Isadora Silva Birthday, Zodiac + Birth Chart

Isadora Silva

Birth sign
January 01, 1970
0 years old

Isadora Silva is a digital creator from Brazil. She started her TikTok account, jay.bezerra, in 2019 and quickly amassed a following of 750,000 fans. Her videos feature comedic material and highlight her daily adventures and discoveries.

Isadora was born on September 1, 2019, making her a Virgo. Virgos are known for their analytical minds and their attention to detail. This comes through in Isadora’s videos, which are well-edited and often feature clever captions.

No matter what life throws her way, Isadora always seems to be having a good time. Her cheerful personality and willingness to try new things are just two of the reasons her fans love her. We can’t wait to see what this rising star does next!

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