Leo Personality

A Leo personality is regal by nature and shows this to anyone and everyone. Leos enjoy the finer things in life and like to lavish the same on those they love. If they’re going to part with their hard-earned money, then they will make sure that it’s on the best of the best. The good news is that this applies not just to themselves, but also to those in their inner circle.

Every Lion needs its pride and Leo is no exception. This zodiac sign thrives in social situations and are among the most gregarious of all the signs. They know more jokes than a comedian and have so many funny stories that you will come to question if they’re all true.

This sign loves being the center of the spotlight and rubs elbows with all the right people. A Leo personality is so to-the-point and frank that many struggle not to fall in love with them.

How to Seduce a Leo

When it comes to seducing a Leo, remember that they typically like to make the first move. This doesn’t mean you can’t take action yourself, but there are two ways to approach this seductive game.

The first, is just that: Make it a game. A Lion likes the hunt and enjoys playing with its food before eating it. Make eyes with them from across the room and give a like smirk while turning away. They won’t be able to take a decent catch potentially getting away; it will whet their appetite to the fullest and make them think that coming after you was all their own idea.

The second, is by being direct but still letting them lead. Leo will appreciate your boldness. In fact, it will turn them on. Think of coming out with something that is both seductive and complimentary. They cannot resist someone who’s willing to lavish them with compliments and who will instantly be entertained.

On the flipside, a surefire way to repel a Leo is to use other people in your pursuit. They don’t share well and will lose interest once they see you’re not willing to show them the eyes you’ve got for them.

Leo Psychic Traits

Leo tends to develop their psychic abilities through the heart and when they allow the heart to lead, they will often have a strong sense of what’s to come. As natural empaths, Leo can pick up on the emotions and feelings of people, spaces and situations without needing much at all to go on. This can prove super difficult for Leo as they will be prone to feeling many emotions without understanding where they are coming from. If they mistake them as their own, it can sometimes feel as though they’re going a little crazy but those who learn to work with these gifts will be able to separate what is theirs from what is someone else’s.

Additionally, Leos are gifted with their undeniable body intuition. Their gut can be their strongest intuitive instinct to follow when moving through this life. They take risks, but unlike Aries—who tends to leap without any thinking—Leo taps into their inner knowing and just “knows” by what their gut tells them just when it’s time to leap.

Leo Career Strengths

Completely Natural: Confident and able to keep a conversation with just about anyone, Leo is a natural in any setting you put them in. They can talk with the CEOs with as much ease as if they were talking to the janitors.

Funny: They can crack a joke that most people would get in trouble for. But when Leo says it, you’ll double over laughing.

Leader: Leo’s ability to walk into a room like they own the place also makes them a natural in owning their own business or taking internal management roles. Any interview or audition they may find themselves in, they’ll make a killing.

Successful: Leo needs to surround themselves with those who are rich, powerful, and have a major influence.

Popular: Regardless of their chosen career, Leo will be the center of attention and an instant hit at the office thanks to their warm and gregarious personality.

“The Best”: Because social status and glamour are so important to Leo, they will excel in any field that gives them access to the best of the best. Even if they’re simply a receptionist at one of the top companies in the metro area (and trust me, they’ve got designs on how to get their way to the top), they will be dressed to the nines and have the part down.

Leo Worst Careers

Lots of hard work and very little praise? A career ladder they’re at the bottom of and rules to follow? Sounds like a slow and exhausting nightmare for this sign. Here are the worst jobs a Leo could go for:

Corporate or Office Job: Becoming a big shot on Wall Street may be some people’s idea of a dream job, but not for a Leo. Unless they can come right out of college right at the tippy, tippy top of the corporation ladder, they’re not interested.

Professional Athlete: Leo loves competition, sure. And professional athletes get lots of attention; there is no doubt about it. So, you would think that being one would be right up Leo’s alley. Unfortunately, unless they’re the star athlete on the starting line they’re likely on the sidelines, sulking. If there is a place where the pecking order is even worse than corporate America, it’s professional sports.

First Responder: First responders in the fire or police force are among the greatest, bravest and most selfless individuals in the world. While Leo may fit the bill on a few of these, rest assured that selfless ain’t one of them.

Leo Sex

Sex with a Leo, like most things, is an event. They expect magic in the bedroom and are unwilling to deal with a partner who is too shy or unyielding. This sign likes to stretch and contort their bodies into all kinds of shapes. You may come across, once every blue moon, the shy or introverted Leo—but then again, you might also fall upon a million dollars just lying around.

Leo likes to take charge and may be as aggressive in the sack as they can be in life.

They come after you a bit like you’re a piece of raw meat they can’t wait to devour. Like most of what Leo does, sex is a show. It’s a two-person (or maybe three-person) show that they’re the star of.

Obviously, they care about their own pleasure—but they really care about yours. Making sure you leave feeling satisfied, with a smile on your face, and one heck of a story to share, tops on their list.

Leo Love Language

Let’s first talk about gift giving—because it’s up there as the most important.

Let’s hope your back accounts solid or that you really don’t give much mind to debt because if you expect any self-respecting Leo to go without gifts, you’re kidding yourself. Leo will require gifts of varying sizes. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter if you put much thought into the gift, so long as it shows you were thinking of them while apart.

Words of affirmation are next and this one is sort of almost too obvious to state, considering Leo’s need to be adored. The easiest way to a Leo’s heart—in the bedroom or out of a fight—is to lay on the compliments thick. Leo will never turn down a chance to have their egos fluffed.

Next up is some quality time. Leo doesn’t like to share their lover—not with friends, co-workers, and not even with family. They will be at your side all day, every day, if they could.

Leo Strengths

Vivacious and confident, Leos have a myriad of great qualities.


Confident: One of Leo’s greatest strengths is the ability to walk into a room as if they own it—as though they are the guest of honor and everyone has been waiting for their arrival.

Powerful Networker: Leo doesn’t mess around when they enter a space. Immediately, they will read the room and see where to place themselves so they are rubbing elbows with the most influential people there.

Fun: Not only is their personality as warm as the sun itself, but they also know how to party.

Great Host.  Expect the finest food, the finest wines, the finest scented candles illuminating every corner of their home. 

The Best of the Best: This is due in part to the fact that Leo loves the finer things in life.

Biggest Heart: While many of their traits can make them appear self-absorbed, the truth is that no sign has a bigger heart than a Leo.

Leo Moon

There’s a little slice of Hollywood in the heart of a Leo moon placement. Having a Leo moon doesn’t necessarily mean this native is outgoing and thrives in the spotlight, but they do thrive in their own personal spotlight. With family and friends, they’re the star in their own daytime soap opera. Leo moon placements find that they shine brightest at home.

Leo moon placements are incredibly creative people. There isn’t just a need to entertain and perform, but an innate ability to wow others with their art. If you are impressed with something they’ve created, let them know. This moon sign thrives on compliments and a little acknowledgement goes a long way.

There can be a lazy streak with this lunar placement. If they’re comfortable lounging, it could easily turn into an all-day Netflix marathon. Comfort is key with moon placements, and everyone knows lions need their cat naps.

Leo Rising

Posting selfies is just child’s play when it comes to Leo risings. This ascendant sign lives for attention and thrives on drama. They’re bold, loud (some might say annoying), but one thing is for sure: They’re impossible to ignore. Leo risings are often noted for their larger than life personalities and their hair (think: a lion’s mane).

Posting selfies is just child’s play when it comes to Leo risings. This ascendant sign lives for attention and thrives on drama. They’re bold, loud (some might say annoying), but one thing is for sure: They’re impossible to ignore. Leo risings are often noted for their larger than life personalities and their hair (think: a lion’s mane).

Fun-loving and forever optimistic, Leo rising, or Leo ascendants, will also be your biggest cheerleader in life. In relationships, they expect that level of generosity (and let’s be real, straight up adoration) to be returned, because they really are the jungle’s royalty.