Libra’s Secret Work Advantage

Use your exemplary people skills in a new, beneficial way…

Some people take seminars in order to learn how to get along with bosses and co-workers (and still never get it right), but not you! Your people skills are unmatched. You could sell air conditioners to polar bears in winter.

You avoid water-cooler politics like the plague. Your collection of colleagues, associates, friends, and acquaintances grows by the minute. When the job market is weak and you have to look for work, know that you’re sitting on a gold mine. Don’t be shy about name-dropping, schmoozing, and using every connection you have to reach your career goals.

Mix Business With Pleasure, Libra

Take your personal values to work to be a major success!

You react and relate to the world around you with fairness, diplomacy, and small-d democracy. Your refined aesthetic sense governs the way you live. The actual work you do matters less to you than what you can learn from the decisions you make. These values are an indisputable part of you—and they color your work and private life whether you realize it or not. If your job aligns with your value system, you likely feel fulfilled and unstressed. If not, you might want to look elsewhere.

Move Up the Work Ladder, Libra

How Libras can avoid getting stuck in mediocre work positions…

If you’ve been low on the career ladder long enough, have faith. You know what it takes to get the job done. Your rapport with your co-workers is indisputable. You can run a meeting like clockwork. You consider all points of view. If work were a sports team, you’d be MVP!

Perhaps you’re managerial material? Know that being the boss means you’ll make some people unhappy. You’ll have to settle disputes and defuse conflicts, make decisions on the fly and accept the praise or blame for the results. Are you ready?

Libra’s Key to Success

How Libras can support their lifestyle by freelancing…

Is your love of luxury putting a bit of a strain on the pocketbook? If you’re indulging in a few too many haute meals and sparkly baubles, maybe it’s time to boost your earnings.

Perhaps you excel at editing, accounting, art, or music. You might be able to put those talents to work and moonlight as a freelance teacher, CPA, or copy editor.

If you’re ready to make a start, check your chart first. Don’t launch a business or new moneymaking venture if your ruler Venus is retrograde. Otherwise, give it a try!

How to Work and Play, Libra Style

How to balance your work and life, and have more fun, too!

Nothing would make you happier than balancing your work with your personal life. You have Scales for a symbol after all! You crave a workplace that is bright, uncluttered, and intellectually stimulating. Boredom is a big no-no!

But your social life is vitally important to you, too. And with Venus as your ruler, you also love your creature comforts and beautiful surroundings. You need a job that challenges you yet also leaves you enough time to nurture your relationships. Find that perfect sweet spot and you’ll be one happy camper!

Scorpio, You’re Made for This

Turn on your born abilities to get your dream job…

As you may know, you were born with incredible abilities that can help you get ahead in the working world. You´re not only one of the most hardworking signs; you also possess amazing creative, managerial, organizational, and problem solving capabilities.But what to do when other, just as good competitors are up for the same position? Turn on the charm! It´s no secret that when you want something, you can win anyone over. Next time you find your dream position, prove all the qualities you have with facts and try to differentiate yourself from others. No one will be able to resist.

Scorpio’s Movie-Like Job

No other sign can match Scorpio´s investigative skills!

Bored with your current career or feel the need to reinvent yourself? Here’s a movie-like, topnotch profession you will really like! The Scorpio is the sign of the investigator. Yes, they do exist, and you have the perfect capabilities to become one!

Your incredible passion and determination along with your curiosity will get you to the truth. And working behind the scenes (how you like it) will appeal to your secretive nature. This career will keep you on your toes by constantly changing and giving you different challenges. Plus, you get to wear that cool detective outfit you always dreamed of!

Scorpio’s Money Secret

Spill it Scorpio, how much cash is under your mattress?

You’re a powerful sign who demands control in every aspect of life. You have an ability to easily gather wealth, and a conservative approach to spending. So that means you end up with a lot of money left every month, right?

A lot has been said about your tendency for secrecy in love, personal, and even your financial life. Scorpios are known for hiding their dough because they fear that if they announce it, people will take their same money-making route or personally use them because of it.

So, you must have tons of cash saved—and good for you! But if you don´t, it´s never too late to start.

Scorpio Is Secretly Slow and Steady

Scorpio’s brilliant strategy…

Just like in love, Scorpio holds the reputation of being cold and calculating when it comes to business or money matters mainly because of its secretly slow and successful strategy.

Like the Scorpion animal, Scorpio individuals are outstanding tacticians that will sneak in, very quietly observe, gather information, wait for the perfect moment, and then attack!

Why is this brilliant quality often seen as somehow evil or manipulative? Well, dear Scorpio, being the strongest and the winner doesn´t come easily. And for you, losing your clandestine strategy would be like losing the best weapon the stars brought you.


Scorpio’s Competitive Edge

Scorpio´s most successful side…

You are often seen as one of the most competitive signs out there, but unlike Aries or Leo, you are an individual who enjoys self-competition more than competing against others. In every aspect of your life, you enjoy attaining your own goals and the feeling of success that comes with doing something better than last time.

Therefore, even if you´re actually competing against other, you might do better by forgetting about them and trying your best to outdo yourself. Like a real Scorpio winner once said, “there are two kinds of people, those who do the work and those who take the credit…try to be in the first group; there is less competition there.”

– Indira Gandhi