Pisces Psychic

Like their fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio, Pisces is also a highly intuitive zodiac sign, and known for its psychic skills. A magical connection to the unseen helps Pisces natives envision what others can’t. Their uncanny intuition makes them seem like they know things that other people don’t know. Which sometimes is actually true.

So, even though Pisces natives have excellent intuition and advanced psychic ability, they don’t always know (or admit) it. Pisces natives often lack self-confidence and self-esteem. They frequently second-guess themselves, and they’re disappointed when they find out that their gut feeling was right all along! This is a learned skill, and the older they get, the better they are at trusting that little voice inside them.

As a mutable sign, Pisces natives are highly impressionable. This zodiac sign is open to alternative energy sources, including the spirit world. Pisces natives are extremely receptive to the unknown and to things that other people rule out. Pisces truly believes there is more to life than we can see. Pisces natives innate psychic abilities help them prove their theories and suspicions to others.

Pisces Worst Careers

Military: For the most part, Pisces natives are peace-loving, so many of the Two Fish are opposed to the use of weapons and force. While all branches of the military are different, most are looking for recruits with a confident, realistic mental attitude. All of the aforementioned aren’t necessarily dreamy, imaginative Pisces’ strengths.

Lawyer: While Pisces natives have the compassion to work in this profession, they oftentimes lack the assertiveness that’s necessary to be successful. To be a great lawyer, you have to be willing to stand up in court, often in front of a large group of people, and loudly and clearly state your case. This might make most Pisces natives cringe!

Job Recruiter: A recruiter has to act fast in order to get their clients the best gig, and Pisces, well . . . Pisces isn’t the quickest zodiac sign around. Pisces natives like to take their time and think about every possible scenario.

Salesperson: The number one characteristic of a great salesperson is the ability to be outgoing. Let’s be honest: This can oftentimes be the exact opposite of the typical Pisces personality. Pisces natives are often introverts at heart, and really don’t like the idea of having to be “on” all the time.

Straight up, most Pisces natives are just too nice to succeed in positions of power. If they are your boss, you probably love them, because they let you get away with anything! 

Pisces Career Strengths

Imaginative: Pisces natives have great imaginations, so they’re able to come up with extremely creative and inventive solutions for everyday work problems. They will need plenty of alone time and a quiet space in which to dream up their visions, but the payoffs are well worth it!

Likeable/Helpful: If you work with or for a Pisces, you know this zodiac sign doesn’t like to cause any waves. Not wanting to offend anyone at any time, Pisces natives are kind to the people they work with, and will often offer to do things to help their coworkers.

Understanding: Pisces is one of the most sympathetic zodiac signs, which is a very nice perk if you work with or for one. As a boss, Pisces natives are likely to accept your genuine reasons for not coming to work or finishing a project on time. They want to help their employees out of any personal jams they might find themselves in.

Belief in the Vision: Pisces natives want to look on the bright side in most situations. If they’re presented with a goal or task, they’ll try to look at the positives instead of the negatives. Very rarely will Pisces natives look at a long-term project or assignment and think to themselves that they can’t accomplish it.

Thoughtful: Pisces is that coworker who sends you a link to an article about your obscure hobby, or a recipe you’ll probably like. And if there’s a cake sitting in the break room for everyone to share, chances are good that a Pisces brought it in, just because.

Pisces Strengths

While Pisces natives can be extremely accommodating and chameleon-like, there are some amazing inherent strengths that are a permanent part of their personality.

Pisces natives tend to be fair-minded and wants to hear both sides of the story before they make any judgments. Although they often have incredible ideas of their own, they are also very willing to hear other people’s ideas and opinions before making their final decision.

Sympathetic/Compassionate: The Two Fish have an enormous amount of sympathy and compassion for those around them. You don’t have to be in their inner circle to benefit from this strength. Pisces natives . are willing to include all of humanity in their thoughts and prayers, and easily puts themselves in other people’s shoes.   

Creative: So many Pisces are artists, designers, musicians, and other creative types due to their amazing imaginations. Because they’re ruled by dreamy Neptune (in modern astrology), they’re very much in touch with the ethereal, otherworldly realm where imagination meets mysticism.

Dedicated: Pisces natives’ inner circle of friends is small, and therefore they are very selective regarding the people they allow in. Pisces are huge introverts, so sharing secrets doesn’t come naturally and isn’t something they do on a regular basis. Once they do find a trustworthy friend or partner to confide in, they tend to be dedicated to that person for life.

Spiritual: Pisces is in touch with their spiritual side, perhaps more than most zodiac signs. This zodiac sign spends a great amount of time daydreaming and considering the idea of a greater power. In general, Pisces natives are receptive to most spiritual concepts.

Pisces Personality

On first impressions, Pisces natives are daydreamers. Quiet, shy, nice people who have a mystical, spiritual side that is both intriguing and difficult to define. Pisces natives spend a lot of time in their heads and have a rich inner life. Their dreams are vivid and helpful, and they can often have careers based on their intuitive abilities.

They’re sensitive and delicate, however, so the Pisces personality needs a lot of positive feedback no matter what this zodiac sign chooses to do. Pisces natives have a lot of excellent ideas, but need encouragement from others to carry them through to fruition.

Pisces’ energy represents the will to transcend and evolve. This zodiac sign is extremely spiritual and is always searching for ways to unite the world in peace and harmony. Pisces natives derive great pleasure from helping people get to the next phase of their spiritual journey, or helping others to achieve their dreams.

Pisces Moon

This is the most “I see dead people” moon sign ever. Just kidding (kind of). If you have a Pisces moon and don’t believe in ghosts, you may be in the minority. Pisces moon placements have quite a connection to other worlds and dimensions. Their heads are constantly in the clouds, and daydreaming can take over their waking hours. This is an incredibly psychic placement to have as a moon sign.

Ruled by Neptune (in modern astrology), there is an otherworldly spirituality with this placement. Their intuition may be their greatest asset—and that’s great because keeping track of ordinary day-to-day routines isn’t their bag. “Practical” and “consistent” aren’t words they’re worried about.

Pisces moon placements crave fluidity and, as a mutable zodiac sign, they prefer to leave options open-ended. This isn’t to say they won’t commit when it comes to love, as this is one of the most loving moon placements to have. In fact, a Pisces moon person’s love and compassion has no limits.

Pisces Rising

Having their head in the clouds is an everyday affair when it comes to Pisces rising and Pisces ascendant natives. This is a rising sign that might come off as living in a constant state of disassociation. As lovers of art and music, these sensitive rising sign people are emotional sponges that are affected by anything and everything. A simple song lyric could bring tears to their eyes.

That said, Pisces rising natives are one of the most empathetic zodiac signs. Their understanding and capacity for others’ pain is never-ending. They are one of the most understanding rising signs out there, and because of their open-mindedness, they can actually adopt a shape-shifter reputation.

Their personality, at the surface, can easily change to fit whoever they are with. And as a mutable zodiac sign, Pisces are apt to change their minds constantly. It’s hard to pin down whether they’re shy or outgoing—it just depends which personality you get that day.

Pisces Symbol

The symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions, held together by a chord so as not to lose one another. This symbol hints at some of the dual-facing qualities of a Pisces. While the Two Fish can be intuitive, dreamy, and sensitive, this zodiac sign can also be manipulative, filled with hidden agendas and a bit delusional.

You know that phrase, “You drink like a fish?” Perhaps a Pisces had some influence over that phrase. Pisces natives can be prone to escapism. Anything in the name of numbing out from the reality of their life, Pisces natives are more susceptible.

The Two Fish also represents the two types of Pisces: the upstream fish and the downstream fish. The upstream fish will swim as hard and fast as they can to get to what they want. In their shadow, the downstream fish can appear less motivated, and, at times, a prisoner to their emotions.

Pisces Body Parts

Pisces tend to be delicate, and therefore aren’t the physically strongest sign. This zodiac sign does understand the connection between the mind and body, though. Pisces natives are very attuned to mental health issues, and make good efforts to stay mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong. They have a rich and varied mental life, and know the importance of keeping stress to a minimum. So, which body part does Pisces rule?

In astrology, the body part Pisces is assigned to is the feet. Pisces natives might find that they have a lot of various foot issues to deal with during their lifetime. Most Pisces natives have their podiatrists on speed dial, and schedule regular visits to make sure they keep their footsies in tip-top shape. 

With their penchant for always looking on the positive side, though, Pisces don’t always want to visit a doctor. This is a zodiac sign that prefers to “wait and see” what time will bring. Because this zodiac sign can tend to worry, the longer Pisces goes without getting an ailment checked out, the worse it is.

Pisces Finance & Money

When it comes to money, it doesn’t rate high on a Pisces’ “must-have” list. What do Pisces natives finance and money look like? Pisces natives are searching for more out of life—and when they pursue their dream job it isn’t usually the highest paying job out there. Pisces natives tend to choose careers that fulfill their emotional needs, not for money or finance. This zodiac sign’s spiritual and emotional happiness is a higher priority than actual wealth or finances.

While they can be financially indecisive and seem wishy-washy a lot of the time, Pisces natives are actually pretty good with the money. Because they like to live their dreams, they know that it takes money and stable finances to make that happen. Pisces generally will do what it takes to get them to the point of financial security to pursue their dreams.

Pisces are also often compelled to reach financial success for other people. Pisces natives are incredibly generous with their friends or family—and even the greater good of the world. This zodiac sign loves to give its money away, and invest it in other people or charities that may need it more.