Taurus Rising

Think you know stubborn? Trying to change a Taurus rising or Taurus ascendant’s mind is like banking on hell freezing over. Even with the most peaceful and people-pleasing placements, like a Libra sun, a Taurus rising knows what they want and isn’t going to budge. Taurus rising people have incredible staying power—their dedication and loyalty are unwavering. Taurus is known as a zodiac sign that seeks commitment, but because commitment is so intertwined with their values, sometimes we find that Taurus rising people are slow to commit. Because once they do, they’re committing for life.

Taurus rising seek comfort and stability—they need assurance about what to expect before taking their next step. While many people might assume that Taurus and Taurus rising are practical people—they’re actually feelers. Rather than leaning into their traditional intuitive side, they are sensitive and can pick up on information through the five physical senses. Comfort matters, so you won’t find Taurus rising dressed in poor quality anything. Taurus rising people are ruled by the planet Venus, which governs love, aesthetics, and values. This is a rising sign that knows how to indulge.

Taurus Moon

What could be more comfortable than a hearty meal and a cozy home? Taurus moon placements are natural homebodies, and that’s because this is a zodiac sign placement that thrives on comfort. The moon is actually exalted when in Taurus, which means it’s operates with its peak potential and feels most comfortable in this sign.

Taurus is all about stability, and the moon rules over our inner worlds and what we require in our lives to make us feel the most safe, secure, and stable. This is a natural pairing. It’s fair to say Taurus moon natives don’t react well to change—their penchant for predictability has this lunar placement easily upset by unpredictability. Creating a safe haven, usually in their home, is incredibly satisfying for these natives.

This moon placement also has a stubborn streak. Their resistance to change can also create a monotonous lifestyle. This isn’t the lunar placement that’s seeking adventure, Taurus moon people are ordering the same exact meal, at the same exact restaurant that they’ve visited every single Sunday night for the past 20 years. As an earth sign, you can think of them as having their ideas and routines firmly planted in the ground.

Taurus Personality

At first glance, Taurus has a strong, stoic aura about them. A poker face that seems to be tattooed on them. But just like the best kind of chocolates, under that outer shell is a sweet gooey center.  At their best, Taurus natives are cheerful, charming and have a magnetic energy that draws people in. However, while everyone is attracted to Taurus, Taurus only lets a few people into their inner circle. That’s why Taurus puts on a such tough front—to protect themselves from users and energy vampires.

Under their “bullish” front, they are deeply sensitive and easily hurt. To the few people they do let in, Taurus gives 110 percent. They give their time, attention, and affection to their loved ones. Whether it’s giving out great, no-nonsense advice or being a shoulder to cry on. Taurus’ loyalty and trustworthiness proves that they’ll always have your back.

Despite their incredible work ethic and stamina, Taurus is very chill and laid back. They love to unwind after a long day of work and don’t need a lot of stimulation to keep them content. A nice dinner, a glass of wine, a good TV show or book, and you have a happy Taurus. They are one of the few zodiac signs that can Netflix and actually chill. They just love to laugh and relax (though their own sense of humor is very sarcastic). Taurus are easy-going and sweet until they are pushed. Then you’ll see that stubborn side in full force.  When you mess with the Bull, you’ll get the horns.

Taurus Strengths

What does Taurus do better than any other zodiac signs? Here are some traits that make them stand out from the rest of the zodiac.


Patient: Taurus always thinks ahead—years into the future—and doesn’t mind waiting, as they are slow-moving by nature. Taurus invented the waiting game. They like to observe and ponder all their options before deciding what their best move is.

Dependable: Do you need something? Call a Taurus, they got your back. Steady, strong, and reliable. If you ask a Taurus for help or a favor, consider it done.

Practical: Like all earth signs, Taurus has a very practical nature about them. Grounded and down-to-earth. Taurus love taking ideas and turning them in actualities. They are loaded with common sense.

Loyal: While Taurus is slow to make up their mind about a person, once they decided that they like you, you have a friend for life. Stubborn, they rarely change their mind about anything or anyone. They will stick by you until the end.

Artistic: Taurus has an artistic side, thanks to their ruling planet, Venus. Taurus lives for a beautiful aesthetic and has a real knack for design: interior, clothing, and even architecture as they are the builders of the zodiac.

Taurus Career Strengths

Dependability: If Taurus natives say that they’ll do something, consider it done. You can count on a Taurus for anything: showing up on time, meeting deadlines, fulfilling quotas—all without being told twice.

Problem Solving: They can turn an idea into a tangible reality. Taurus manifest visions using hard work and persistence. They think of a big project as pieces of a puzzle, enjoying the challenge of figuring out how to put it all together.

Networking: One thing you’ll never catch a Taurus doing is getting involved in petty office politics. They hate drama and will avoid it at all costs. Not because they hate conflict, they just think it’s a waste of time.

Loyalty:  A Taurus is deeply loyal to their company, co-workers, and clients. Once a Taurus is established in their workplace, it’s highly unlikely they’ll leave or look for another place of employment.

Future-Focused: Taurus isn’t only thinking about the present, they are thinking many years down the line. Ask Taurus about their five-year plan, they got it written out step-by-step.

Taurus Worst Careers

Journalism: With the 24/7 news cycle, journalist work around the clock and meet tight deadlines in order to cover news before their competitors and have to find the latest stories quickly. This doesn’t mesh well with Taurus’ slow pace and methodical style.

Emergency Room Doctor: Taurus prefers a stable work environment with set hours and a steady routine that never changes. ER doctor is the exact opposite of that. Long hours, changing shifts, and a new emergency every minute.

Firefighter: Again, this is another fast-paced, high-stakes career that doesn’t mesh well with the stability-loving, slow moving Taurus. Fires are completely unpredictable and dangerous.

Bartender: Taurus loves a good cocktail, but they take their sweet time making them, which isn’t ideal when you have a bar full of thirsty customers on a Saturday night.

Reality Show Star: Taurus hates drama—hates petty arguments, hates working with others when they aren’t in charge. Also: Not fans of people who do not agree with them.

Taurus Psychic Traits

Out of all the earth signs, Taurus is the most connected with all five of their senses, as they are the most physical sign. They especially have a heightened sense of smell, touch, and taste. They know who’s coming up behind them because they can recognize a person’s footsteps. They know if their lover is cheating on them because they can smell someone else’s perfume on them. They can even glean insight about a person simply by touching them. To others they may seem psychic, but really they’re just highly preceptive. Like a bloodhound, they are guided by their physical senses that rarely lead them astray.

Taurus has a knack for making money and smart investments, simply by going with their instincts. It’s no surprise that the symbol for Wall Street is a bull, as Taurus have a natural affinity for making trades, buying and selling stock, and investing. They simply just have a sense of what is going to be big, which helps them earn their wealth.

Taurus Body Parts

Taurus governs the throat which includes the neck, thyroid glands, and vocal tracts. Taurus are usually known for their elegant necks and their beautiful singing or speaking voices (Lizzo, Adele, and Cher are all Taurus). Taurus’ neck area is a very sensitive area, and  they love gentle kisses on the back of their neck, their throat, or even an old fashion hickey gets their motor running.

Because their zodiac sign is ruled by the throat, Taurus are prone to getting sore throats, colds, laryngitis, and thyroid problems. They are also subjected to getting tonsillitis and earaches. When stressed, Taurus usually develop a stiff neck, or can lose their voice completely. Because Taurus natives are ruled by Venus, they are also prone to back pain.

Taurus Finance & Money

Taurus have a bad rap for being materialistic and greedy. Taurus have been known to either hoard money or flash cash around, but deep down, Taurus crave stability above all else. Money represents safety and security. It’s not uncommon for a Taurus to have a “rainy day” fund, keep cash hidden around the house. They may even have a secret saving account, so that they will always have money within reach. The idea of being broke scares Taurus. This isn’t because they are afraid of losing their luxurious lifestyle, but because the lack of fund means financial instability. Taurus would often rather work a boring job that is stable with a reliable income than have a job they’re passionate about, but is financially unstable.

Taurus Career Weaknesses

Slow: The one thing you can never do is rush a Taurus. They have their own sense of time that moves slower than ours. Taurus prefer to take their time on their work because they’re meticulous by nature.

Resistant to Change: Taurus prefer stability to innovation and are resistant to change. They’d rather do the “tried and true” method than even consider another option.

Uncompromising: While Taurus is excellent at making connections, they do not play well with others who disagree with them. Stubborn to the bone, Taurus can only see one side of any situation: theirs.

Argumentative: Taurus is pretty easy going by nature and it takes a lot to rattle them. However, if you try to do something that a Taurus doesn’t like, prepare to feel the wrath of the Bull.

Demanding: Taurus have excellent management skills and know exactly how to break apart a big idea into smaller parts and assign it to others. However they can be pretty demanding when it comes to their staff or other employees.