What is Ana Rocha’s Personality Type?

You are an introverted person who is wary of the outer world and senses. You are drawn to spiritual pursuits and aspire to find a absolute center which animates you. You are shrewd and persistent in pursuit of your goal, and are confident in your stamina and endurance. You are sensitive and vulnerable to emotional urges, and are cautious in taking any initiative. You prize deep feelings and the intense passion they arouse, and are hesitant to get involved in casual dating or meaningless love affairs. You are likely to succeed in any emotional enterprise you undertake, but may experience difficulty in expressing your feelings and releasing long pent-up urges.

Due to the influence of Pisces rising, Ana Rocha has a psychic’s sensitive and emotive personality. She is suggestible and fairly easily influenced, generally friendly and cheerful, but sometimes evanescent. Her temperament is sometimes passive due to a lack of pugnacity, and she is often reserved and perhaps even timid in unfamiliar surroundings. Conversely, she can be expansive and garrulous in more reassuring settings. At times, she feels guilty about her passivity, and to rid herself of it, she tries to make herself useful to others. The same feelings may help her redirect herself, overcome her insecurities, and find new faith in herself. In relation to others, she’s receptive, intuitive, and exhibit an almost extrasensory perceptiveness and ability to listen; her broad mind and flexibility inspire respect and esteem. Combined with these, her native warm-heartedness and fairness could bring her great success socially, and help her find personal fulfillment and happiness in her career activities.

Ana Rocha has high social aspirations. She believes that by gaining total control of her intellect, feelings, and instincts, she can achieve them.

Ana Rocha was born under the sign of Pisces (the Fish), which is in the zodiac sign of Capricorn (the Goat). According to astrology, this indicates that she has a personality which is characterized by emotionalism, guile, pliancy, need for security, humility and reserve, inhibition, idealism, application, methodical mind, intuition, forethought, premonition, and loyalty. From the outside, she appears cautious and severe, but inside she is sensitive and giving. This makes her difficult to read, but it is also an asset as she is able to control her impulses and focus on her goals. In addition, her concentration and determination, her great ability to control herself, and her analytical and interpretative skills make her a powerful individual. If she develops these abilities, she has the potential to accomplish great things.

Ana Rocha was born three and a half to seven days after the rising of the new moon, a “crescent moon” lunar type. This “soli-lunar” configuration indicates that she may need to make an effort to free herself from the past. Something related to her childhood, parents, or ancestors is holding her back, impairing her effectiveness and could stand to be overcome. Due to her past, Ana refuses tried-and-true models, is always fighting to justify her innovative viewpoints, and tends to break away from tradition. She is hardly ever aware that she is making career and lifestyle choices which are based on an urge to modify her relationship to society, and the rigid standards and models from the past.

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