Tia Stokes Birthday, Zodiac + Birth Chart

Tia Stokes

Birth sign
January 01, 1970
0 years old

Tia Stokes is a popular social media star and content creator who is best known for her thetiabeestokes TikTok account where she posts dance and vlog videos about her battle with leukemia. Her videos have earned her over 2.6 million followers on the platform. She has also started The Vault Dance Studio in 2007, which has not only taught its students how to dance, but also how to use their talents for good.

Stokes was born on January 10, 1986 in California. She is a Capricorn and her birthdate falls on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius. This makes her a natural leader with a determination to succeed. She is also a gifted dancer and choreographer, which has helped her to create viral TikTok videos.

Despite her challenges, Stokes has remained positive and is an inspiration to her many fans. She is a strong Capricorn woman who has overcome adversity and used her talents to make a difference in the world.

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