Make Better Decisions, Sagittarius

How a Sag can make the right choice every time…

Everybody gets little stressed when they have to make a big decision (yes, even you), but there are ways to make the process easier. If the stakes are high and you have two choices (we’re not talking blue or green shirt here), take the time to ask yourself if there are really only two options. Perhaps you’re thinking about ending a relationship—maybe your S.O. told you what to do one too many times! Are the only options really to break up or stay together? Is it an all-or-nothing deal? Consider taking a break from each other for, say, two weeks. That sounds a lot less harsh than, “I’m outta here!”

Expect the Unexpected, Aquarius!

This planet might make Aquarians act a bit crazy…

With Uranus as your sign’s ruler, you had better be prepared for anything! This planet is associated with science, technology, invention, and the future, yes, but it’s also the planet of the unusual, upheaval, and revolution! Uranus represents your deeper purpose, which will only be revealed to you over the course of your lifetime.

If you experience sudden or unusual events, flashes of insight, or unexpected change, you are feeling this planet’s guiding force. Uranus encourages you to use all your intelligence and resourcefulness to take advantage of the gifts sent your way. They won’t come around twice!

The World Is a Libra Fan Club

How Libras can make the most of their popularity…

You were born to interact with the public, and that is not an insignificant gift! While it’s true that you do best in home and work environments that are calm, supportive, and congenial (so perhaps not the DMV), there are plenty of other options that would feed your need to schmooze.

The world is your oyster, especially if you like working in restaurants! Whether you design bouquets, sell beach-front properties, host elegant parties, or style hair, you’re happiest when you have the chance to interact with your adoring public!

Libra: Champion of the Underdog

Libras help to make sure everyone has a chance at triumph!

As an air sign, you’re brainy. That’s a given. But something others might not know about you is that you will fight tooth and nail for those less fortunate. That’s your sense of justice coming out in all its glory. Since you’re also a primo strategist, you can vanquish your opponents before they know what hit them.

Take care, however, that you don’t focus all that energy and brainpower on others at the expense of looking out for number one. You could relinquish a bit of your independence if you do, and nobody wants that!

It’s All in Libra’s Details

Never worry that a Libra will overlook these things…

With Venus, the most beautiful goddess of all, as your ruler, there is no way that ugliness will intrude on your sensibilities. “Refinement” could be your middle name. You take pride in your appearance and always strive to look your best in well-made, flattering clothes and stylish hair.

Your surroundings benefit from that same eye for detail, and that’s why people love coming over to your place. They know they’ll be indulged, well fed, and made to feel important in your care. Why not throw a small party and put those stellar qualities to good use?

Libras Promote Peace

Keeping the peace is great, but not at this cost…

You are the calm at the center of the storm, the still point amid raging turmoil—or at least that’s your goal. You love peace and hate conflict (although you’re pretty darn good at resolving that). You are the silky smooth and fragrant oil that greases the wheels of social interaction, in all its varied forms, and calms the roiling waters of disagreement. Despite your desire to be a friend to all and enemy to none, take care that you don’t try to be all things to all people and lose yourself in the process.

World’s Best Moderator: Libra

The biggest role a Libra will ever play…

If you don’t make your living as a peace negotiator on the world stage, you should. Nobody can mediate a dispute the way you can. Your ability to see all sides of an issue is unparalleled. You have a deep sense of fair play, and you can debate your views with equanimity and intelligence.

And while some think that all this prevents you from making decisions, au contraire. You can—once you abandon the notion that everything must work out in a perfect 50/50 balance. Try it and see.

Make Smarter Decisions, Libra

How Libras can be sure they make the right choice…

Libra is the sign of cooperation, equality, and fairness. You’re renowned for your ability to see both sides of every issue, and it truly is a gift. But it can also make you indecisive, which is a bad thing if you have a really, really important decision to make. When you’re trying to figure out if you should take that job, end that relationship, or launch that business, you just can’t wait for the planets to align!

As counterintuitive as it may seem, try flipping a coin. Experiments indicate that people were happier when the coin flip said “quit.” Alternatively, if you just “know” the heads or tails answer is wrong, trust your gut. And get down off that fence!

Libra’s Beautifying Fruit

This fruit has especially powerful benefits for Libras…

One of Libra’s fruits is the beautiful, crimson pomegranate. Don’t be put off by the tough rind! That hard shell hides jewel-like seeds that are powerhouses of vitamin C and antioxidants. Sprinkle them on salads or yogurt, add them to roasted meat dishes, or stir them in oatmeal along with a few pistachios.

Deep-red pomegranate juice may help prevent hardening of the arteries, and the juice’s antioxidants may even reverse some damage caused by the condition. For a delicious mock-tail, mix three ounces pomegranate juice, three ounces apple juice, one teaspoon honey, and two ounces lime seltzer in an ice-filled glass. Garnish with lime zest and toast your health!

Take Some “Libra” Time

Isn’t it time you did this for yourself, Libra?

Like all Libras, you look out for others, calm confusion, and settle disagreements. But always striving to be “World’s Most Understanding Friend” can be exhausting! Return to your center by taking a walk on a labyrinth, a historical symbol of rebirth (Libra rules walking, after all).

There are thousands of labyrinths around the world. And unlike a maze, you can’t get lost. Instead, as you slowly follow the curved path, you’ll begin to focus within. There are no choices to make, no disputes to resolve, just peaceful contemplation to enjoy. You’ll be refreshed and renewed and ready to return to your dog-eat-dog workaday world!