Virgo, the Pet Whisperer

Your hidden talent, Virgo…

You’re a bit shy, and you aren’t one to broadcast your emotions, and that can sometimes make you seem cold or snobbish. You know you aren’t, but what to do? Small pets are associated with your sign, and one could be a boon to your social life. Studies show that owning a pet can buoy spirits, alleviate stress, and improve social skills. In addition to talking to Fido or Tweety, you might find yourself opening up to people at the dog park or starting a conversation with a fellow bird owner at the pet shop!

You’re the Career Pro, Virgo!

Any job is worth doing… Virgo style!

You are career-oriented and ambitious, but maybe not as interested in clawing your way to the top as some other signs. What concerns you more is getting the job—any job—done right and earning some well-deserved praise. Your mile-long to-do list isn’t drudgery—you consider it fun! All that attention to the nuts and bolts is helped by your discipline and focus. Instead of bouncing from task to task, you can block out distractions and knuckle down, and this ability serves you well in every aspect of your life!

Ready, Set, Play, Virgo!

What you need in your life, Virgo…

Your earthy, Mercurial nature pretty much guarantees that you’ll never be an airy free spirit like Gemini. But that doesn’t mean you can’t infuse a little more play into your life! Acting like a kid is a great stress reliever—it’s been scientifically proven, which should impress you! Playful people (as opposed to more serious types) perceive less stress, and when they encounter it, handle it better. Playful people look on the positive side of things and meet anxiety-prone situations with humor. They also seek support from others and find something fun to do to take their mind off their woes. Sounds like good advice!

Feeling Bored, Virgo?

Roll up your Virgo sleeves and get crafty!

The earth sign of Virgo is associated with crafts. While you may not have the freewheeling creativity of Aquarius, you can excel in arts of a more practical nature. Handmade items that are decorative, as well as utilitarian, make you smile, so ceramics, weaving, or woodcraft might be good ones to try. And it’s never too late. Fellow Virgo Grandma Moses was in her seventies when she started painting her folk art creations. True to her practical nature, she switched from wool embroidery because she feared her work would be destroyed by moths!

A Friend for Life, Virgo

You’re the best friend anyone could have…

Do you know why Virgo has such close friends? Because you treat them like family—maybe even better than family because you got to choose them! You’re the one with the best friend you’ve known since grade school, the one who keeps in touch with your besties from high school and your crew from college. You may be the one who organizes the reunions, too, because, face it, nobody would do as good a job! While Burning Man-type gatherings may not be your thing, you’re unequalled when it comes to intimate gatherings of interesting people where you can share good food and good talk.

Virgo’s Ideal Getaway

Vacation with purpose…

You’ve finally decided to tear yourself away from work (no easy task) and take a vacation, but where? You could visit a spa, but that seems selfish. You are concerned about the world’s problems—climate change, homelessness, endangered species, hunger, pollution—and you probably have some pretty good ideas for what to do about them! Why not get away from everyday concerns by taking a volunteer vacation? Whether you’re restoring wilderness or building a school in a remote village, you’ll get the break you need coupled with the boost that comes from doing good.

Want to Try Forest Bathing, Virgo?

Try this refresher for the Virgo soul…

What is the perfect diversion for this overworked warth sign? A walk in the woods. And not just any stroll, but shinrin-yoku, or “forest bathing”. The practice that started in Japan in the 1980s requires participants to use all five senses to engage mindfully with nature. Leave the cell phone at home—some walks are done in complete silence. As you breathe deeply you begin to notice the texture of trees, the smell of flowers, the crunch of stones underfoot. And the health benefits are real. Stress dissipates, blood pressure drops, even white-blood-cell counts increase! If you don’t live near a forest, there’s evidence that just looking at the trees outside your window can help!

Loosen Up, Virgo!

It might just be worth it…

Virgo is a mutable earth sign, so while you’re cautious and efficient, you aren’t so firmly rooted (like Taurus) that you can’t make a few adjustments now and then. You’re sensible and reserved, but that just means that you aren’t about to do anything stupid! That doesn’t mean you can’t loosen up a bit. The one inescapable thing about life is that things change. If you can’t grow and adapt, you grow stale and stuck. Try to do a few things to broaden your horizon—nothing huge! Go to a soiree where you don’t know everyone. Wear a new clothing style. Soon you’ll see that change can enrich your life!

Take the Long Way, Virgo

Forget about “Point A to Point B”…

What’s the shortest distance between two points? Whichever way a Virgo decides to go! You are the efficiency expert, the frugality guru, the speed demon, but could you perhaps be missing some of the scenery on your way to get from start to finish in the most economical way possible? Stop and take in the bigger picture. Enjoy the view. Jettison any excess baggage, including tasks or responsibilities you’ve picked up along the way. Stretch your legs. With some newfound perspective you might even be able to stop worrying about details that aren’t really important!

Virgo Smarts, Your Weapon

Why you’re the smartest of all signs…

Anyone who thinks Mercury-ruled Virgo isn’t smart clearly isn’t playing with a full deck! Your logic, memory for facts and figures, clarity of thinking, and analytical ability are unsurpassed. Intellectually curious and articulate, you also have a quick wit and can tell a joke better than most, but it will never be at the expense of someone else. Your ability to focus your agile mind on the task at hand is one of the things that set you apart from the dreamier or more scattered signs. And you’re modest and selfless to boot!