Libra Personality

With their kind dispositions, charming personalities, and desire to help everyone have a good time, Libras are one of the most loved signs in the zodiac! Libras are everyone’s friend, always happy to strike up a conversation and see where things go. They’ll indulge all your ideas without judgement or reservation. They are gifted when it comes to intelligence and are usually well read and informed. Throw any topic at them and watch them rise to the occasion!

Libras have a sixth sense for anything that is off balance. They are represented by the Scales and thanks to this, work tirelessly to put things back in order. As such, they tend to have well-rounded lives with a mix of hobbies, interests, and a large friend circle.

Libras aren’t followers per se, but they are generally less tied to a specific version of themselves, preferring flexibility over a rigid idea of the self. They can, however, suffer from too much anxiety about what other people think of them, and are sensitive to criticism. If they don’t feel safe, they can clam up and get stuck in their own heads.

How to Seduce a Libra

To seduce a Libra, you’ll need to turn on the charm and flex your bank account. Libras love nice things, thanks to their ruling planet Venus, so they’ll be charmed by small (and large) gifts. Anything related to fashion or art is perfect, but even an unexpected bouquet of flowers will do the trick.

Don’t be afraid of big gestures when wooing a Libra. This romantic sign loves a showy display of affection! Bring flowers on the first date, make dinner reservations at a nice restaurant, bring them a piece of art… shoot for the moon and hire a skywriter! Nothing is too over the top for a starry-eyed Libra.

For better or worse, Libras are a very visual sign. Show up to a date in sweatpants at your own risk! Making an effort with your style will go a long way in catching a Libra’s attention. After all, they always show up looking sharp, so you want to match!

Libra Psychic Traits

Libras are incredibly open-minded, willing to hear and entertain all kinds of ideas and possibilities. Sometimes this openness in communication can help their psychic traits and they can get so in tune with someone they might even be able to break into their thoughts. Because they are incredibly empathetic, it gives them a leg up on intuiting how they feel. Their sensitivity makes them natural empaths, which can tip over into psychic abilities like mediumship.

Libras spend so much time daydreaming that they are the most likely of all the air signs to get an otherworldly transmission. They are naturally curious and have less attachment to logic than Gemini or Aquarius—so they’re more likely to accept these “otherworldly things” offhand. Ultimately, while they are still intellectual, Libras are a little more comfortable with sitting and engaging with the unknown.

Libra Career Strengths

Fair: Whether it’s in their friend circle or at work, Libras will make sure everyone gets a fair shake. Libras don’t play favorites—it’s totally unethical.

Community Oriented: This sign is extremely social, and they bring this quality to work with them. While it can create boundary issues, working with a Libra means you’ll always feel part of the gang.

Networking: Need to make a connection? Find a Libra and watch how it’s done. Libras are natural connectors, able to see what makes everyone tick and bring people together.

Good at Delegating: Libras know that behind every great success story lies a great team. It takes a village, after all! Libras are excellent delegators who know how to size up everyone’s talents and create an ideal workflow.

Optimistic: Libras always try to find the best solution to every problem and keep a positive attitude when things get tough.

Libra Worst Careers

Engineering: Too much structure and detail will quickly wear a Libra out. They prefer creativity and flexibility over sticking to a model or design.

Sales: Sure, Libras have the gift of gab that helps a salesperson excel at their jobs. But the central component of sales (i.e. making the deal) is kind of alien to a Libra. They like entertaining all the options and loath the idea of having to convince someone to do something.

Healthcare: Jobs that require quick decision-making on major issues would be significantly stressful for Libras. Their skills are in weighing all the options, but when it comes down to it, they feel uncomfortable choosing one thing—especially one that can’t be undone.

Construction: Libras like to live in their imaginations and would have difficulty coming down to earth for something that requires them to work with their hands on a daily basis.

Statistician:Working exclusively with numbers? Not for a Libra.

Libra Symbol

It’s all about balance, right? And who’s the most centered out of all of the zodiac signs? Libra! The zodiac symbol of these charming individuals is represented by a set of scales.

The depiction of the scales charts all the way back to Themis, an ancient Greek Titaness. Themis held the Scales of Justice, and personified divine law, order, justice, and fairness. Libra is the only zodiac sign with a symbol that is an inanimate object. For a sign that’s often stereotyped for loving shopping, this symbolism sheds some extra light on their spending habits and love of luxury. Their ruling planet is Venus, which epitomizes harmony and lavishness all wrapped up into one.

It’s important to note that the Libra symbol is a set of scales that is already balanced. This is the ideal state this sign craves. Libras are also hopeless romantics, so the scales represent two halves creating a complete whole.

Libra Sex

As a sign that appreciates beauty and the physical form, Libras become attracted on a physical level first. They can be conventional in their type, to the point of being superficial. They appreciate lingerie, good lighting, and some pre-date photos to set the mood.

Libra is a typical air sign in that they enjoy the conversational element of sex as much as the physical act. They are good at engaging in flirty messages and conversations, and get fired up knowing their partner can match them in wordplay. They also appreciate the romantic aspects of sex and physical connection, from flirting beforehand to cuddling afterwards. Rose petals on the bed? A bubble bath waiting for you? These are Libra’s specialties!

Libras want sex to be harmonious and mutually beneficial. Libras are givers in bed, so don’t be afraid to make your needs clear. Their sweet and gentle nature means they can tend to play it safe in bed—the idea of hurting someone makes them want to put on the breaks. 

Libra Love Language

Libras love to feel connected through language. Whether it’s with a friend, on a first date, or with a long-term partner, Libras love discussion—and lots of it. More than that, they sometimes won’t have an opinion they’re trying to present. Expect a Libra to go back and forth on an issue and play devil’s advocate in order to make sure they understand all the sides.

As with all air signs, Libras tend to intellectualize emotions (both theirs and those of other people and partners). At times, they might agree in the moment to settle a situation or argument. You might feel like things have been handled, but tensions will fester under the surface if you don’t get to work out all sides of a situation. This can lead to resentment down the line, so when you’re communicating with your Libra partner, make sure you’re asking them questions and tending to their needs as well.

Libra is a gentle sign that doesn’t enjoy or respond to aggression and will be uncomfortable in a fight. They want to calmly weigh all the options before making any decisions. Above all, communication with Libra needs to be ongoing, open, flexible, and honest.

Libra Love

In the beginning… If you want a sign that’s going to prioritize commitment, you’ll find it in a Libra! This is a sign that’s in it for the long haul, preferring stability and comfort over a whirlwind romance. While they can run the risk of getting carried away by the fantasy, Libras are usually level-headed enough to put in the work to do what it takes for a relationship to last the long haul.

When things are going well…Libras are true romantics and fantasize about riding off into the sunset and living happily ever after with that special someone. But when Libras date, they do it with the intention of finding a serious relationship. Once they are smitten with someone, it won’t take long for a Libra to initiate “the talk.”

When things are on the rocks…In fact, Libras are so into settling down that they can be in danger of committing to unhealthy relationships to avoid being alone. Their commitment to doing the work might just extend the shelf life of a relationship that has expired.

Libra Moon

 When you’re born with a Libra moon, peace and harmony are required to keep your center. Libras are represented by the scales—a seamless representation of the equilibrium they crave. Thus, Libra moons are natural conflict mediators—easily able to see the side of any issue. They remind us to consider all angles before making a decision.

In the zodiac wheel, Libra rules the seventh house of committed partnerships, peppering Libra moon placements with an even stronger desire to couple up. Partnership is one of their areas of expertise, and it’s likely you’ll find most Libra moon people in committed relationships.

These air signs also have innate communication abilities, as their sign governs the exchange of information and ideas, especially when it comes to one-on-one relationships. Their negotiation skills are another secret weapon!

At the end of the day, love is all Libra moons need. With their planetary ruler being Venus, the planet of love and luxury itself, Libra moons are known for indulging in the finer things in life.