Aries Personality

Any Aries has a personality that’s irresistible. They have a natural charm that draws others in and begs them to try and not pay attention. Naturally the center of the action and being very outgoing, Aries has a gregarious personality that charms the pants off anyone they meet.

Due to their impulsive nature, they sometimes struggle to finish tasks, and this can make it difficult for those who work alongside them or have expectations of the partnership.

This sign can frustrate others with their impulsivity. However, they can be a delight when you’re in a pickle and need some quick help. They’re great for getting friends out of a bind. 

Aries’ personality leaves others with the impression that they have unshakable confidence and, for the most part, they would be right. But underneath it all, they’re filled with anxious energy and fear of failure.

At heart, Aries can sometimes wrestle with some shadows, but they’ll always have an optimistic and outgoing personality that shines bright.

How to Seduce an Aries

If someone is interested in seducing an Aries, they’ll need to trigger this sign’s inner warrior and bring on the challenge. To an Aries, there is nothing sexier than the object of their affection telling them no.

This sign is not a game player, per se, but they do get off on the challenge—which is why they may grow a bit listless when the challenge is gone. They’ll want someone who is bold but will always let them chase a bit.

Once an Aries’ attention is caught, their partner will need to know how to keep that attention. If this sign is not interested, they will quickly look onward to the next potential.

Another wonderful way to seduce an Aries is to appeal to their desire to have the very best. Someone who knows how to dress the part, take care of themselves (just like them), and who has a penchant for the very best will quickly catch the eye of an Aries.

Aries Worst Careers

For an Aries, the worst job imaginable would be one where they sit in the background, stay quiet, and keep their thoughts hidden. These are the not-so-great options for Aries:

Postal Worker: Whether this sign is in the back organizing mail or out on the road delivering it, this job is definitely not for an Aries. The tedium inherent within this job leaves much to be desired for this sign’s outgoing personality and loving nature.

Factory Worker: The same goes for being a factory line worker. Standing in the same spot, day after day, doing the same things over and over, would make an Aries want to jump off a bridge. This sign likes having their hands in multiple pots. So, the notion that everyone in the factory has their role to play and stays in their lane would drive this sign nuts.

Therapist: Though some would disagree, Aries would not make great therapists. Yes, they’re good at coming up with solutions and their friends always turn to them for advice. But an entire 50 minutes of listening to someone else go on and on about how they feel and what they’re going through? Nope.

Aries Career Strengths

Self-Confident: Even if it’s not their forever career, an Aries will show up to any scene like a boss. It doesn’t matter if they’re cleaning toilets, they’ll show up as the best janitor that business has ever seen.

Great Networker: Since Aries is a natural chatterbox, they’ll be excellent when it comes to engaging with clients, bosses, or other co-workers.

“I’ve Got This” Attitude: Because they aren’t afraid to try anything, this makes Aries great for tasks that others aren’t down for.

Decisive.: Aries is also great for those quick decisions needed at the last moment.

Super Fun: Aries brings the party with them wherever they go—including the office.

Ambitious: And while “fun” may be their middle name, Aries are also highly motivated—which is why those on the same career trajectory may want to watch their toes.

Determined: Besides being a natural leader, an Aries doesn’t give up.

Aries Sex

If there’s one space where Aries never fears failure, it’s in the bedroom. This sign has a sexual appetite that can never be satisfied. They tend to go after a potential bedmate like a lion would a cute deer in the field. They don’t have time for cuddling or romance and tend to just get right to the point.

This sign has a tendency to pack quite a bit into a small amount of time—making it more about quality than quantity. Some will roll with this quite nicely, while others will want a replay. This is why an Aries tends to roam from person to person until they find that special someone who has all of the many requirements needed to capture their heart.

For them, sex is not about intimacy or connecting. It’s about the act itself—the destination or end result. So long as that destination ends in… ahem, everyone getting theirs… then they’re pleased as pie.

Aries Love Language

As far as love languages go, Aries sort of needs them all. They’ll want your time, your affection, and everything in between. However, if Aries gives you a gift, they’ll expect you to appreciate it. (At least it’ll be top of the line, whatever it is.) If not, you may get one of their famous temper tantrums.

Aries is not an easy person to build a relationship with because they tend to require quite a bit from the person they’re with. Quality time is huge. This sign wants to have everyone watch them and bae fawn over one another, share each other’s meals, and hold hands walking down the street. Of course, making mouths drop when Aries starts dishing out the details of their thrilling, off-the-walls sex life.

Acts of service is another major love language. In many ways, an Aries’ commitment style is similar to a baby’s commitment to a parent. Aries isn’t exactly the tidiest of signs; this sign will leave a trail of clothing, plates, and other things around the house. And an Aries fully expects their partner to take care of those things without complaint.

Aries Love

In the beginning… Generally, Aries’ commitment style can best be summed up by “doesn’t.” This sign is known as the toddler of the zodiac, who must put everything that catches their eye in their mouth. This makes for very good lovemaking, but not so great with catching feelings.

When things are going well… Once true love happens though, an Aries can be very giving. They have a tendency to want all the solo time they can get with bae. They want to be the object of their love’s every thought and hope to be in their pocket at all times.

When things are on the rocks… This sign has an open mind and a taste for adventure, so they understanding that falling in and out of interest with someone is just the nature of life. If they’ve reached that point of climax, and had that sweet taste of conquest, they’re already looking to whatever else is shiny and new in their orbit. So, this sign struggles to stay interested once the challenge is gone.

Aries Strengths

Aries is a firecracker sign that most expect to be rather small and lackluster. Here are a couple of their best attributes:


Overly Optimistic: This sign carries themselves with vibrancy and glow that draws people to them like moth to a flame.

Loyal: An Aries makes for a great companion—once they let you in, of course.

Fearless: This sign simply isn’t afraid of anything.

Decisive: If a friend is stuck between choices and not sure what to do (we’re looking at you, Gemini and Libra), they’ll call up an Aries.

Fun: Never dull, Aries knows how to spark fun and liveliness wherever they go.

Determined: When they see something they want, good luck to those who get in their way.

Challenge-Seeking: Besides being a natural leader, the truth is, it’s pretty difficult to deter an Aries.

Risk-Taker: While some may see it as a weakness, an Aries’ impulsivity is actually a tool that can help them navigate situations rather efficiently.

Upfront: This sign isn’t trying to play games.

Aries Planet

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, named after the Greek god of war, aggression, and conflict. So, surprise, surprise: This sign is built for confrontation and prefers to be out conquering the world around them one battle at a time.

But here’s another tidbit about Mars that you may not be aware of: Mars is also the god of sex! That insatiable appetite and wild drive for connection between the sheets is almost impossible to miss with this sign.

Thanks to Mars, Aries also encompasses charm and strategy. He can move his way through any battle—knowing when to apply charm, when to observe, and when to go ahead and kick some booty. Mars is also to thank for this sign’s enviable stamina.

The god Mars was also known for having quite the ego—thinking rather highly of himself. Sound a little familiar? This sign could benefit from shutting down their “holier than thou” attitude to make sure they aren’t alienating those closest to them.

Aries Rising

It’s impossible to miss an Aries rising when they enter a room—this is a rising sign that oozes confidence! There’s no point in questioning what their motives are. Aries rising natives are quick, direct, and forthright—almost to a fault. We will see a similarity when it comes to Aries characteristics with the Aries rising: This person is competitive, passionate, courageous, and might have a quick temper.

Being an Aries rising doesn’t necessarily mean that this sign is prone to angry outbursts and fighting, but it might be harder for them to hide their feelings when triggered. These are passionate folk who feel with their entire being.

In astrology, Aries rules the head, so with Aries rising, we might see that early on in their life, these people may have had an injury to the face, or struggled with something like acne. This placement is incredibly independent and not afraid to trailblaze their own path.