What does The Weeknd’s psychology tell us about them?

Consciousness and The Ideal of Self:

Because of The Weeknd’s unconscious feelings of insecurity, he is a serious, steadfast individual who tries to stay grounded. His ambitions are strong, and he will always be seeking a higher social position. He sometimes adopts a strategy of solitude and introversion.

The Weeknd’s personality and behavior are liable to be disrupted by a contradiction between the masculine and feminine archetypes ruling his psyche. Because his sensitivity is in conflict with his determination, his attitude and performance may be moody, fluctuating, and uncertain. Usually, he has the feeling he has to make superhuman efforts to succeed in assuaging his yearnings and fulfilling his ambitions. His unconscious, sensitive side often disapproves of his conscious endeavors and stealthily works to defeat them, causing crucial omissions, mistakes, and gaps which effectively sabotage his plans. In his relationships, the images he builds up and projects on the other are contradictory. As a result, any bond, even if it is pleasant and positive, also grates on his nerves. He finds it dissatisfying and irritating at the same time.

The Weeknd has a great potential for creative, constructive accomplishments; however, it is sometimes difficult for The Weeknd to gain access to this part of himself. The Weeknd is confident in himself and life but may tend to be nonchalant. The Weeknd sometimes needs a little stimulation to get himself rolling and take some initiative. The Weeknd’s optimism and inner certainty do not always drive him to give his utmost efforts to achieve a goal. The communications skills The Weeknd possesses are an advantage as well as a handicap. The Weeknd makes use of his theatrical gifts, convincing eloquence, and ability to listen. The best careers for The Weeknd would be teaching, communications, philosophy, the legal profession, theater, and public relations.

Adaptation and Sensitivity:

The Weeknd is winning and attractive. They have an appetite for intense emotional experiences, especially in terms of their relationships. Enjoying the power of their personal appeal, they easily control their emotions and only rarely reveal the true depth of their feelings.

Because their instincts take precedence over their sensitivity, they are capable of becoming jealous, possessive, and even rather harsh, without meaning to. More of a flirt than a voluptuary, they are attentive to desire. As a result, their love life will sometimes be casual and complicated.

The Weeknd has a sensitive and affectionate nature. He seeks tenderness and gentleness more than passion. His relationships with others are smooth and pleasant, and he has a natural sense of tact and social grace.

Out of either shyness or caution, The Weeknd hides and protects his sensitivity behind a fairly cool, aloof exterior. He is fairly conservative, respectful of tradition and convention, and likes to follow the rules. Because he needs stability to alleviate his feelings of frustration and sometimes emotional dependency, he has great faith in contracts which seal relationships. His ties to his past are fairly strong. They are a source of reassurance and safety, because his parents likely gave a lot to him.

Sexuality is an important part of The Weeknd’s life, and their relationships are most often determined by their instincts. If The Weeknd has a relationship that is exclusively satisfying sexually, however, they might feel frustration, because they are driven by a kind of unconscious guilt to seek fulfillment for their heart and soul as well. The Weeknd tends to be a rather excessive and tormented partner, who often re-evaluates the bonds that connect them to their partners.

Love and Sensuality:

The Weeknd is sometimes afraid to love – the world of their feelings is characterized by a certain chill and restraint. But they are not unfeeling; on the contrary, their sensitivity is so delicate that they are careful to protect it. Their determination to maintain control of their feelings and force their emotions to obey the laws of reason may stand in the way of intimacy and joy.

The Weeknd’s birth chart indicates an emotional function which is expressed in a direct and fairly impulsive way. The Weeknd enjoys reaching out to other people and making discoveries. An eternal teenager with The Weeknd’s gaze riveted on the future, The Weeknd is imbued with an eminently subjective and personal idealism.

Half angel, half demon, The Weeknd is attracted to troubled and complicated individuals. His taste for independence and his need for unconventional personal development are betrayed by the power and compulsion of his instincts. As a result, he falls in love when his least expects it, with the type of person he is usually least attracted to… or who is unavailable. He is unlikely to institutionalize his commitments with marriage.

The Weeknd is realistic and demanding, and expects a great deal from their partner without giving much of themselves in exchange. They may tend to be frustrated to the point that they remain single or refuse any emotional expression for themselves, but derive a certain pleasure in their self-control and self-discipline. They may experience a great passion, but it may end sadly due to a trick of fate. A marriage of reason might be the best way for them to go.

The Weeknd is hypersensitive and tends to relive the anxieties, apprehensions, and romantic absolutes of his first love relationships, which occurred around the ages of 13-14 years or 20-21 years. The Weeknd is exquisitely sensitive, but almost completely barricaded behind a layer of aloofness. The Weeknd will not settle for anything less than eternal commitment, total harmony, and absolute loyalty. The Weeknd is sometimes presumed to be cold, even by those close to him. The Weeknd usually hides his emotional reactions or does not even allow them to reach the level of his consciousness, in an effort to protect his sensitivity, which he sees as his weak point. The Weeknd is fairly vulnerable, even in the intimacy of a stable and established relationship. Usually, the Weeknd will disguise his strong feelings as a kind of possessiveness or even jealousy. Certain misfortunes may arouse a negative emotional state inside him, and he feels unworthy of the love which is lavished on him. This psychological prohibition which rules over all of his desires and affects should loosen with the passage of time; likewise, his fear of approaching the other will diminish. As a result, the second part of his romantic life will be more rewarding. In any case, if he wants to experience a harmonious love relationship and gratify himself emotionally, the defense mechanisms he has elaborated to make himself inaccessible to others will have to be dismantled. Any profound relationship will also require that he learn how to forget himself occasionally in the other.

Mental and Intellect:

The Weeknd is a flexible individual, and their intellectual faculties draw on sudden flashes of pure intuition as well as logical, rational thought. They have progressive, inventive, and sometimes utopian ideas; they usually relate to human or social problems. They always strive to be in the vanguard, creating a better world for the future.

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