What does Loren Gray’s psychology tell us about them?

Consciousness and The Ideal of Self:

Loren Gray is searching for stability; Loren Gray wants to find a firm, unchanging structure for Loren Gray’s life. But Loren Gray’s efforts to achieve this ideal are often vain, because unconsciously, Loren Gray is also inhabited by the opposite desire. Every time Loren Gray reaches what Loren Gray believes to be a good balance, Loren Gray realizes Loren Gray wants something entirely different. Loren Gray would do well to become aware that the concepts of stability and balance are difficult to apply to life. By definition, life is movement, change, and perpetual instability.

Loren Gray’s personality and behavior are liable to be disrupted by a contradiction between the masculine and feminine archetypes ruling her psyche. Because her sensitivity is in conflict with her determination, her attitude and performance may be moody, fluctuating, and uncertain. Usually, she has the feeling she has to make superhuman efforts to succeed in assuaging her yearnings and fulfilling her ambitions. Her unconscious, sensitive side often disapproves of her conscious endeavors and stealthily works to defeat them, causing crucial omissions, mistakes, and gaps which effectively sabotage her plans. In her relationships, the images she builds up and projects on the other are contradictory. As a result, any bond, even if it is pleasant and positive, also grates on her nerves. She finds it dissatisfying and irritating at the same time.

Loren Gray enjoys sharing and has a constant need for contact with other people. Loren tends to be free and uninhibited in relations with other people, rarely allowing Loren to be influenced by convention or prevailing opinion; Loren associates with whomever Loren pleases. This attitude makes Loren’s life refreshing and exciting, and Loren is never bored. In career terms, Loren is quite gifted for any field related to communication, where Loren’s intellectual singularity and lively wit would make Loren an amazing hit. Loren would also be likely to succeed in any activity where the work required a multidisciplinary approach: teaching, advertising, politics, etc.

Adaptation and Sensitivity:

Mild and sensitive, Loren Gray is deeply human. Loren Gray is sociable and sincerely devoted to others. Loren Gray’s mother or a mother-figure had a strong influence on Loren Gray’s psyche, and Loren Gray’s childhood was an important time in Loren Gray’s life. Loren Gray still identifies with vivid childhood memories; they are the basis for Loren Gray’s reveries, for Loren Gray’s extreme sensitivity, and for habits which Loren Gray may be slow to break. However, Loren Gray will thrive in the shelter of a family setting, soothed by the presence of a spouse and children. Loren Gray is fond of security and routine; being somewhat impressionable and anxious, Loren Gray may have trouble adjusting to situations which are unfamiliar.

Loren Gray has a sensitive and affectionate nature. She seeks tenderness and gentleness more than passion. Her relationships with others are smooth and pleasant, and she has a natural sense of tact and social grace.

Love and Sensuality:

Loren Gray has a sensual and affectionate nature which is sensitive to physical attraction. This type of sensitivity, combined with Loren’s productive urges, may be expressed in an artistic form. As for Loren’s feelings, they are usually slow to take root. But once Loren is conquered by love, Loren forms a deep and lasting bond. Although Loren is loyal, Loren may also display a tendency to be somewhat possessive.

Loren Gray’s birth chart indicates an emotional function which is usually expressed carefully and reasonably. Distrustful of her emotional urges and somewhat wary of her feelings, she tries to rid herself of all partiality and try to get some perspective and distance before making an emotional commitment.

According to the aforesaid, it appears that Loren Gray is more or less torn between two different sides of their nature. Their desire to impress conflicts with their attachment to the nest; their social ambitions contradict their need for security; and their natural self-focus is hard to reconcile with their altruism. They are likely to marry a prominent person – one they can be proud of. Their own social position may disappoint them, but their family will give them satisfactions they missed out on.

Loren Gray’s emotions are fleeting and transitory, and they are extremely curious about sexuality. As a partner in a relationship, Loren Gray manages to obtain what they want without committing themselves and always succeeds in being forgiven for their mistakes. Their companion will no doubt be a devoted person.

Loren Gray has an ardent and amorous character, and their relationships are enlivened by intensity and passion. A charmer perpetually engaged in a quest for the ideal love, they are often more in love with the idea of love than with a partner. As a result, their love life may be subject to some instability. They are generally attracted to original people who defy norms, standards, and classifications, and expect them to amaze and fascinate them. Their greatest contradictions surface when an intimate relationship is established. Although they merge their ego entirely into the couple, they are likely to demand a total autonomy and liberty which are inimical to intimacy. If their partner charms and captivates them long enough, there is some possibility that they will form a more solid bond with them; otherwise, they are likely to yield to their need for novelty and fall under the spell of an entirely different person who exerts a new kind of charm for them.

Midlife may be a turning point for Loren Gray from this point of view. Their contradictory attitude may in some ways hide a compulsion to reject and deny the bonds of dependency inherent to a love relationship. Their behavior enables them to remain aloof, to commit themselves only halfway without consciously admitting it to themselves, and to avoid feeling guilty if and when they lose interest. An insatiable appetite for novelty and exaltation sometimes keeps them from forming stable relationships.

Indeed, Loren Gray is tormented by the struggle between their undeniable need for affection and an equally imperious desire for personal progress and emancipation. As a result of this inner turmoil, their romantic aspirations are usually sabotaged sooner or later by their conviction that their partner has become an obstacle to their individual progress. Because they think of love as a restraint, they may even eventually consciously refuse any emotional approach to love interests. As an ascetic, they will try to deflect the love function from its natural target and use the energy and bliss it generates for other purposes, the process psychologists call sublimation. However, they are also likely to meet “the one” who inspires them to initiate a change in their behavior.

Mental and Intellect:

Loren Gray is somewhat plodding but realistic and pragmatic. Because Loren is chiefly preoccupied with the practical aspects of things, Loren is especially apt to develop more efficient production concepts. Although Loren’s good judgment and common sense provide Loren with an excellent ability to handle the tangible world (Loren is certainly clever, and can quickly assess the tangible value of things), Loren’s thought processes might be relatively impervious to abstract concepts and spiritual awakenings.

Loren Gray tries to shun subjectivity and be as objective as possible. His thoughts are usually structured, and his reasoning, based on objective facts or experience, usually relates to practical goals.

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