Aquarius Career Strengths

Creative: Thinking outside the box is a true Aquarian asset! The ability to see new and unexpected solutions to problems is one of the most powerful qualities this sign can bring to any career.

Versatile: Because they’re so innovative, they may easily thrive in non-traditional work environments—or as freelancers who control their own schedules. Startups are great environments for this sign.

Friendly: While they can take time to form deep connections romantically, it’s easy for Aquarians to get along with most people easily.

Adaptable: Unpredictability is difficult for many signs, but keeping calm in response to erratic Uranus energy is second nature to Aquarians!

Open-Minded: Their intellect can be intimidating—and they have a tendency to push past some people’s emotional comfort zones—but Aquarius genuinely want to connect, share, and hear different ideas.

Quick-Moving: Aquarius may have difficulty with routine, but that makes them excellent and agile workers, able to shift gears easily and come up with fresh perspectives even in the most last-minute situations.

Leader: Aquarians have strong ideas, the ability to communicate them, and the perspective to see situations from high-level visions.

Aquarius Personality

Cool, mysterious, and full of fascinating ideas, every party needs an Aquarius (or several). They just ooze “cool” vibes. This sign has the unique ability to connect with a wide range of people while still maintaining a sense of distance—making them the object of desire to people across the zodiac.

Aquarians don’t play hard to get; they simply are hard to get (even once you’re in a relationship with one). They can be both engaging and aloof, popular and peculiar, gregarious and independent. They’re happy to be the center of attention, but they also need to do things on their own terms and have been known to disappear when they need a break.

Aquarians are nothing if not independent. They are the ultimate nonconformists, preferring to invent their way in the world. They have unique ideas, interests, and ways of moving about the world and they are unafraid to do it alone to avoid compromising their ideals.

How to Seduce an Aquarius

Seducing an Aquarian starts with the mind before any other part of the body gets involved. Witty banter, the ability to surprise them with unexpected knowledge, and holding your own when things take a turn for the weird is a great way to form a seductive bond with an Aquarius. Be flexible, be cool, and be yourself… that’s what attracts an Aquarius.

Seduce them by spending time exploring their more esoteric interests. An impressive first date might include a trip to a comic bookstore, planetarium visit, or electronic music concert.

Most importantly, show that you care. Talk about the causes and issues that mean something to you is a major foundation of getting this socially minded Air sign to fall for you. 

Don’t get overly emotional or be afraid to keep a respectful distance at first; this sign will respect your independence. Aquarius prefers genuine connection over compliments and ego-stroking, so be real, down-to-earth, and engaged.

Aquarius Psychic Traits

Aquarius’ ruling planet is Uranus, which rules over astrology. As such, Aquarians have an innate understanding of the cosmic link between society and the stars. This creates an interesting dynamic between intuition, curiosity, and systems.

While this sign may have a deep love for all things strange, weird, and even spooky, they’ll only dive in if they find a way to explain it. Unlike Pisces, the most psychic sign, Aquarians are unlikely to sit with their emotions and try to connect with the beyond, or spend time engaging with the dream space. They prefer to be more hands (and head) on in their explorations of life’s curiosities.

If there is one Aquarian quality that is the most psychic, it has to be that they seem to be able to see the future! Because they are such a progressive sign, Aquarian’s ability to see what’s coming next can be viewed as a kind of sixth sense. After all, what are psychics if not visionaries?

Aquarius Love

In the beginning… Finding commitment with an Aquarius can be a slow road. It can take time to find someone truly compatible, and Aquarians will be judging that through time, conversation, and bonding over common interests. In fact, one of the best ways to get to an Aquarian’s heart is to engage them with their hobbies and passions.

When things are going well… For Aquarius, shifting that focus from dating to committing is rare. Aquarians also prioritize intellect over emotions, so they’ll lead with their head before their heart when it comes to choosing and committing to a partner.

That said, if Aquarius does find a person they feel truly sees and understands them, they can be loyal and steadfast to that person. It takes patience and flexibility, but an Aquarian can be a great and committed partner to someone who is open minded and equally independent.

When things are on the rocks… This sign has a tendency to present themselves as cold or distant—so partners who can be clingy, nervous, or in need a lot of emotional assurance, will unlikely stick around long enough to get serious.

Aquarius Love Language

When it comes to the love language for an Aquarius, “language” is the operative word! As an air sign, they value direct and intellectual communication. They express themselves from the head way more than the heart, so don’t expect a lot of intense emotional conversations with this sign.

Communicating with an Aquarius is about honesty and flexibility: They’ll never open up if they feel cornered, and they can get uncomfortable if they feel like you expect them to manage (or even understand) all of their emotions.

“Acts of service” are another important way Aquarians show and experience love. Aquarius sees the world as an interconnected place, and highly values the way human beings interact with and help one another. Doing small things to help your Aquarian partner throughout the day will definitely show them you care.

Aquarians aren’t the sign to participate in big, showy displays of emotion or affection. However, when it comes to love, they do put a tremendous amount of thought into their interactions. Aquarians are great at paying attention to their partners and showing up in subtle ways. Taking the time to listen to their interests and passions is definitely an important part of making an Aquarian feel loved.

Aquarius Rising

Buzz cut and bright pink air? It’s impossible to sum up Aquarius rising people in one word, as their eccentric personalities feel boundless. Witty, intelligent, and eclectic are all common words for Aquarius rising.

Aquarius is a sign that’s all about the community—so we find that Aquarius rising people are generally more social-oriented: large friend groups, a million group chats, and hitting a political rally. While they are welcoming, they do require a lot of space to operate, as they possess an emotionally detached nature.

With their ruler being Uranus, the planet of surprise and rebellion, it’s easy to see why this is rising sign was born to stand out. They also have the ability to problem-solve like no other—coming up with inventive solutions on the spot. And while Aquarius rising, or Aquarius ascendant, people are eager to help the greater good, they also have an undeniable stubborn streak.

Aquarius Sex

For most Aquarians, the brain is the sexiest body part! Establishing a solid (and flirtatious) mental connection is deeply erotic for this sign. On the flip side, heady Aquarians can also be somewhat detached, so when it comes to casual sex, the most casual the better.

While Scorpio is probably the sign in the zodiac that’s most associated with sex, Aquarians are no stranger to the bedroom! In fact, with their open minds and desire to push the boundaries, they are probably the kinkiest sign. They have an unconventional approach to sex (as with everything else), so get ready to confront some sexual taboos.

Because they are so connected to their intellect, expect good communication when it comes to sex. Aquarians are great at talking about and establishing boundaries, expectations, and desires. If you’re into something a bit unique, don’t be afraid to bring it up to this sign. There aren’t too many things that would weird them out!

Aquarius Worst Careers

A job involving structure, rigidity, and being cooped up in an office all day is a recipe for a very unhappy Aquarian. With that in mind, the worst career prospects for Aquarians include:

Banking: Aquarians are good with money and have a healthy sense of logic, but the rigid structure in the world of banking would wear on them quickly.

Human Resources: Aquarians are sociable people and good problem solvers, but a job in which they need to appeal to a common denominator wouldn’t make the best use of their unique perspectives.

Data Entry: Curious Aquarians need to be stimulated, and the rote mechanical functions of data entry would frustrate them.

Copywriter: Aquarians have a way with words, but a job that is focused on clearly explaining concepts with as little wit and flair as possible? Not a great fit for this sign.

Military: And here’s the most rigid career of them all! Regardless of the branch, a career in the military is something this sign should definitely avoid. Extreme adherence to rules, daily structure, reporting to a superior… all that sounds like an Aquarian’s worst nightmare!

Aquarius Strengths

Aquarians are true iconoclasts, unafraid to march to the beat of their own drum. Their minds are always turning, thinking up fresh ideas no other sign in the zodiac would have come up with.


Problem-Solver: This makes them dynamic problem solvers, able to find solutions to seemingly impossible problems.

Rebellious: Sometimes, to move forward in life and achieve something powerful, you have to know when to break the rules.

Curious: Getting to know an Aquarius can be an eye-opening experience, exposing you to hobbies, ideas, and perspectives you would never have considered otherwise.

Helpful: Need a support system? Aquarius may not be the most emotional sign in the zodiac (in fact, they’re all the way on the other side of the spectrum), but they are always willing to lend a hand to anyone in need.

Creative: An Aquarian’s ability to see the world in a totally unique way is both important and inspiring.

Strong Sense of Self: One significant strength of the Aquarian mind is maintaining a sense of individuality while still uniting for a common goal.

Inspired: Aquarians have a powerful sense of momentum.

Idealist: They make excellent teachers, scientists, politicians, and futurists.