What does Kaitlynn Carter’s astrological guidance say about their future?

If Kaitlynn Carter really wants to improve and transform herself, the first step is to become aware of the weaknesses which may be holding her back and preventing her evolution:
-Kaitlynn’s perfectionism
-Kaitlynn’s tendency to hyperfocus on minutiae
-Kaitlynn’s over intellectualization
-Kaitlynn’s comfort with a constant state of worry

Kaitlynn Carter sometimes senses a conflict between her desire for social and professional success and her need for a stable, secure domestic life. She is deeply committed to both ideas and does not always succeed in reconciling their schedules and demands on her. Sometimes it feels as though she will never be able to find a balance. However, no job promotion will really satisfy her if she has neglected her most intimate needs and desires. Although it sometimes seems easier to her to climb the rungs of the career ladder out there in the real world, if she merely sacrifices her domestic life, she is only trying to fool herself. She should accept the fact that her domestic life is the true basis and foundation of her development. All her career endeavors and success will be even more rewarding if they are supported by a safe, warm personal life.

Kaitlynn Carter may experience discord in relationships. Although Kaitlynn is friendly and outgoing and commits Kaitlynn to friendships and partnerships, Kaitlynn often finds it difficult to balance Kaitlynn’s own needs, desires, and goals with the objective reality of others and their individual desires and needs.

To understand and overcome this problem, Kaitlynn should accept the idea that every relationship follows more or less the same general scheme: a base of intimacy and an accomplishment or purpose apart from the relationship itself. If Kaitlynn succeeds in defining, through discussion and communication, what sort of intimate relationship Kaitlynn and Kaitlynn’s partners want to maintain and what accomplishment or purpose they hope to achieve, many conflicts will be avoided.

Kaitlynn Carter can be hypersensitive and easily offended, although she frequently changes her opinion and doesn’t hold a grudge. She abhor conflict and is a good listener. Her key to self-improvement will be learning to control her impressionability.

Kaitlynn Carter’s mental processes are lightning quick. As a result, Kaitlynn tends to jump to conclusions and make immediate decisions before Kaitlynn knows all the facts. This rash and impetuous behavior could cause communications problems and arouse needless opposition in others. Kaitlynn’s mind is generally too busy with the immediate future to take time for careful analysis and reflection. Kaitlynn would do well to slow down and organize Kaitlynn before Kaitlynn speaks. However, the same behavior has a positive side. It can be of great use to Kaitlynn in rushed or quickly changing work situations, which require last-minute, immediate decisions.

Kaitlynn Carter reacts peremptorily to all opposition and will brook no contradiction. Her desires are sometimes imperious, and she expresses them impulsively, by fits and starts, which may elicit resentment and antagonism in her partners. Life will force her to set more universal goals and centers of interest for herself. It would be a good idea for her to release some excess internal tension through physical exercise.

Kaitlynn Carter might set unrealistic goals for herself and struggle with organization. These tendencies are particularly evident when it comes to her emotional relationships. In the beginning, she will idealize the potential partner, putting them on a pedestal, but then she will try to dodge her commitment and desperately plot to extricate herself. In other life pursuits, she tends to rush into activities, of which she might only have a crude, confused concept. Life could step in to urge her to slow down and induce her to organize herself with more patience and forethought.

To trust herself better and gain self-assurance, the first thing Kaitlynn Carter must do is learn to say no. Once she is capable of saying no to others, she can say yes to life. She must develop her awareness of all the things she loves and feel positive about, as well as all the changes she hopes to make in order to enjoy life more. This is the foundation that will support her, the inexhaustible source and center of the transformation of her personality. Infantile anxieties which arose in childhood when she was helpless may be obstacles to her evolution. Sometimes they actually prevent her from daring to confront challenges she would be altogether capable of assuming now! One of the reasons she yields to these childhood fears so readily is that they procure a feeling so familiar to her that, although it is negative, it is a reassuring part of her identity. However, the more often she reinforces this complex by yielding to that feeling, the more unaware she becomes of her true emotional state. The irrational childhood fears have also reinforced her pessimistic tendencies. It is difficult for her to believe in the sunny side of life because of the pernicious little voice inside her that claims she doesn’t really deserve all this goodness. This side of her could undermine her vitality and force her to compensate or flee from reality. In doing so, she would limit her power to bring about a positive change in herself or her life. It’s a vicious cycle, and to free herself, the first step is to free herself from the fears which prevent her from taking full advantage of life. She can succeed if she arranges a relaxed, positive environment for herself, establishes sincere relations with one or two special people, and, if possible, finds a setting – perhaps a yoga class – in which she can practice relaxation exercises.

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