderson Paak searches for the ideal love and idealizes his friends and lovers. He may prefer to dream of his soulmate instead of making love to one; he is more in love with the idea of love than anything else. His idealism may hide a fear of truly committing himself to a relationship; he tries to intellectualize everything. In time, two options will seem clear to him: an amorous friendship based on shared ideas and intellectual exchange, or an open relationship, free of all constraints except mutual respect.

Anderson Paak’s birth chart indicates an emotional function which is usually expressed carefully and reasonably. He distrusts his emotional urges and somewhat wary of his feelings, trying to rid himself of all partiality and get some perspective and distance before making an emotional commitment.

Anderson Paak has an original personality which inspires him to live on the fringes of convention. He is more baroque than romantic and is torn between his emotional exaltation and a need for independence, between his sudden infatuations and the otherness every relationship implies. His irrepressible imagination battles reality. If, during his youth, he was unable to understand and learn from his disillusionment, love will remain a dangerous terrain for him, a source of instability and suffering. However, if he has bid his adolescent dreams farewell, in maturity he should be able to invest his imagination and talent in an exceptional bond.

Anderson Paak loves wholeheartedly and is very sincere. He loves friendships and is independent-minded. He will be happier in an open relationship than in a marriage, unless this is based on great mutual freedom. However, he is likely to marry too young or on an impulse. A second relationship with a person he admires for their generous and free-thinking nature will bring him greater happiness.

Anderson Paak may be characterized by strong sensual and affectionate urges which drive him to seek pleasure. His need for romantic fulfillment may compel him to marry, because he also seeks the legal and social legitimacy the institution of marriage confers on an emotional bond. Indeed, the household is liable to be prosperous and even opulent, as if this offered further evidence that he had indeed achieved success. However, privately, he might be less committed to certain obligations and duties.

Anderson Paak is a flexible individual who draws on sudden flashes of intuition as well as logical, rational thought. He has progressive, inventive, and sometimes utopian ideas; they usually relate to human or social problems. He always strives to be in the vanguard, creating a better world for the future.

Anderson Paak tries to shun subjectivity and be as objective as possible. His thoughts are usually structured, and his reasoning, based on objective facts or experience, usually relates to practical goals.

Anderson Paak behaves kindly and persuasively with other people, often gaining the favor of those around him. However, when competing or dealing with hostility, he may be at a loss for how to behave. He has a natural gift for oratory, and could excel in communications-related fields or as an actor in the arts. In writing and dance, two other expressive fields, he may excel as well.

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