What does IShowSpeed’s psychology tell us about them?

Consciousness and The Ideal of Self:

I am trying to overcome my feelings of insecurity. To do so, I need a home: a dwelling, a territory, or perhaps a safe space or setting where I can rest, and let down my systems of defense against the outer world, which I find aggressive and hostile. I am ready to make some sacrifices in order to maintain and consolidate the structure I have chosen. True inner security, based on real knowledge of myself, my abilities, and my shortcomings, my strengths and my weaknesses would no doubt be most effective and would allow me to remain open to the varieties of experience offered by the world.

IShowSpeed has a paternal complex and, as a result, some trouble finding his identity. Perhaps his father or a father figure was absent physically or emotionally during his childhood, which deprived him of the patterns or models which are usually helpful in structuring a personality. Because he might have lacked a particular sense of security which could be provided by a paternal presence, as well as the examples of behavior to follow in confronting the difficulties inherent in every life, he was forced to protect himself against negative influences and find his own system in order to grow and feel secure.

Although this system was quite useful to him as a child, it has now settled in to such a degree that it interferes with his evolution. Psychological defense mechanisms and crutches which were once useful now encumber his mind or inhibit his developmental efforts. As a result, in certain situations, it is difficult for him to assert himself, and he tends to remain an awkward or passive observer. Because his authoritarian urges are mainly directed at himself rather than others, he sometimes feels guilty about his behavior. He judges himself severely, and sometimes punishes himself by setting difficult tasks for himself. Gradually, he should build up a strong inner discipline and acquire the strength to face the problems of existence in a detached and mature way.

Adaptation and Sensitivity:

Because IShowSpeed’s personality is ruled by IShowSpeed’s mind, IShowSpeed needs intellectual stimulation in order to feel fulfilled. IShowSpeed is always on the move, in search of new contacts. Curious about all sorts of different subjects, IShowSpeed takes care to inform itself about many things. IShowSpeed enjoys conversation and communication and hopes to be admired for IShowSpeed’s talent and wit. Due to IShowSpeed having such a wide variety of interests, however, IShowSpeed can be something of a dilettante, and IShowSpeed’s thinking may sometimes lack discipline.

IShowSpeed has a sensitive personality. IShowSpeed may jump to conclusions, which could disrupt relationships, as well as career plans. IShowSpeed is subject to cyclical energy flows and go from periods of feverish activity to periods of withdrawal and introspection. The aggressive element in IShowSpeed’s behavior may be explained by emotional problems IShowSpeed may have experienced in infancy: IShowSpeed’s mother, or a mother figure, may have had an energetic and volatile personality.

Optimistic and happy to be alive, IShowSpeed is a cheerful, expansive, pleasant associate to have. IShowSpeed is extremely generous (sometimes to a fault!) and gives of himself and his belongings unstintingly. This positive psychological outlook is the result of a happy childhood and especially an extremely beneficial maternal influence in infancy. IShowSpeed is quite likely to be a professional success; his vision of the world is perfectly adapted to prevailing opinion, and his urges and desires for personal expansion usually elicit a positive reaction from society. By old age, his good reputation and prominence may have earned him fame.

My sensitivity and emotions are sometimes in conflict with my instincts. This inner discord makes me a fairly complicated relationship partner, and my behavior sometimes strikes others as mysterious or baffling. I am liable to switch from one attitude to the opposite. Sexuality is an important part of my life, and my relationships are most often motivated by my desires. Nevertheless, due to my unconscious inner battle, I do not often succeed in reconciling and fulfilling my emotional and sexual needs. Due to the strength of my instincts, passion may overwhelm me and drag me into situations I cannot always control, which intermingle erotic ecstasy and anguish, guilt, and aggressiveness.

Love and Sensuality:

I am sometimes afraid to love – the world of my feelings is characterized by a certain chill and restraint. But I am not unfeeling; on the contrary, my sensitivity is so delicate that I am careful to protect it. My determination to maintain control of my feelings and force my emotions to obey the laws of reason may stand in the way of intimacy and joy.

My birth chart indicates an emotional function which is expressed in a direct and fairly impulsive way. I enjoy reaching out to other people and making discoveries. An eternal teenager with my gaze riveted on the future, I am imbued with an eminently subjective and personal idealism.

IShowSpeed is bubbly, breezy, and attractive. They will not settle down readily. Although to protect themselves from their own unconscious they would benefit from the support and structure a stable, solid mate would provide, they are likely to prefer someone just as unstructured as they are – or perhaps a younger partner. However, if their need to lead an original life leads them to meet an unusual person with whom they establish a relationship more like friendship than love, they may share a sparkling, full intellectual life.

Sensible and level-headed on the outside, IShowSpeed is a true romantic at heart. IShowSpeed dreams of a devoted admirer who will carry them off, far from home and who, most of all, will cure their latent emotional depression. But real life is more mundane and IShowSpeed may end up with a partner who won’t share the burden of practical constraints and responsibilities and chases after adventure. Maturity will help IShowSpeed to make a second relationship a happier one.

IShowSpeed may be characterized by strong sensual and affectionate urges which drive you to seek pleasure. Your need for romantic fulfillment may compel you to marry, because you also seek the legal and social legitimacy the institution of marriage confers on an emotional bond. Indeed, the household is liable to be prosperous and even opulent, as if this offered further evidence that you had indeed achieved success. However, privately, you might be less committed to certain obligations and duties. At worst, you might deny the commitments that your optimism and expansiveness made you rush into too soon. If this were to be the case, the outward image of the couple’s success (wealth and comfort, etc.) would only be a façade which compensated for its emotional impoverishment and failure. Sooner or later, this hypocrisy might provoke a full-blown conflict. A second possibility is that a psychic incompatibility may gradually take root, pitting your romantic nature against the prerogatives of your career.

Mental and Intellect:

Sometimes ISHOWSPEED considers the input from its subjectivity and emotions as static which it tries to tune out to go straight to the essence of knowledge. As a result, regardless of its field of study, it tries to obtain perspective. It will elaborate a thought on the basis of fairly cold, abstract logic, supported by sober, concise, and immaculate reasoning. Its choice areas of study could be mathematics, philosophy, legislation, or political science. Ideologies, theories, and any other system of reasoning could serve as “food for thought” for it.

I express my thoughts and ideas in direct, spontaneous outbursts. I am fairly extroverted and eager to discover and understand the outer world. An idealist, I look forward to a bright future but am sometimes subjective and reckless.

In relations with other people, my behavior is usually kind and benevolent. I exert a certain charm, know how to speak persuasively and convincingly, and am adept at smoothing the asperities of what I have to say when it is necessary. This aspect of my personality is a great advantage to me socially; however, in situations where I must either compete or deal with direct conflict and hostility, I may be somewhat at a loss for how to behave.

I have an undeniable gift for oratory which could be applied to a communications-related occupation or to artistic expression (as a stage or screen actor). Writing and dance, two other arts which associate expression and movement, might also be fields in which I would excel.

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