Libra Dating Deal Breakers

Things a Libra should never put up with in relationships…

If you want to date a Libra, check this list first. If you see yourself here, tread carefully or look elsewhere!

Opinionated? Libra is the sign of diplomacy, so all views are considered.

Intolerant? Libra is highly socially aware, so all sides are treated equally.

Emotional? Libras want to calm the waters, not roil them up.

Needy? Libra is everybody’s friend, so may not have lots of time for you.

Mean? Libra is friendly and warm to everyone, including waitstaff and service workers!

Sloppy? Libra loves beauty and refinement.

Demanding? Libras take a long time to make up their mind and can’t be pushed.

Indecisive? Between the two of you, nothing will ever get decided!

Trust Your Libran Instincts

What looks good on paper may not be what it seems…

The dating life of a Libra isn’t always smooth, and some of that could be the result of your own nature. Your indecisiveness could make you declare your love too quickly. Or you may overthink the process until it’s too late and the other person has moved on.

It’s possible that you subconsciously look for people who are bad for you, need to be “fixed”, or promise to balance what you feel are your own inadequacies. Practice trusting your instincts more. Learn to recognize when someone has “trouble” written all over them and move on.

Love, Libra Style

There’s one thing Libras can’t stand in their love lives…

You like to keep the conflict to a minimum in your relationships. It doesn’t jibe with your well-developed sense of harmony. Even when you argue, you do it fairly and politely. With a mate who shares your diplomatic skill, you’re in partnership bliss.

You are also very romantic. Your busy brain is constantly dreaming up new, ever more thoughtful ways to please your significant other. What will it be this time? A candlelit gourmet dinner? An outing to a concert or play? A bedroom interlude? Whatever you decide, it will be special!

Libra Tips for Finding Love Online

Things a Libra can do to score a great date online…

You’re happiest with a partner. If you’re searching for someone special, put that sharp mind to work and research the various online dating sites to find the one that best suits your needs. With all your charms, you may be spoiled for choice!

But you can be indecisive, so it might be hard for you to choose just one. Don’t overthink it. Try the one that feels right. If the first person doesn’t work out, move on to the next likely candidate. You know how much you like to talk to new people!

Spark Your Sex Drive, Libra

Found someone special? Keep the romance hot and heavy…

You’re a brainiac, so coming up with some delightful ways to keep your love light burning is easy. You hate doing things alone, so prepare a sumptuous meal of favorite foods together. Serve it with a special bottle of wine and a simple, yet elegant, dessert. You’ll bond in the kitchen as well as over the repast.

And keep the conversation flowing. As an air sign, that won’t be a problem for you! You know how to make your mate feel cherished and special. And who knows how the evening will end? (You do!)

Libra’s Love Giveaway

What Libras do when they are head over heels in love…

In a loving relationship, Libra’s deepest wish is to fulfill the desires of a significant other. No matter what it is, if a Libra can do something interesting for a partner in the bedroom, consider it done! And a Libra partner is all too happy to agree!

It’s all about give and take with you—it’s a very balanced approach. Reciprocate and you will both delight in the boost in performance and fun. You will also feel more confident about yourself in the process.

Scorpio’s Match Made in Heaven

How to spot a Cancer…

Do you care about sign love compatibility, Scorpio? Think back… are some of your exes Cancer? If the response is yes, keep trying them out, it might be worth it. If your response is negative, you need to get busy, Scorpio! You two are like a match made in heaven! This is how you spot a Cancer:

They are family people.

They wear their hearts on their sleeve and—like you—have volatile emotions.

He or she is an artist, or at least artsy.

They spend a lot of time at home, like to have people over, and know how to entertain them.

A nurturer by nature, they love taking care of others or things in general.

Anxious, Scorpio? Have Sex!

Your sex life has your back in moments of stress…

Sex is your main tool of discovery, Scorpio. But when you’re feeling anxiety or stress, having cathartic sex is the best kind of sex you can have to cure yourself. Having an orgasm while—or after—you express some of your deepest feelings can take you on a journey to a “near-death” state of mind.

Except that, far from being scared, you will be more than alive when you come back. Like a bird reaching its peak, this is how you reach your highest level of intimacy, release negative emotions, and come out of our head in order to look at your current situation with a fresh and renewed point of view. It’s worth a try!

Scorpio’s Relationship Red Flag

Is your need for intimacy pressuring you to have sex?

One of Scorpio´s main needs is intimacy, the real kind of connection that allows you to really get to know someone. Very often, this gets confused for just sex and conversation, and it´s very possible that this hunger for closeness might drive you to experience hollow and forgettable encounters.

The truth is, as hard as it is for you to know it, most people don´t know, haven´t experienced, or are afraid of being this exposed. So how are you going to figure out if you should get involved or not? Trust your instincts, Scorpio! They are your best tool! If you get the feeling someone is incapable of this wholesome togetherness, might not be a red flag for others, but it is for you!


Still Looking, Scorpio?

Your soul mate is hiding…

If you still haven´t found your better half, you’re probably pretty picky, and no one can blame you for that. Have you thought that maybe you´re looking in the wrong places? Here are some spots you need to hit according to your compatibility chart.

If you can already feel the gentleness and understanding side of your Pisces soul mate, vibe him or her at a museum, symphony, or any artistic event.

There’s a huge possibility your mate is a Cancer… just like at least a couple of your friends? This one might be harder to find, and there´s a big chance it´s going to be through family members or acquaintances.

Your Cap soul mate is always working, which means you will have to go find him or her either at a conference, or a happy hour networking event. Sound boring? Trust us, this serious lover will blow your mind.