Be More Touchable, Libra

Ways to make your body glow with a sexy, welcoming allure…

There’s nothing like a pair of shapely arms—the better to hold your beloved, no? You love to walk, but change it up now and then. Tone up your guns and build a bit of upper body strength by swinging kettle bells, doing some yoga, or pumping out a few old-school push-ups (no equipment necessary).

Give your triceps, biceps, and even wrists and hands a workout. Get some professional coaching if you’re a newbie, and look for inspiration—how about fellow Libra Serena Williams? Slowly increase the effort and you’ll see beautiful results in no time.

Don’t Feel Blue—Wear It, Libra!

Chase away a case of the blues by wearing this color…

When most people say they’re feeling “blue” they mean they feel sad. But for you, the color makes you happy. It brings you peace and calms your soul. If you’re feeling stressed, take some deep breaths under a cloudless blue sky or near a serene azure lake. Paint your bedroom walls robin’s egg blue to encourage restful sleep.Spruce up your wardrobe with a variety of hues from cobalt to aqua—they harmonize with practically everything. (What doesn’t go with denim?) For punch, add a flash of pink, red, or yellow and feel like a million bucks.

How to Show Off Your Libra Style

How Libras can flaunt their looks without being snobby…

You prefer clothing that is attractive, well made, and quietly elegant. The Libra woman gravitates to feminine dresses. Floral patterns and lace? Bring ‘em on! You rock in soft shades of blue, pink, yellow, lavender, or green.

You love balance, so complement that outfit with appropriate accessories. Colorful footwear, a subtly trendy skirt, and a tastefully skin-baring blouse will secure you a well-earned place on the social scene. And you Libra men can add a touch of romance to your style with a bit of a retro vibe.

Libra Signature Style

There’s one piece missing from your wardrobe—get it now!

Actress Kate Winslet, a fellow Libra, is the epitome of your sign’s special qualities of genteel grace, balance, and beauty. She can make something as utilitarian as a wristwatch look sexy.

If you haven’t yet invested in a signature piece, why not give it a whirl? It must be elegant, of course, but it needn’t be boring. Perhaps one that includes a few of your favorite things, like rose gold, coral, or sapphires? And you’re so beguiling—don’t be surprised if your desired bauble arrives as a beautifully wrapped gift!

Need a Vacation, Libra?

Stressed out? Step out of the stilettos and into these instead…

If you’ve been burning the midnight oil, perhaps it’s time to take a well-earned hiatus. You love luxury, but you don’t have to break the bank to pamper yourself.  Traveling to Hawaii, the Bahamas, or Mexico may be beyond your means, but you can still luxuriate in a sauna and relax into a hot-stone treatment or massage.

Stepping into some spa slippers may be easier than it seems. Search online for a day spa in your town offering special packages and discounts. Once you’re inside, the herbal scents and soothing sounds will erase any trace of the outdoor world and ease your cares away. If you still can’t splurge on this, make an at-home spa with bath salts, candles, music, give yourself a pedi… the works!

Are Libras Too Sweet?

You may be overdosing on something you love. Cut back on this…

You know how much you love sugary treats and rich desserts—they’re your weakness! But too much of the sweet stuff contributes to more than cavities and weight gain. It can lead to heart disease, liver disease, and some types of cancer. Yowza! If you need to curb carbs, you don’t have to go cold turkey.

  1. Sip drinks without the added sugar, like water, seltzer water, and unsweetened tea or coffee.
  2. Choose snacks without sugar. Try fresh fruit instead.
  3. Eat fewer refined carbs like white pasta, bread, and crackers.
  4. Eliminate hidden sugars like the ones in salad dressings. Yes, you’ll have to read labels!
  5. Keep it up. Treat yourself now and then, but that sugar-rush craving can be beat.

Lessen Libra Headaches

Ease tension and aches with this tip just for Libra…

It takes a lot of brain power to keep everything in balance. Seeing all sides to every issue can wreak havoc on your head! When you get a headache, your brain is too busy reacting to stimuli, like sounds, to think straight. The best way to deal with the head throbbing is to keep it from starting. Know your triggers, drink plenty of water, and practice deep breathing. If a tension headache sneaks up on you, try to relieve it without meds. Try taking a walk or watching a movie (no explosion-filled blockbuster, please) to take your mind off the discomfort.

Libra Memory Boosters

Tricks Libras can use to improve their memory…

Air sign Libra’s brain is your pride and joy. But information overload could be sapping your memory. Forget where you parked your car? Can’t remember your bicycle lock’s combination? And just what is the name of that hottie you met last week?

No, you aren’t getting old or losing your marbles. Depending on smart phones, GPS, and wikis for all that data we used to remember makes your brain lazy! But you can do something about it. Memory boosters include coffee, exercise, squishy stress balls, and omega-3s. If you can remember all that, you can strengthen your mental muscle!

Stand Up, Libras


The trick to looking and feeling your best…

Your mother told you a thousand times, and it turns out she was right! Good posture puts your body in balance, lifts your spirits, and has health benefits. It can relieve many chronic aches and pains.

Libra rules the lower back, and if yours is arched, with your pelvis back and belly forward, it can lead to pain in the lower back and butt. Correct it by strengthening your abs and stretching your hips and hamstrings.

Lie on your back with knees slightly bent, arms at your sides, palms down.

Keeping your neck straight, lift your head and shoulders off the floor and reach toward your feet.

Hold for five seconds, then slowly lower your head to the floor.

Do two sets of ten.

Go Play Outside, Libra!

The cool way a Libra can get a mood and health boost…

Sad to say, people just aren’t spending enough time outdoors these days–and that’s bad for our health! Just a few hours a week spent with Mother Nature can help combat heart disease and could lower breast cancer risk. What’s more, it relaxes the parts of your brain associated with focus, attention, and self-control, and as an air sign, you can appreciate that!

Tell your boss that your trip to a national park really will improve your performance at work! And if you can’t get away for a long walk, some studies suggest that just looking at green space—even the trees outside your window—can help reduce muscle tension and blood pressure.