Sagittarius Personality

Sagittarius is the sign that the rest of the zodiac wants to be around. Like the prom queen or the high school quarterback, Sagittarius never lacks attention and everyone wants to be their friend. This is mostly because everyone just feels cooler being around Sag. Like a moth to a flame, people gravitate towards them because their energy is simply irresistible. There’s something about them that makes you curious and you know that they’re someone you want as a friend.

But let’s be real: Everyone is Sagittarius’ friend. Sag knows everyone and they’re friendly to everyone. They’ll pass their mail person as they’re leaving the house and will stop for a chat. But this isn’t your typical, “Hi, how are you?” conversation. This is Sagittarius asking if their back is still giving them trouble and if they’ve tried out that inversion table they recommend last week.

Everyone wants to be Sagittarius’ friend because this sign makes you feel so special. They ask those deep, probing questions because they don’t just want to know you, they need to know you. It’s just the Sagittarius way!

Sagittarius Numerology

Sagittarius is ruled by the numbers nine and three.

The number nine makes Sagittarius concerned with humanity and higher truths. When worked with effectively, the number nine helps Sagittarius say “no” to things that do not serve their highest good. It also helps them find a sense of balance with learning that to find true leadership and to usher others into their own truth we must first find it for ourselves, within ourselves.

The number three gives Sagittarius grand vision with lots of potential but very little direction. While Sagittarius’ aim of finding deeper meaning is an admirable one, it’s also one that can cause them to aimlessly roam and have difficulty putting down roots.The good news is that the number three is a beautiful manifestation number. When worked with effectively it can help Sagittarius manifest whatever they desire.

These two numbers give Sagittarius the tools to understand life, but also the means to guide others in finding the same for themselves.

How to Seduce a Sagittarius

So, you want to attract a Sagittarian, eh? Well, buckle up and get your cross-trainers ready. Sagittarians need adventure so if you’re going to go after one, you better be ready to go on one yourself.

First and foremost, they crave freedom so dearly that they view relationships as something that cramps their style. All in all, they’re not exactly the most willing to commit.

The way you will seduce this sign is first through asking them out. They like boldness. But you’re not asking them out on just any ol’ date. You will need to plan something big, something fun, and something way outside the box. After your little adventure, you’ll want to grab a beer (they’re very simple in their tastes) and a burger and then wow them with your stories.

So long as you’re being honest, things should go great. Then, it’s time to get it on. Sag connects bodily. Expect that you’ll be in this gray area for a little bit—but play your cards right, and it could just become a real relationship.

Sagittarius Psychic Traits

For Sagittarius, they have an ability to astral travel. As the Archer of the zodiac, their arrows are not merely in flight in the physical, but also in the ethical realm. During their dreams, they can travel to relatives, different places, and even different times in their own history or past lives.

This gives them access to wisdom and also potential prophetic information that can help them make decisions in their day-to-day lives.

For Sagittarius, this love of travel certainly extends beyond just the conscious. They can heal and learn even more about their many past lives and the past lives of those that they love most. They are not necessarily the greatest at connecting with or assisting psychically those they are not close with. Typically, this is because for Sagittarius, a deep connection is what activates the gift within them.

Sagittarius Worst Careers

With a job that restricts freedom, Sagittarius will flounder.

Project Manager: Being a project manager is no easy task for anyone. It requires a lot to balance the many parts and players—to organize other people with supreme attention to detail. Project managers are responsible for planning what needs to happen, who’s going to do it, and how to go about making everything come together.

Ghostwriter: For many, being a ghostwriter is a perfect job. They get to receive pay for writing someone else’s story, they get to stay behind the scenes for the most part, and don’t have to come up with too many of the creative ideas since they’re writing out someone else’s ideas. But if this doesn’t sound like a Sagittarian’s perfect idea of hell, I don’t know what will.

Ultimately, money seems to be where a lot of Sagittarius’ patience with a job comes into play but not for the reasons you may think. They can tolerate a lot if the pay is good. Otherwise, they need freedom and less restraint than these jobs provide.

Sagittarius Career Strengths

Sagittarius really has every element needed to succeed in just about any job they put their mind to—however, they do have some special traits.

Resilient: They are super confident and willing to put in the work in to make sure they achieve their goals. Even if their job doesn’t come naturally, they will work themselves into it by trying, again and again.

Charismatic: They will go above and beyond to assist a coworker when they’ve been hit with way too much work or are just feeling challenged with a project.

Compassionate: More than that, they’ll get to know everyone from the person in the cubicle next to them to the person who grabs the trash every day.

Fun: Always looking for a good time, Sagittarius will be the one to get the office together for happy hour, arrange the office holiday parties, and of course, make sure that each birthday is celebrated in the grandest of ways.

Open-Minded: This sign can work well with just about anyone.

Ambitious: And lastly, let’s not underscore the sheer ambition that Sagittarius displays on a daily basis.

Sagittarius Sex

Sex with Sagittarius is a bit of a Tabata-like event: hot spurts of intense cardio coupled with short, brief moments of catching your breath and adoring each other’s bodies. It’s sensual, it’s pleasurable, but dang if you don’t need some energy to see it through.

And see it through you must—if you expect Sagittarius to want a second round. They’re not down for passive partners. In fact, they want someone who is just as rowdy between the sheets or in the back of the bar or outside next to the car as they are.

Thankfully, since everything with Sagittarius is an event (thanks to Jupiter), that means you will definitely break a sweat before you break out an orgasm. Speaking of orgasm: Expect that you’re likely to have more than one. Sagittarius likes to keep those pleasures nice and full.

Sagittarius Love Language

When it comes to love languages, it can be hard to pin down what a Sagittarius needs from moment to moment. As a mutable sign, they crave change. But with that, their needs or expectations change with each passing moment as well.

Quality time, believe it or not, is actually pretty high up on the list of things that Sagittarius needs from a partner. Though they enjoy their solo adventures, the truth is someone who is just as willing, interested, and passionate about seeing the world is their idea of a dream come true.

Physical touch is also a really important aspect of a relationship for Sagittarius. It’s especially true for those just jumping into the dating pool or for those in long-term partnerships. This sign is filled with passion and their ruler planet, Jupiter, makes them like to go big.

Lastly, we have words of affirmation. Sagittarius is more interested in having words of affirmation as empowerment to keep doing what they’re doing.

Sagittarius Love

In the beginning… The commitment level of a Sagittarius can best be described as “until morning.” As a mutable sign, Sagittarius has a bit of an abrasive attitude when it comes to potential lovers.

Sagittarius has a nasty habit of chasing whatever captures their interest—which means, your date could end and you’d find them talking up someone at the bar as you head out. They’ll congenially wave goodbye and go back to their conversation.

When things are going well… Those who happen to catch feelings will find Sagittarius sympathetic but quite frank about the fact that they don’t “do relationships.” Sagittarius views partnerships as something that will cramp their style. It means having to take into account how another feels. It means having to answer to someone else, and that just won’t do for an independent Sagittarius.

When things are on the rocks… If you try to argue or prove how good the two of you are together, don’t waste your breath. They’ll already be on their way out.

Sagittarius Symbol

The symbol for Sagittarius is said to depict a Centaur or an Archer. While most signs have an animal for their symbol, Sagittarius’s symbol holds special meaning in its departure from that norm. In most cases, the Sagittarian glyph or symbol is seen as an arrow pointed upwards.

The arrow is indicative of Sagittarian’s sheer will and determination. When there’s something that a Sagittarius wants, they get it. There is precious little that will stand in their way—including those pesky things like jobs, responsibilities, bills, and the like.

Always turned upward, the arrow shows Sagittarius’s typically upbeat, positive outlook. They are the first to see the silver lining of just about any situation and can help lift others to the same vibration. They are also incredibly smart and philosophical about the higher concepts of life and its meaning. They want to know and understand that which remains hidden from most.