What does RiceGum’s psychology tell us about them?

Consciousness and The Ideal of Self:

RiceGum is determined to obtain a superlative grip on their emotional urges; they practice holding back their impulses and controlling them. Although it is not an easy apprenticeship, they want to be able to bear strain with patience, endurance, and stamina. More than anyone else, they are aware of the need for a solid and stable foundation as a prerequisite to any effective action.

RiceGum has a paternal complex and, as a result, some trouble finding his identity. Perhaps his father or a father figure was absent physically or emotionally during his childhood, which deprived him of the patterns or models which are usually helpful in structuring a personality. Because he might have lacked a particular sense of security which could be provided by a paternal presence, as well as the examples of behavior to follow in confronting the difficulties inherent in every life, he was forced to protect himself against negative influences and find his own system in order to grow and feel secure.

Although this system was quite useful to him as a child, it has now settled in to such a degree that it interferes with his evolution. Psychological defense mechanisms and crutches which were once useful now encumber his mind or inhibit his developmental efforts. As a result, in certain situations, it is difficult for him to assert himself, and he tends to remain an awkward or passive observer. Because his authoritarian urges are mainly directed at himself rather than others, he sometimes feels guilty about his behavior. He judges himself severely, and sometimes punishes himself by setting difficult tasks for himself. Gradually, he should build up a strong inner discipline and acquire the strength to face the problems of existence in a detached and mature way.

At the moment of RiceGum’s birth, the two celestial “lights” (the sun and the moon) were symmetrically aligned. This is a portent of harmony between the masculine and feminine archetypes which is extremely beneficial. It is the source of balance and understanding between the two main psychological realms which may be said to compose the personality. RiceGum thus enjoys a positive complementarity and understanding between the conscious and unconscious aspects of his psyche, between his determination and his routines, between his drive for self-assertion and his receptivity, his ideal and his sensitivity.

RiceGum’s parents almost certainly reflected a positive image of the marriage relationship to him, and it is likely that they encouraged him to develop his own individuality. As a result, RiceGum was and is able to be comfortable with himself as he is instead of striving to attain his parents’ ideal. This has definitely contributed to the maintenance of a good relationship with them and the rest of the family.

In RiceGum’s emotional relationships with his peers, one of the effects of the masculine/feminine harmony is that the images his ego projects on the other are especially constructive. The bonds of the relationship are not felt to be constraints, the energy which flows between the two people is a source of mutual happiness, not regret. No major personal conflicts are projected onto the “other” – that is, the significant other.

RiceGum’s character is fairly strong-willed, and he is mindful of going about his purposes with maximum efficiency. When he relates to other people, he sometimes has trouble expressing his emotions, but he does have a lively sensitivity and are capable of lasting passion. As he grows older, he is quite likely to come into his own and acquire great intellectual and spiritual wisdom. His honesty, integrity, and sense of duty will win him recognition and appreciation. Passing time will be a very important factor in his destiny, and his greatest accomplishments will guarantee him stability and prosperity. Although he is not especially enterprising, he will move into a high career position as soon as he feel sure of his abilities.

Although RiceGum keeps a tight grip on his emotions, he has an appetite for intense emotional thrills, especially in his relationships, and is sometimes upset by them. Feelings of insecurity may keep him from expressing his emotions, and he tends at times to become jealous or possessive of the person he loves. The force of his emotional drives is intense and especially evident when he has been wounded in some way in the course of a love affair, or if he feels as though someone, a friend or lover, has betrayed him. He has a tendency to be masochistic and thrive on suffering. He may abandon himself to his emotional fears and trifle with his inner vulnerability.

RiceGum has a profound and fertile inner life and a prolific imagination, but their energy resources are not always sufficient to follow through on and accomplish their multitude of dreams. They tend to live in osmosis with their environment, and effort and action take a heavy toll on them. Usually, they understand phenomena and events intuitively, without really making any effort; so they are not in the habit of disciplining or shaping their thought processes. Like their thoughts, their personality is rather amorphous and disorganized. As a result of this lack of structure, they may have some trouble asserting their individuality and making some personal contribution to society through their career. Their tendency to shut out reality and dream impossible dreams, like their refusal of responsibility and duty, may be a source of some difficulty for them.

RiceGum’s complex and sometimes rather extremist personality is rooted in an instinctual drive which dwarfs mere rationalism. RiceGum finds the dark side of existence alluring and is attracted to mystery and the occult. RiceGum delightedly immerses himself in the depths of human experience, stretching his intellectual, emotional, and spiritual resources to their maximum.

Adaptation and Sensitivity:

Hypersensitive, RiceGum is extremely receptive to the mood in his surroundings. He is unconsciously able to perceive the parapsychic signals or aura people give off, in addition to their words. As a result, RiceGum is extremely compassionate and ready to devote himself to their well-being. His imagination has formulated the dream of an ideal life, and he sometimes feels ill-equipped for the realities of this existence. He tends to dodge difficult situations. With his partner, RiceGum seeks fusion.

RiceGum maintains strong ties with their past, and it often seems difficult for them to open their heart to new people. Their love affairs might exist on the surface level, because their lust and sensual desire rarely turn into a need to understand, protect, and care for the other. Moreover, it is difficult for them to meet partners who combine the ideals of the tender parent and the great lover.

Although RiceGum’s demeanor is cool and distant, RiceGum is extremely sensitive. In some cases, RiceGum’s rather austere and rigid behavior and RiceGum’s refusal to yield too readily to sentimentality discourage others from being too demonstrative of their tenderness and affection. RiceGum has spells of melancholy in which RiceGum does not feel worthy of being loved and tend to forbid RiceGumself emotional fulfillment. An austere or somewhat traumatic childhood experience may be the source of this behavior. RiceGum may have suffered rejection in RiceGum’s infancy, and, as a result, lacked the parental love which is essential to the cohesion of a personality and identity. In order to feel secure, and to protect RiceGumself from ever suffering rejection or abandonment again, RiceGum withdrew into RiceGumself and developed RiceGum’s aloofness as a defense mechanism. When RiceGum finally lets down RiceGum’s defenses and allows RiceGumself to express RiceGum’s feelings, RiceGum tends to become impassioned and exalted. RiceGum is fairly introverted and egocentric and has a powerful sense of RiceGum’s own identity.

Sometimes sensitive and emotive, RiceGum cringes from life, passively hoping for a better future, a utopian society, or a transcendent state of consciousness. However, by taking refuge in dreams, RiceGum may expose himself to adversity, both socially and in his private life.

RiceGum’s extreme sensitivity and irrepressible imagination sometimes cause trouble distinguishing dreams from reality. Although RiceGum’s imagination can be an abundant source of inspiration for creative or spiritual evolution, it tends to be less helpful and positive in matters that concern earning a decent living out in the real world. In a relationship, RiceGum is extremely romantic and does not always see others the way they really are. RiceGum has elegant tastes and art and beauty are one of RiceGum’s chief pleasures in life.

RiceGum does not always readily reveal themselves, and they tend to protect their sensitivity. They have a penchant for intense emotions. Sexuality is a prominent element in their life, and their relationships, which are usually passionate, are motivated by their desires. They like to understand the hidden side of people, their secret or unconfessed motivations. They would thus find a career which placed them in contact with troubled people especially rewarding.

Love and Sensuality:

RiceGum tries to express their affections in the most graceful and harmonious way possible. Indeed, they have an innate sense of harmony and strive for a love relationship characterized by balance and perfection. They tend to idealize both their partner and the institution of marriage. Any disillusionment they encounter in the pursuit of their ideal may be experienced as a frustration. They do not always ply their powers of seduction skillfully.

RiceGum’s birth chart indicates an emotional function which is expressed in a direct and fairly impulsive way. RiceGum enjoys reaching out to other people and making discoveries. An eternal teenager with RiceGum’s gaze riveted on the future, RiceGum is imbued with an eminently subjective and personal idealism.

RiceGum is a blend of strength and weakness. His unconscious mind is amazingly powerful, and he may have out-of-body experiences. Emotionally, he is especially attracted to the strong, silent type – those who are able to understand him and protect him from himself and others.

RiceGum has high hopes and their capacity for love could be eroded if they connect with someone who is more interested in their own affairs than in ensuring the happiness of their relationship. In this situation, their charm means that they will never be short of a shoulder to cry on. A second marriage may be happier than the first.

RiceGum has an ardent and amorous character, and their relationships are enlivened by intensity and passion. A charmer perpetually engaged in a quest for the ideal love, they are often more in love with the idea of love than with a partner. As a result, their love life may be subject to some instability. They are generally attracted to original people who defy norms, standards, and classifications, and expect them to amaze and fascinate them. Their greatest contradictions surface when an intimate relationship is established. Although they merge their ego entirely into the couple, they are likely to demand a total autonomy and liberty which are inimical to intimacy. If their partner charms and captivates them long enough, there is some possibility that they will form a more solid bond with them; otherwise, they are likely to yield to their need for novelty and fall under the spell of an entirely different person who exerts a new kind of charm for them.

Midlife may be a turning point for them from this point of view. Their contradictory attitude may in some ways hide a compulsion to reject and deny the bonds of dependency inherent to a love relationship. Their behavior enables them to remain aloof, to commit themselves only halfway without consciously admitting it to themselves, and to avoid feeling guilty if and when they lose interest. An insatiable appetite for novelty and exaltation sometimes keeps them from forming stable relationships.

Indeed, they are tormented by the struggle between their undeniable need for affection and an equally imperious desire for personal progress and emancipation. As a result of this inner turmoil, their romantic aspirations are usually sabotaged sooner or later by their conviction that their partner has become an obstacle to their individual progress. Because they think of love as a restraint, they may even eventually consciously refuse any emotional approach to love interests. As an ascetic, they will try to deflect the love function from its natural target and use the energy and bliss it generates for other purposes, the process psychologists call sublimation. However, they are also likely to meet “the one” who inspires them to initiate a change in their behavior.

You have a romantic imagination, soaring with idealism, dreams, and poetry. I am emotive and hypersensitive, making me especially vulnerable emotionally, since I am sometimes overwhelmed by my feelings and affects. Although I seek an ideal soulmate, a partner with whom I could maintain blissful, smooth relations, I am sometimes met with disillusionment. Because my rather excessive sensitivity and my need to merge with the other are deep and powerful enough, they can submerge my judgment and discernment, so I sometimes form extremely intense bonds too quickly with individuals who are not appropriate partners in many ways. When I meet someone, I fall under the enchantment of my dream of ideal love and cannot keep myself from delighting in a reverie of future romance, placing the other on a pedestal. Early on in the relationship, I yield to another of my characteristic urges and lose myself in the individual who is so dear to me, melding with them, only to awaken one morning and find myself as if in the arms of a stranger, greatly astounded and disappointed. Actually, my psyche is constructed in such a way as to make my sensitivity a function of the environment, in many cases; it follows the flow of momentary emotions and impressions. Before I take on any major commitments, I should make a conscious effort to evaluate the relationship realistically, and see whether the person really reciprocates my intense love, for I may merely be in love with the mirage of an ideal partner. My tendency to believe in my illusions may mark me as an easy prey for people with bad intentions. It would be a good idea for me to find a different object for my affections, or a form of sublimation, because I tend to be so disappointed by my great emotional investments. The delicacy and subtlety of my imagination procure artistic refinement for me, and I love the arts, music, and literature, which could all be good sources of emotional involvement and fulfillment. Because my sensitivity also makes it easy for me to empathize with the psychological or social difficulties my peers are struggling with, I might also find it rewarding to commit myself to social work.

Mental and Intellect:

More theoretical than logical and more intuitive than rational, RiceGum’s thought patterns come to the fore when they are applied to a vast subject. RiceGum is attracted to wide open spaces and distant horizons; as a scholar, RiceGum feels an affinity for higher studies such as philosophy or law. However, foreign languages or contacts abroad might also interest RiceGum.

RiceGum tries to shun subjectivity and be as objective as possible. His thoughts are usually structured, and his reasoning, based on objective facts or experience, usually relates to practical goals.

RiceGum has a lively and agile spirit, but tends to apply mental abilities in a somewhat haphazard and disorderly way. RiceGum is curious and open-minded, approaching various life experiences with an attitude free of either dogmatism or prejudice. The extremely lively mind leads to having an opinion on every subject.

Although enjoying manipulating expressions and concepts and amusing others and RiceGumself with witty remarks, conversations could collapse into argument and conflict.

Because often too hasty to formulate and construct the arguments which would back up and inform ideas, RiceGum is sometimes misunderstood. Often blind to the rashness of judgments and convinced they are well-founded and objective, which sometimes irritates the people around RiceGum. Actually, the overriding need to assert RiceGumself as an individual sometimes defeats discussion and prevents from listening to the other person fairly. But if to succeed in disciplining the mind somewhat, there would be innumerable opportunities to apply communications skills to a great career.

Moreover, RiceGum should be careful of nerves, which are fairly high-strung. Any physical fitness activity would be beneficial; an Eastern discipline such as yoga or Tai-chi-chuan could teach how to relax and improve control of nervous and mental energies.

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