Young at Heart, Gemini

Gemini’s spirits are eternally youthful!

In 1513, Ponce de Leon searched fruitlessly for the Fountain of Youth in Florida. Had he but known a Gemini, he would have had proof that such an elixir existed. Eternally youthful in spirit, you’re like a kid in a candy store in a stimulating environment. There isn’t a person, topic, or gadget that doesn’t interest you. Ever the optimist, to you every opportunity opens a door into a bright, new world full of infinite possibilities. Even though Twins are your symbol, you can’t be in two places at once! Take a break so you don’t burn out.

Choose Words Carefully, Gemini

Ask the right questions to get the right answer, Gemini…

You’re a versatile multitasker, always seeking, always asking questions. If you have a big decision to make, your impatience might lead you to just choose randomly, which could be a bad thing if the consequences are really important.

Go ahead and do what you do best—ask questions—but ask the right ones. Ask the wrong ones and you’re sure to get the wrong answer. You may try to convince yourself that you’re moving in with your S.O. because you’re so very much in love and life together will be perfect but be sure there isn’t something else going on. Are you running away from rather than to something? Make sure you know before you act!

Be the BFFs Others Adore, Gemini

How to use your Gemini charms to gain new friends…

Is there a cute guy or gal in your sights? Gather a few of your pals. Research shows that you look more attractive when you’re standing next to two other people than you do solo. Experts think it’s because your features blend into an “ensemble” image, which makes any less attractive “idiosyncrasies” less noticeable! They call it the “cheerleader effect.” And it works both ways, too. Before you get that cutie pie’s number, break him or her from the entourage to get a good look. (Wait – does a Twin count as two!?)

You Have Energy to Spare, Gemini!

The world needs you to keep moving forward…

If someone could capture Gemini’s vitality, the world’s energy problem would be solved! Sometimes it seems as though you’re several places at once, all the while curious, charming, and witty. It’s hard for others to keep up.

But that same restlessness can also make you a bundle of nerves. All that talking and doing can frazzle you. Suddenly, you’re overtired and overcommitted. Don’t forget to enjoy some alone time now and then. You may not have the patience to learn to calm that monkey mind through meditation, but you can find a beautiful spot for a solitary walk!

You’re the Life of the Party, Gemini!

Geminis are a must-have at every fun social gathering!

You are probably the zodiac’s best party host. No one can match your ability to chat, joke, gossip, and entertain. You’ve never met a stranger you didn’t like. And there will be no wallflowers at your soirée if you have anything to say about it! You can match opposites who attract and like with like until the whole place is hopping. And since it’s your bash you don’t have to stay in one spot for long—nor should you. Mixing and mingling is de rigueur for the host. Why not send out some e-vites today? You alone can make zoom happy hour almost as good as in-person!

You Could Be a Tennis Pro, Gemini!

The sport Geminis don’t know they’re destined for…

Everyone knows that your enthusiasm and curiosity encompass all subjects. What some may not know about you is how well-coordinated you are. Are you a good dancer? Do you routinely trounce opponents in sports? Your dexterity extends from your brain to your body. If you’re looking for a new activity to try, perhaps tennis, Ping-Pong, softball, racquetball, or squash would appeal. To feed your creative side, you might try ballroom dance lessons. Think of the people you’ll meet and the fun you’ll have! You’re prone to sprains and bruises, so take care.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, Gemini

Can’t sit still? You must be a Gemini!

You are a mutable sign, as evidenced by your eternally changing interests, jobs, and perhaps relationships. Mercury is your ruler, so “mercurial” describes your nature, and your moods can fall prey to this quality as well. Outgoing and vibrant one minute, you can be lost in your own thoughts the next.

Take care that you don’t come across as sullen or surly with others if indeed you are just pondering the latest tidbit added to your encyclopedic knowledge. Enlist one Twin to keep watch over the other Twin and develop a bit of Leo’s self-awareness.

Are You on Electric Overload, Gemini?

How to break free from you your Gemini addiction to this…

Gemini is so geeky! You love social media, you binge-watch TV, read books on your tablet, and tap, swipe, tweet, text, and pin all day long (and sometimes into the night). In the morning, do you check a device before you even acknowledge the presence of another human? Do you find it impossible to ignore the gadgets even on vacation in a beautiful place (with someone you really love)? Do you check your phone when others are talking to you?

Congratulations! You’ve trained people to think you’re available 24/7, and unless you’re a first responder, you probably aren’t. Establish boundaries and tell people when you’ll be offline. Then stick to it!

Slow Down, Gemini!

Could your busy-ness could do more harm than good?

As a Mercury-ruled air sign, you’re always busy. Your brain and body are going nonstop 24/7! It seems like there is always something new to do, someone interesting to meet, and someplace spectacular to see. Is all that motion just commotion or does it have a purpose? You’ll never know unless you slow down.

Take a lesson from the water signs. Turn off the gadgets and allow yourself to drift with the current like a flower petal in a lazy stream. See where your thoughts take you. The world won’t end if you disappear for a while. Your friends will still be there when you get back! Stop chasing whatever it is and let it come to you.

Gemini, Bird Brain?

Gemini’s spirit animal and how to channel its energy…

Gemini rules brightly colored birds. So? Turns out they have a lot of wisdom when it comes to finding and keeping a mate!

Birds of a feather really do flock together. Blue tits choose mates with matching personalities.

Show off your best features. When the male splendid fairywren goes courtin’ he holds a yellow flower in his beak, the better to show off his brilliant blue plumage to an entranced lady friend.

Your smarts give you a competitive edge. Brown-headed cowbirds size up situations and react appropriately.

Actions speak louder than words. Male European pied flycatchers sing a pretty song, but females scrutinize the quality of the nest site before choosing a mate.