What does Juanpa Zurita’s psychology tell us about them?

Consciousness and The Ideal of Self:

Juanpa Zurita seems passive and more or less resigned to his fate, including his insecurity. Actually, Juanpa is fairly introverted and withdrawn, trying to make sense out of his inner confusion and fathom his inner depths.

At the moment of Juanpa Zurita’s birth, the two celestial “lights” (the sun and the moon) were symmetrically aligned. This is a portent of harmony between the masculine and feminine archetypes which is extremely beneficial. It is the source of balance and understanding between the two main psychological realms which may be said to compose the personality. Juanpa Zurita thus enjoys a positive complementarity and understanding between the conscious and unconscious aspects of his psyche, between his determination and his routines, between his drive for self-assertion and his receptivity, his ideal and his sensitivity.

His parents almost certainly reflected a positive image of the marriage relationship to him, and it is likely that they encouraged him to develop his own individuality. As a result, he was and is able to be comfortable with himself as he is instead of striving to attain his parents’ ideal. This has definitely contributed to the maintenance of a good relationship with them and the rest of the family.

In his emotional relationships with his peers, one of the effects of the masculine/feminine harmony is that the images his ego projects on the other are especially constructive. The bonds of the relationship are not felt to be constraints, the energy which flows between the two people is a source of mutual happiness, not regret. No major personal conflicts are projected onto the “other” – that is, the significant other.

You may be subject to mood swings, going from phases of frenzy combined with a feeling of omnipotence and exaltation to phases of apathy and inertia. During your “highs,” your behavior is vigorous and dynamic, but it is also likely to be somewhat excessive. These periods tend to be interspersed with “lows,” phases of sluggishness and inhibition, which compensate for your immense need to assert yourself as an individual. How can Juanpa Zurita find a way out of this vicious cycle which uses up so much of your energy? Juanpa Zurita would have to understand that the source of your attitudes and behavior is an unconscious desire for power. We suggest that Juanpa Zurita meditate upon power, skills, mastery, challenge, desire, and need, your brothers (or brother substitutes, such as friends, cousins, or classmates) – who are key figures – and your adversaries. This should enlighten you. Of course, once you have a clear awareness of your career ambitions and profound desires, you are sure to have plenty of energy to accomplish them.

Juanpa Zurita has a taste for luxury and magnificence, for a dazzling social life and a distinguished career. When things are going well for Juanpa, Juanpa tends to think of Juanpa as the center of the universe, an attitude that those close to Juanpa do not always appreciate. Although Juanpa is quite likely to succeed in Juanpa’s ambition to become wealthy and popular and lead a remarkable life in the outer world, Juanpa’s lack of moderation and overweening self-confidence expose Juanpa to some danger. Juanpa’s exaggerated optimism could create difficulties for Juanpa by causing Juanpa to make errors in judgment.

Juanpa Zurita generally tends to be motivated by activities which apply to social needs. Juanpa Zurita tends to give the best of himself in difficult situations which require crucial choices. Juanpa Zurita’s ability to concentrate and his gift for solving problems by deductive reasoning are his chief resources in crisis situations or at turning points in his life.

Adaptation and Sensitivity:

An eloquent speaker and compulsive charmer, Juanpa Zurita has a powerful personal magnetism which may sometimes make him seem arrogant or smug. He cares a great deal about his reputation and will try hard to be admired and appreciated by the people around him. Fond of social events and parties, he likes to be the host, to entertain and charm a captive audience of guests. Indeed, he has special dramatic and artistic talents of the caliber necessary for success in film, theater, fashion, or art in general. He enjoys displaying his generosity, but he also displays a short temper at times; he is easily offended. His partner will have to be a brilliant person, strong and sure of themselves, devoted to him and capable of enhancing his reputation.

Juanpa Zurita has a lively and curious intelligence, the very opposite of empty rhetoric and studiousness. Juanpa is agile and adaptable and can not only analyze difficult situations objectively but also demonstrate a profound comprehension when faced with a psychological problem.

Juanpa is an expansive, affable, and communicative associate. Indeed, some people find Juanpa generous almost to a fault! Juanpa gives of Juanpa’s self and resources unstintingly. Paradoxically, there are times when Juanpa is self-focused. Juanpa reacts instinctively, without taking the trouble to analyze a given situation, and are prone to misjudge. As a result, Juanpa’s everyday life may be riddled with a whole variety of practical problems. Indeed, Juanpa senses a conflict between Juanpa’s social life and family and will sometimes find it hard to fulfill Juanpa’s self in both spheres at the same time. Juanpa’s attitude toward Juanpa’s private life may inhibit Juanpa’s ambitions for social or career expansion; at worst, society (the law) may impinge on Juanpa’s private life. Juanpa should be careful not to project Juanpa’s personal problems onto Juanpa’s partner. If, instead, the two of Juanpa analyzed the problem, Juanpa might be able to find opportunities to resolve it together.

Love and Sensuality:

Juanpa Zurita has a sensual and affectionate nature which is sensitive to physical attraction. This type of sensitivity, combined with Juanpa’s productive urges, may be expressed in an artistic form. As for Juanpa’s feelings, they are usually slow to take root. But once Juanpa is conquered by love, Juanpa forms a deep and lasting bond. Although Juanpa is loyal, Juanpa may also display a tendency to be somewhat possessive.

Juanpa Zurita’s birth chart indicates an emotional function which is usually expressed carefully and reasonably. Distrustful of his emotional urges and somewhat wary of his feelings, he tries to rid himself of all partiality and tries to get some perspective and distance before making an emotional commitment.

Juanpa Zurita is extremely understanding and knows how to empathize and get whatever he wants without even asking. His artistic nature requires refined and elegant surroundings. Indeed, he enjoys the social whirl and is a talented hostess. In a relationship, he requires perfect harmony of feeling. Only a scrumptious person who is attentive, admiring, and perfectly understanding will be able to fulfill him.

Juanpa Zurita would be better off not marrying at too early an age. He could avoid having to legitimize a youthful adventure, or getting trapped by questions of money. His ideal partner would probably be met relatively late in life.

Juanpa Zurita has a great emotional ideal, full of subtlety and tenderness. However, he tends to be overwhelmed by his imagination and may not be selective enough when choosing a partner. His romantic and trusting nature may make him vulnerable. Although he strives to establish peaceful, uncomplicated relations, he sometimes experiences painful disappointments. His artistic delicacy and refinement provide him with a sincere love of the arts, music, and literature. He is likely to be a gifted poet.

Mental and Intellect:

Juanpa Zurita is an intuitive thinker. He does not reason things out through a long, articulate, logical discourse; instead, he seizes the visions or insights that spontaneously flash into his consciousness. He thus has a form of immediate knowledge of various phenomena which is based neither on reasoning nor on any elaborate thought process or method. As a result, if Juanpa Zurita is an extrovert, he will possess an inventive, innovative spirit gifted for improvisation. If Juanpa Zurita is an introvert, his mind will be an abundant source of personal inner truths.

Juanpa Zurita tries to shun subjectivity and be as objective as possible. His thoughts are usually structured, and his reasoning, based on objective facts or experience, usually relates to practical goals.

Juanpa Zurita has a lively and agile spirit. He is curious and open-minded, approaching various life experiences without either dogmatism or prejudice. As a result of the liveliness of his mind, he tends to have an opinion on every subject, but he does not always have the patience or perspective necessary to examine a subject and gain in-depth knowledge of it.

Juanpa Zurita enjoys manipulating expressions and concepts and amuses himself with witty remarks, satire, and controversy. If he learned to control his flow of words better and elaborate his thoughts more, he might make a talented communicator.

Because Juanpa Zurita is often too hasty to formulate and construct the arguments which would back up and inform his ideas, he is sometimes misunderstood. Juanpa Zurita is often blind to the rashness of his judgments and convinced they are well-founded and objective, which sometimes irritates the people around him. If Juanpa Zurita were to succeed in disciplining his mind somewhat, he would have innumerable opportunities to apply his communications skills to a great career. However, Juanpa Zurita would do well to be careful of his nerves.

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