What is Alex Pettyfer’s Personality Type?

You are a force of nature, an unstoppable force of passion. You are unafraid of the challenges and risks that come with being alive. You are always in a hurry to experience everything and to take action – immediately. You are not a good manager, because you are straightforward and do not delegate well. You are also unafraid of challenges and risks, and this can lead you into blind alleys. But because of your energy and determination, you are always able to overcome obstacles. You should be aware of your penchant for excess, and try to channel your energy in positive directions.

Alex Pettyfer thrives on relating to other people. He cannot live without love!

Alex Pettyfer’s personality develops mainly in the shelter of the home. He is attached to his family, his heritage, and his past.

At the time of your birth, your sun sign was located in Cancer (the Crab), while the sun was passing through the sign of Aries (the Ram). A summary of the various clues mentioned above provide your personality profile. The following key words capture the essence of your character and indicate certain contradictions which may be sources of tension: Sensitivity – Individualism – Imagination – Vitality and passion – Eccentricity – Pugnacity – Savings and thrift – Impatience – Impetuosity – Obstinacy – Enterprise – Premonition – Innovation. Because of the conflicts inherent to your nature, you will be prone to display jagged, contradictory behavior patterns. They could be the source of both powerful inner disputes and certain problems in relation to others. If you remain unaware of their cause, you may feel guilty and depressed about them. However, after you have combated the extremes dwelling within (tenacity versus impulsiveness, sensitivity versus wariness), you should reach some inner balance and harmony. Your domineering but whimsical tendencies will be reined in, as well as the excesses of your imagination.

Born on the third day after the full moon rose, you have a “lunar” personality configuration, characterized by an objective, rational character and lucid thoughts. However, because the moon is opposite the sun during a full moon, your idealistic tendencies are balanced by a more demanding practical nature. Because you are pulled in two different directions – one toward dreams, the other toward reality – you may experience some inner contradictions which are causing practical and social difficulties for you. At times you are too demanding of yourself or others, comparing them to an ideal, whereas at others you are too nonchalant and indulgent about life. You oscillate between two poles, one being elitist and the other earthy. Generally speaking, your monthly energy flow is strongest at the time of a full moon. Scheduling intensive work phases at that time would be wise, as would ambitious and demanding projects.

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