Cancer Psychic Traits

Cancer is highly intuitive and are considered one of the most psychic zodiac signs. Cancer natives tap into life on a spiritual level, which opens the door for their psychic abilities to shine. They’re extremely good at reading people, and even at guessing other people’s thoughts. If you’re close to a Cancer, the amount of times they “guess” what you’re thinking about can be scary. The better they know you, the better they are at getting inside your head!

Cancers are ruled by the moon, and their abilities grow with the strength of the moon. It’s not your imagination that they seem more intuitive during a full moon! Their psychic abilities increase with the moon’s power, and they are at their intuitive peak during the day of the full moon. Cancers are deeply connected to immediate family members, and might have a feeling when something happens. The relative doesn’t even have to be close geographically. If you’re related to a Cancer, do you ever think of him or her, and then they suddenly call you? Nope, that isn’t a coincidence.

Cancer Finance & Money

How important is money? Comfort is a top priority for Cancers, and having money provides them comfort. So, when it comes to handling money, most Crabs do a pretty good job. Providing for their family is very important to them.

Cancers usually can manage to earn a pretty good living, and they try to save a good chunk of it. They get a lot of satisfaction from holding onto their money and watching it grow via wise investments. Remember, Cancer is represented by the fourth house, which also represents fixed wealth and real estate property. This includes land, houses, and other buildings (stores, businesses, etc.). Cancers are likely to invest in these kinds of properties and can be very profitable from them, as they consider them all very personal investments.

Cancer Worst Careers

Flight Attendant: Crabs are homebodies. So, the idea of flying to destinations unknown on a regular basis? A big turn-off for most Crabs.

Scientist/Inventor: While it’s true that Cancers can be very creative, they don’t want to be pioneers. Most sciences are much too restrictive for the creative Crab anyway.

Actor/Performer: Cancers are highly sensitive to criticism. Sure, there are famous Cancers, but if you read their bios, they’re the ones who tend to say in interviews that every performance is a struggle.

Judge: Cancers have an excellent sense of right and wrong, but because of their compassionate side, being put in the position of being a judge can be extremely difficult.

Sales: Most Crabs are honest. And have integrity. And they don’t want to even slightly stretch the truth, even a little. Sales and marketing careers can sometimes require employees to sell products that aren’t ethical or don’t align with the salespeople’s own personal morals.

Cancer Career Strengths

Creative Problem Solver: Cancers can tackle routine projects in a traditional sense, but if given their choice, they like to think outside of the box. They are very good at hanging back and observing before making final decisions.

Highly Intuitive: When combined with their sensitivity and observational skills, this combo is hard to beat. Most Cancers find success and attract wealth because they are able to use this ability to conquer any career challenge that comes their way.

Goal-Oriented: Remember, Cancer is a cardinal sign, so while they’re content working quietly on their own, they also have a drive to take the initiative and get things done in a group setting. They can achieve high levels of success by setting concrete goals.

Loyal: Whether you work with a Cancer or for a Cancer, they’ve got your back. As an employee, Crabs tend to stick with one profession/employer as long as possible.

Cancer Strengths

What does a Crab do well? These are some of their greatest strengths.


Nurturing: Protective of the people they love to the core, Cancer natives are perhaps best known for their nurturing ways. Just because Cancers are softies, however, doesn’t mean they’re pushovers. Far from it, actually.

Emotionally Strong: Cancer natives have a rep of being moody, and while this is true, they also have enormous emotional strength. Cancers use it to their advantage when they need to. Remember, as a water sign, their motto is “I feel,” and their emotions are intense and passionate.

Ability to Change the World: Unlike the more forceful cardinal signs, Cancer wades into the deep end of change slowly. Cancer natives like to make sure that they aren’t going to get in too far over their heads before they take the big plunge into saving the world. But don’t be fooled by their quiet nature. Cancers are leaders at heart, and once they take up a cause, they’ll quietly fight the fight until they’re satisfied with the outcome.

Sympathetic and Caring: If you have a friend who’s a Cancer, you know he or she is the one person you can count on when you really need someone to talk to. Rarely judgmental in a crisis, a Cancer will be there for you first and save his or her questions for later. The Crab’s sympathies are far-reaching and extend to distant relatives and furry friends, too.

Artistic/Creative: Cancers love for things to look good and be aesthetically pleasing. They pay attention to things like lighting, colors, and textures—and love to put their own artistic spin on things.

Cancer Personality

Going by first impressions, the Cancer personality type usually comes across as shy and reserved. Even if they’re introduced to someone by a mutual friend, a Cancer might still be suspicious of this new person until he or she gets to know them better. Once you’ve solidified your friendship with a Cancer, the real fun can begin. You’ll notice they enjoy an active social life. Cancers are great at throwing parties, and if you’re on the VIP list at one of their soirees, get ready for an unforgettable experience.

Cancers are collectors, and they especially love to collect items with sentimental value. Most Crabs have a box (or several) filled with cherished mementos. Many decorate their house with furniture and collectibles that have been handed down from past generations of their family. Browsing through a Cancer’s house can be like looking through a window into the past.

Cancers also love to be pampered and spoiled. They’re no strangers to makeovers, spa days, and weekend getaways. Because they’re a water sign, a Cancer’s all-time favorite vacation/dream getaway has to include H2O.

Cancer Moon

In astrology, the zodiac sign Cancer is ruled by the moon. This is a natural place for the moon to be, and with Cancer moon placements, we can actually find the ultimate mothers, or nurturing personalities. Empathy and nurturing come naturally to this water sign moon placement. It’s easy for Cancer moon placements to tap into their feelings—as well as the feelings of others.

This is a very sentimental and nostalgic sign that feels deeply and rarely forgets. Memories are an important fabric of their identity, and Cancer moon placements can actually have quite a vivid memory. Because of this deep attachment to the past, we can easily see hoarder tendencies here. That’s because this moon sign does not like to let go of anything. So, moving on is tough for this lunar placement, and that also applies to their relationships. They’ll cling to anything that was emotionally fulfilling or stimulating.

Cancer Rising

There’s always that one friend who acts as the “mom” in the group—the nurturing presence that always asks, “You okay?” when you’re feeling off. Cancer rising people possess a natural intuition that runs deep with those they love most. This won’t be apparent when you first meet one—in fact, it might be like pulling teeth to get a Cancer rising to open up. A lot of them struggle with a paralyzing shyness when meeting new people or in large social situations.

Typically, this isn’t a rising sign that will steal the spotlight—Cancer rising natives like to transition to a new environment or new person at their own, comfortable pace. Once a Cancer rising opens up, you’ll know it for two reasons: First: You’ve found the most loyal friend or lover, who would go to the ends of the earth for you. Secondly: You’ll experience their daily (and sometimes hourly) mood swings.

Cancer Symbol

Cancer is ruled by the emotional moon, and is known for being one of the most sensitive zodiac signs. This moody, introverted, and nurturing water sign’s symbol and zodiac glyph is the introverted Crab. The crab is an animal that shows its hard shell and intimidating claws to the world, but is actually quite soft and vulnerable on the inside.

Because Cancers like to keep to themselves, they have a reputation for being reserved and sometimes standoffish. You’ll find that this is the case until you get to know them. Once you get on their good side, however, and they accept you into their close circle, get ready to be loved like you’ve never been loved before. Cancer’s capacity to nurture and protect their loved ones is legendary. You won’t forget the “wrapped up in a cozy blanket made of love” feeling that only a Cancer can deliver.

Cancer Body Parts

Cancer is the mother and nurturer of the zodiac, and the body parts it rules are closely associated with mothering: the chest and breasts (externally) and stomach (internally). Because of their intense emotions, Cancer natives notoriously have stomach issues and their nervousness results in upset stomach, cramps, gas, ulcers, or severe digestive issues.

Cancers being so highly influenced by their stomachs also stems from the old saying “trust your gut.” They are the most intuitive sign. When their instincts alert them that something’s wrong, they can get immediate stomach aches that don’t go away until they know everyone is safe and the situation has been resolved. This is sometimes called a nervous stomach, and Cancer gets it a lot. They also get butterflies in their stomach—something that can range from mild to severe when they’re happy or excited about something.