Virgo Symbol

Know any perfectionists? They might be Virgos! Earth sign Virgo is a logical zodiac sign driven by common sense. At surface level it might not feel like it easily links to its symbol and glyph, the discriminating Virgin, but think of it this way: As grounded perfectionists who prefer to live clean, organized, and healthy lifestyles, the service-oriented Virgin is actually a very fitting symbol for purist Virgo.

Virgos, who are ruled by communication planet Mercury, are analytical people who have strong attention to detail. They love to plan things out, and are big into cleaning, organizing, recycling, and so much more. Their routines are extremely important to them, but as a mutable sign they are open to suggestions as long as they’re given time to think about things first.

Along those same lines, Virgins are thought to be naturally mindful of the line between right and wrong—another typical Virgo trait. Virgos are also thought to be discriminating, introspective, and innocent—all Virgo traits represented by the humble Virgin, making them the perfect match for each other.

Virgo Rising

Witty, quiet, organized, and always overthinking, Virgo rising people (or Virgo ascendants), are generally rather reserved when you first meet them. There is a shyness to their personality that stems from a fear of doing or saying something wrong. Forever perfectionists, this rising sign prefers to act with precision and predict an anticipated result. (It’s safe to say surprises aren’t their thing.) This is a rising sign that lives in his or her head—analyzing situations and people meticulously before feeling comfortable enough to open up.

In astrology, Virgo rules the sixth house of health, work, wellness, and routine. A lot of Virgo risings are naturally health conscious, and sometimes to a fault. This can be a rising sign that strives for perfection in their bodies and can suffer from body dysmorphia. That sixth house energy can also manifest as a work-a-holic obsession. Virgo risings are no strangers to hard work and a detail-oriented mindset. Virgo rising people can oftentimes find that they love to get lost in their work.

Virgo Moon

Excel sheets, post-it notes, and the Container Store are what get a Virgo moon placement’s heart beating even faster. This lunar placement feels most comfortable and secure when there is some type of organized structure in place. Predictability is one of their greatest strengths and weaknesses. This lunar placement is incredibly reliable and trustworthy (a true friend to call when you need a favor), but you won’t find Virgo moon people taking risks or agreeing to last-minute plans.

Paying attention to tiny, minute, what-may-even-feel-pointless-to-you details is the key to a Virgo moon’s heart. There is a natural restless energy with this lunar placement, as Virgo is ruled by mental Mercury. When these lunar placements feel organized and like all of their ducks are in a row, they are truly able to relax (or plan out the next task on their to-do list). Virgo moon placements are prone to overthinking and anxiety. Their minds can easily spin out of control, replaying and overanalyzing any simple response or lack of response.

Virgo Personality

Virgo’s symbol is the Virgin, which allows many to mistakenly assume that Virgo is somewhat reserved. However, in ancient times, a virgin did not refer to someone who has never had sex—it meant someone who belonged to themselves. That is probably the best way to describe Virgo.

Virgos are here to make the world the world a better place through acts of service. Virgos don’t feel like themselves unless they are working—striving toward higher goals and a higher purpose. Idealist, they believe that with hard work, intellect, and drive, they can solve all the problems of the world. They will spend years honing their skills and craft, always trying to improve because good is never good enough. It can always be better.

Gifted with a quick mind that can easily process information, Virgos know how to use and share it with others. Whether it’s explaining how something works or giving you advice, it seems like Virgo has all the answers—and they usually do.

Virgo Strengths

While Virgos have many great traits, here are some strengths that define Virgo when they are at their best.


Helpful: Being service-oriented, Virgo lives to help others. They’ll happily go out of their way to help someone in need. Virgos hate feeling idle and love knowing that they are contributing to making someone else’s life a little easier. Ultimately, service is their love language.

Hard-Working: As one of the hardest working zodiac signs, Virgos need to work to feel productive and useful. This zodiac sign never does anything halfway and has the drive and ambition to put in the effort to achieve any goal.

Kind: Virgos get a bad reputation for being overly critical and judgmental, but that’s just their hard, outer shell speaking. Beneath the surface, Virgos are incredibly kind, compassionate, and have the warmest hearts. They are sensitive to the pains of others—making them quite empathic.

Skillful: Being equal parts logical and creative, Virgo has a knack for developing a variety of skills and talents. Once they put their curious mind into learning something, they will study and practice it until they can do it perfectly.

Responsible: Virgo has this “adulting” thing on lock. Even as kids, Virgos acted like “mini adults”—always doing their chores, handing in their homework on time, and taking care of themselves. As an adult, Virgo is both trustworthy and dependable.

Virgo Best Careers & Career Advice

Writer: Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Virgos express themselves clearly and easily through the written word. Given their love of research, listening skills, and drive to hunt down stories, a Virgo would make an excellent investigative journalist.

Nutritionist: Virgo has a lifelong interest in health and has a strong desire to help people learn to take care of themselves. Virgos are great at taking a lot of complicated information (like data and facts) and breaking it down into easily digestible information.

Therapist: Virgos aren’t just interested in just physical health, they also have a keen interest in mental health, as well. Coupled with their love of helping others and solving problems, Virgo could have a promising career as a wonderful therapist.

Auditor: Obsessed with even the smallest detail and comfortable with endless research, Virgo could thrive as the perfect auditor. Virgo is trustworthy enough to be allowed to handle sensitive data.

Professional Organizer: Virgos love a mess. Well, more accurately, Virgos love taking a mess and fixing it until it’s clean, organized, and practically perfect.

Virgo Career Strengths

Creative Problem-Solver: If there’s one thing that Virgos love more than anything, it’s puzzles. They enjoy the satisfaction of taking a difficult problem and finding the right solution for it.

Strong Work Ethic: As the hardest working zodiac sign, Virgos put everything they have into a job they are passionate about. They show up early, leave late, and never cuts corners. They are unafraid to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

Detail-Oriented: For Virgo, the devil is always in the details. Virgos will examine and re-examine their work with a fine-tooth comb.

Excellent Communication Skills: Ruled by the planet Mercury, Virgos have excellent verbal and written communication skills. They can analyze and memorize a lot of information in a short amount of time.

Organized: Virgo is a highly organized individual, having a place for everything and putting everything in their place. Virgos’ minds are organized, as well—making them even more productive.

Virgo Worst Careers

Waiter/Waitress: As perfectionists, Virgos might act slowly in this position because they want the cocktail someone ordered to be perfect. Plus, the rush of lunch hour would set their nerves on edge.

Psychic: Virgo lives their lives based on logic, reason, and what they can see with their own two eyes. While Virgos are ruled by the digestive tract, they rarely trust their gut.

Ambulance Driver: While Virgos would do very well in most careers in the medical field, an ambulance driver is at the bottom of the list. Virgo overthinks all their decisions and are overly cautious, which makes them slow drivers.

Police Officer: Virgos have a very narrow view of the world that can affect their work. They are very “by the book,” but that isn’t how life works.

Hairstylist: While Virgos are typically very stylish and are well-groomed, they would not make the best hairstylist in the world. Because they are perfectionists, they might take longer to finish a haircut.

Virgo Psychic Traits

While Virgos aren’t the first zodiac sign to pick up a deck of tarot cards, or break out the crystal balls (though some Virgos do have an interest in that stuff), they do have a psychic nature. Virgos can often give off the appearance that they are psychic. Because Virgos notice every detail, they can see things that others miss. This zodiac sign can easily make a logical conclusion. They see that someone’s tie is crooked and can guess that they are having an affair. Someone keeps looking to the left—that means they’re lying. Born with a natural bullshit detector, Virgo can always see the truth no matter how well it’s covered up.

Virgo Body Parts

Virgo rules the nervous system and the intestines. Similar to how the intestines take in and digest food for energy, Virgos take in information, break it down, and turn it into something useful. Because Virgos govern the intestines, they tend to pay close attention to what they eat. Virgos are usually picky eaters or may have dietary restrictions like gluten or dairy intolerance. The stomach is an erogenous zone for Virgo. They love having their stomach and waistline gently kissed and licked, even lightly massaged to get them turned on.

Virgos are worriers and when they get stressed out, and the first place they feel it is in their stomach. Stomach pains, gas, diarrhea, or constipation are common when Virgos are in distress. They even become too nervous to eat. In the long run, their digestive problems and nervousness can turn into ulcers. Virgos can become hypochondriacs and will worry over their health so much they’ll make themselves sick.