What is Anas Bukhash’s Personality Type?

You are charismatic, intense, and individualistic. As a result of the preponderance of emotion, sensation, and feeling in your psychological make-up, you have acquired a deep sense of your individuality and uniqueness. You sometimes feel “different” – set apart from others. In order to justify this idea of yourself, you attempt to behave differently, to impress the crowd, and the product of your efforts is usually rather grandiose and exaggerated. It’s a self-perpetuating bind, because your impressive deeds usually earn recognition for you, and reinforce your self-assurance and your certainty that you do indeed stand head and shoulders above the rest. You sometimes make an attempt to bluff and show off with an emotional display. You like to take risks and give people advice. Nevertheless, at the basis of your conduct, there is a feeling of social anxiety, which is probably unconscious or unconfessed. You may fear being absorbed or enslaved by society. The positive side of this unconscious anxiety is that it drives you to create, to counteract the deeply felt effects of time and the masses on your ego. By creating something, you can make your own individual mark on the world; you can organize it to reflect your own image, instead of allowing yourself to be submerged by it. The preceding comments about creating the world in your own image are strong indications that you seek to identify with your superego. The difference between your ideal of yourself and the individual you know yourself to be in truth, measured in terms of your social recognition or the recognition of your creations (children, works of art, etc.), will determine your state of mind. It is therefore important for you to make these images match to a certain extent, to reduce the gap as much as possible. The psychological dynamic described earlier explains many of the pluses and minuses in your personality. Your dignity and self-assurance may border on vanity; your strong instinct and ambition combined with your somewhat exaggerated individualism incline you to be self-focused. You may be proud, but you are also courageous, determined, and generous. You have the skills of an educator or an artist; moreover, you are mysteriously lucky.

Due to the influence of Scorpio rising, you have a powerful, forthright, passionate nature with a penchant for possessiveness, be it material, mental, or spiritual. Your own mind proceeds from a fairly skeptical, steadfast, realistic viewpoint, but you are curious about and critical of different ideas. You tend to reject any outside authority. You feel perfectly capable of making your own decisions and can easily sweet-talk people into letting you have your own way. Your personality also gives you the potential to be a gifted investigator and diagnostician in any field. Your skills include detecting and uncovering the hidden aspects of people and things. Your other natural resources are your rigid and unilateral determination, your capacity for self-control, and the stubbornness and energy with which you overcome obstacles. It is important for you to channel your energy into structured activities, or you may become dissipated. Sports or physical exercise will also be beneficial to your well-being.

Anas Bukhash thrives on relating to other people. He cannot live without love!

Anas Bukhash has a somewhat secretive personality; he is tempted if not compelled to live a somewhat withdrawn life.

The sun was passing through the sign of Leo (the Lion), located in the zodiac sign of Scorpio (the Scorpion). This indicated that the individual was predestined for great conquests and important battles. A summary of the various clues mentioned above provided the personality profile of the individual. The following key words capture the essence of their character and indicate certain contradictions which may be sources of tension:Pugnacity – Charisma – Determination – Dignity – Pride and self-assurance – Shrewdness – Superiority – Concentration – Brilliance – Optimism – Generosity – Common sense – Optimistic mind.

Born in the three days after the rising of the new moon, you have a mostly subjective character, with a tendency to be impulsive and emotive. You base your attitude on the feelings various situations arouse inside you, rather than seeing the world in objective terms. In human relationships, you often project your imaginary reality onto others instead of seeing them for what they are. As a result, your judgements and reasoning can be deprived of perspective. If you listen more openly, people may reveal their deeper motivations. You will be happier and more effective if you apply yourself.

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