Pisces’ Power Move: Yoga!

The watery yogini…

Perhaps you thought that people did yoga only to tone up muscles and improve balance, but it can do so much more than that. How about regulate your immune system and rev up your energy? Two 90-minute sessions a week can cut inflammation and ease fatigue. You’ll be less stressed (so you’ll sleep better) and feel more energetic. What’s not to love? Embrace your inner warrior as you stimulate blood flow with Fish Pose and calm your brain with Dolphin Pose.

Listen to Yourself, Pisces

Channeling your Pisces intuition to your advantage…

You’re the master when it comes to intuiting what’s going on with others, but do you spend as much time figuring out what’s going on with you? Perhaps you suffer from anxiety, muscle spasms, high blood pressure, or migraines without really knowing why. The mind-body technique known as bio-feedback might help. It allows you to influence seemingly involuntary physical functions, such as how your body reacts to stress—one cause of muscle tension and increased blood pressure. Find a therapist who can help you understand how you respond to stress and offer calming breathing techniques, meditation, and guided imagery.

Pisces, Compassion Personified

Is Pisces the most compassionate sign? Maybe!

There’s a deep well of sensitivity, generosity, and sympathy in your watery depths. Of course, these qualities make you a wonderful friend and partner, but you also extend that compassion to any being in need of nurturing. Stray, hungry, or injured animals tug at your heartstrings. You can’t bring them all home with you, of course, so feed that inner need to help by volunteering at a local animal shelter. Frightened dogs need a friend for walks and games until they find their forever homes. Newborn feral kittens need to be socialized, bottle-fed, and cuddled before they’re ready to interact with a new human family. Give a little love and get so much more in return!

Pisces, the Most Creative Sign

You sure are talented…

Pisces natives have wonderful imaginations. You are impressionable, creative, and sensitive dreamers. Intellectually curious, you like to explore the unusual, the mysterious, and the hidden. You’re champions of make-believe, and many of you gravitate toward careers in the arts.

Some of the world’s greatest poets, musicians, writers, artists, and dancers were born under this sign: Pierre-August Renoir, Frederic Chopin, Enrico Caruso, Kurt Cobain, Glenn Miller, Rudolph Nureyev, W.H. Auden, John Updike, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Victor Hugo, Cyd Charisse—to name but a few in a great sea of talent! What will you create?

You Rule the Beach, Pisces

Beach exercises for the Fish…

You love the seashore, but don’t just lie on the lounge chair reading the latest best seller! Running on sand burns nearly twice the calories as running on sidewalks because your feet and calves have to work harder to push off the constantly shifting surface, and your body has to stabilize itself as you move over the uneven surface. And, unlike pounding on pavement, running on sand is easier on your joints. Not a runner? Start with brisk walking and gradually build up your speed. Don’t forget to stretch afterward!

Your Emotions Empower You, Pisces

Fish, turn your emotions into weapons, not your perdition…

Pisces is sometimes called the sign of “sorrow from self-undoing”. This can be borne out if you try to escape from people or situations and lose yourself in addictive behavior. It could be innocent enough—too much TV or computer solitaire—or worse, overindulging in food, drugs, or alcohol. Escapism won’t help, but facing it can. Try a Zen technique and stop. Face your demons without distractions. Embrace the moment. Be present in your life. It takes courage to take yourself seriously, but really focusing on what you’re doing can help you choose more productive behaviors.

Pisces, the Relentless Spirit

You’re stronger than you think!

You’re emotional, sometimes indecisive, and perhaps not terribly ambitious, but far from a quivering ball of jellyfish, you’re tougher than you look (and perhaps feel)! You may get sad, but it’s like trying to hold a beach ball underwater—your spirit always pop back up. Usually content to drift with the current, your capacity for hard work is unmatched for a cause dear to your heart. You personify the metals associated with Pisces—tin is easily melted and cast into any shape, but platinum can withstand acid, heat, and other abuse without being damaged!

Is Your Wall Up High Enough, Pisces?

Building up Pisces´ protective barrier…

While some Capricorns build defensive walls around their emotions, you could have the opposite problem. In your need to be needed you may have a tendency to pick the wrong companion. You could be drawn to emotionally damaged people because you feel you can care for, “mother”, or “fix” them. Mutable you can change yourself to fit whatever a partner needs, but is losing yourself the best way to find true happiness? You need a partner who is your equal, who reciprocates your love as you mutually support and protect one another. Then you’ll make your dreams come true.

The Way to a Pisces’ Heart

How to capture the gentlest of all signs…

Romantic Pisces wants to be wooed even long after the vows! Keep your relationship strong by being kind and thoughtful. Remember birthdays, anniversaries, and significant dates. Talk, confide your dreams, and discuss difficulties. Pisces lives in a dreamy, idealistic world, so anchor your partner in reality. Remember that love is measured by what you do. Check in with calls or texts. Say “I love you”. Bring small gifts for no special reason. If you make a promise, keep it. The Fish will disappear like a trout in a rocky stream at the first hint of deception. Above all, be present.

Make a Pisces Love List

Paving your way to love through daydreaming…

You like to daydream. Rather than a fault, you can put it to work to help you find love. Take a few hours to yourself. Get comfortable with paper and pen. Now start daydreaming. Who is your ultimate lover? What four qualities do you most want in a mate? Answer from your heart, not according to what others expect or want. Someone sensitive? Likes to laugh? Good cook? Self-confident? Research shows that writing down your goals gives you a much greater chance of success because clarifying your desires helps you commit to them. Happy hunting!