Become a Mentor, Cancer

The best way to use your caring nature to help the world…          

The word “empathetic” was probably coined to describe Cancer. You patiently listen and offer intuitive advice to all. You may work in a helping field like teaching, healthcare, or therapy, but your skills can be applied in any profession.

If you’re looking for a way to be of service, consider mentoring. As a mentor you can help shape the course of a young life. At-risk youth with a supportive, caring, encouraging adult in their life are 55% likelier to attend college. Many organizations are dedicated to promoting this valuable opportunity. Think about it!

Master Your Moods, Cancer

Shocking ways to improve a Cancer’s mood…

The ever-changing Moon rules Cancer, and your emotions can shift like tide-washed sand. Kind one moment, you can be crabby the next, earning you a reputation as moody, if not temperamental!

You can tame mood swings—and stress—with meditation, relaxing herbal baths, and music. Exercise increases the mood-boosting chemicals in the brain. Eat foods rich in magnesium (beans), vitamin C (dark, leafy greens), B vitamins (whole grains), and omega-3 fatty acids (salmon).

Research has found that even a brief encounter with a stranger can improve mood. And moods are contagious! Connect with optimistic people.

You’re the Most Intriguing Sign, Cancer

Who captivates others like no other sign? Cancer, of course!

Just like the Mariana Trench, the deepest point in the ocean, Cancer has hidden depths. You’re intuitive, yes, but you’re also intelligent and imaginative (move over, Aquarius) as well as ambitious.

Some of you may even be overachievers. Of course, that could be because you’re worried about what others think of you and you fear rejection, but nobody can match your determination once you set your sights on a goal. Don’t let anyone stand in your way. And go ahead and toot your own horn once in a while!

What Do You Collect, Cancer?

If you don’t have one, start a collection of these…

You love to collect and hate to throw anything away. That’s what gives your home it’s, shall we say, “lived-in” look. Keep the accumulating from turning into hoarding by imposing some order and artistry.

No matter what you have—vintage toys, matchbooks, buttons, stamps, model airplanes, album covers, glass, photos—you can show them off and enliven a room. Group treasures into wall art in shadowboxes or arrange on shelves or tabletops.

Edit your tableaus by theme, color, shape, or size. And you don’t have to showcase each one. Periodically change the display to match your changing moods.

You’re a Family Favorite, Cancer!

No kin love their own as much as the Cancer in their clan!

To say Cancer is “family oriented” is like saying water is wet. You are the nurturer who gives hugs “just because”. Your home can accommodate crowds of family, and friends who seem like family. You probably live within walking distance of parents or siblings. They’re your strength, your touchstone, your anchor.

Yes, you probably talk to them every day, but why not do something extra special for them? Use your culinary talent to create a comforting dinner for the clan. How about crusty French bread and a big pot of cioppino—served family style, of course!

Nurture, Don’t Cling, Cancer!

Don’t let your sweet Cancerian nature become sickening…

You are considerate, empathetic, and compassionate—and who doesn’t need a little more of those qualities in their life? You want to encase a partner in a protective shell of comfort and security and feel just as nurtured by him or her.

If you know that you belong to another person, as well as to a location and a loyal group of friends and/or relatives, you are contented. Your caution is to take care that the mothering doesn’t turn into smothering. You want to embrace another gently, not cling for dear life.

Are You Attracted, Cancer?

Crabs have what it takes to find true love…

All you have to do is listen to your true Cancer heart.

You’re choosy. Unlike some other signs, you set your partner priorities and stick to them. Where others rush into love, you’re content to bide your time.

You’re honest. You may not open up easily or often, but when you do, you say what you mean and mean what you say.

You trust your instincts. You don’t hang around if someone is cold or indifferent. You’re intuitive, so you get the message and move on.

You’re cautious. Sometimes “chemistry” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Just because you see a stunner across the room, that doesn’t mean the person is good partner material!

Give The Perfect Gift, Cancer

This gift will always win Cancer’s loved ones over…

Do you need to find a gift for someone important in your life (or a special treat for yourself)? You can’t go wrong with gleaming, sophisticated silver. A charm bracelet is beautiful, personal, and nostalgic.

From Tiffany’s to flea markets to department stores, you can find classic or playful charms to illustrate the recipient’s life and interests. And you know how much Cancer loves to collect things! Your gift will become a cherished heirloom that can be added to and passed through generations. For men, a pair of vintage or modern silver cufflinks would be classy and stylish.

Dating a Cancer?

Attributes Cancers need from their closest comrades…

If you’re thinking about dating a Crab, see if you recognize yourself in this list first! Are you…

Compassionate. Let Cancer see how much you love animals, kids, good causes.

Romantic. Reciprocate in loving ways all that the Crab does for you.

Patient. This cautious sign doesn’t rush headlong into love.

Family Oriented. Family ties are extremely important to Cancer.

Responsible. This sign craves financial and material security.

Complimentary. The Crab loves to hear how much you love them and all they do for you.

Sincere. You’d better mean those compliments (see above)! Cancer will know if you don’t.

What Gives, Cancer? You Do!

Are you wasting your charitable personality?

Cancer is one of the most giving and helpful signs (when you aren’t feeling moody, that is). You’ll unselfishly share your meal with the hungry, give the coat off your back to the cold and weary, and offer the last few dollars in your pocket to the needy.

You understand that life is hard—you worry about it enough—and your sentimental nature urges you to offer aid when you can. You must overcome that innate shyness, but you can be a force to be reckoned with as a volunteer. Find a cause you believe in and give it the same dedication you show family and friends.